Tiny Dog Scares Two Bears Off Property – Amazing Video

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Never has that statement been more true then this past Friday when a 20-pound French bulldog chased off a family of brown bears that had gotten onto the property. Jules, the pint-sized protector, wasted no time once she noticed the family of bears making themselves comfortable on her family’s front yard. She bolted over towards the younger, more inquisitive bears, barking madly and doing everything in her power to scare the bears away.

And it worked!

As you can see in the video, Jules doesn’t let her diminutive stature stand in her way. She just took off, chasing these mortified bears all across the property until they’re over the fence and out of her jurisdiction.

“She blew me away. I couldn’t believe that. She turned into a wolverine,” said Jules’ owner, David Hernandez.

While the video is quite entertaining, it does touch upon something more serious. A wildfire in the area has left a lot of the indigenous wildlife without a home or food, leaving them to explore the neighboring homes for refuge. This means there has been an uptick in the amount woodland creatures making their way into towns and neighborhoods.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, some people in the neighborhood are reportedly feeding these wild animals, thereby encouraging them to see homes as a source of food and shelter. It can be difficult to be faced with animals that are down on their luck, but providing them with food is not helping them survive. It teaches them that, when in doubt, start sniffing around homes.

Not taking any chances, Hernandez has kitted his house out with security cameras to monitor his property, as well as board up his daughter’s bedroom window to prevent any bears from sliding it open.

That said, Hernandez probably wasn’t expecting to find his little bulldog as impressive a guardian as she turned out to be. Good thing he had those cameras!

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Dying Dog’s Last Day Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy (VIDEO)

One of the hardest things to deal with is the loss of a pet. Not only do you lose one of your closest friends, but you may even begin to feel regret for not doing more with them before they passed.

When Alyson Paige found out that six-year-old St. Bernard Sophia was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, she decided that she wanted to give Sophia the send off she deserves – a special last day full of her favorite things.

Being a St. Bernard, Sophia’s number one favorite thing was playing in the snow. However, with her final days coming in August, snow would be hard to come by in Manchester. But Alyson was not about to let a little thing like seasonality come between Sophia and her perfect last day.

Alyson got in touch with the people at the indoor ski center in Manchester, pleading with them to let Sophia have her last snow day romp in their snow making facility. They gladly approved Alyson’s request.


For Alyson, seeing Sophia roll around and play in the snow was a very cathartic experience, especially considering that the weeks prior a little difficult to watch. Sophia had not shown much interest in anything due to the cancer sapping all her strength. But when they got to the wintery oasis, watching Sophia’s mood shift afforded Alyson one final glimpse at the fun, vibrant dog she had come to love over the past six years.

“She’s been such a special dog. I went through IVF but we went through years of infertility. She’s been a big support for me. So I wanted something special for her,” Alyson told reporters at BBC.

Watch Sophia’s last snowy romp here

(you may want to get tissues first).



5 Dopey Dogs Who Just Can’t Get It Right

Dogs are incredibly clever creatures that can learn complex operations. Many can be trained to assist the handicapped, detect hazardous materials, or keep trespassers at bay. Dogs can be taught any of a number of tricks, from sit and stay to crazy complicated tricks like any of these dogs.

That said, sometimes dogs just don’t get it. Whether it is trying to understand a foreign object, or they just can’t seem to figure out why they don’t fit through the pickets of a fence, there are a lot of instances of dogs having a hard time with seemingly simple activities.

These five dogs are for sure having a rough go of it. At least they’re funny.

5. Bulldog Puppy Can’t Right Himself

4. Boxer Can’t Figure out Board

3. Dog Can’t Get Stick Into House

2. Dog Escape Failure

1. Dog Gets Treat Stuck To Butt

Need a win after all that canine defeat? This lucky dog just hit the jackpot!

Bonus: Epic Dog Win

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Are Laser Toys Bad for Your Dog?

Laser toys

Few things are as entertaining as watching dogs frantically chase after a laser toys. If you need proof, just watch this video.

However, as fun as it is for us to see them go nuts for that elusive red dot, it could be messing with their head.


Animal Behaviorist and Tufts Professor Dr. Nicholas Dodman believes that laser toys play on our dogs’ natural instinct to chase, without giving them the reward of catching it. “They can’t help themselves. They are obliged to chase it,” said Dodman to the Huffington Post.

Anything that darts around (such as a laser light) triggers our dogs’ inherent need to chase prey — which, as it happens, is why so many prey animals stop dead in their tracks when they suspect they have been spotted. Dogs are, by nature, highly tuned motion sensors. And when something triggers that impulse, they respond the only way they know how — by chasing.

But unlike a rabbit or a tennis ball, a beam of light is not something that can be caught, making a game of “chase-the-laser” one devoid of any possibility for winning. This inability to actually catch the laser can end up wearing on a dog’s psyche. If a dog is constantly chasing after something they can’t catch, it is bound to stress them out. In fact, it may even drive them a little bit crazy.

“I’ve seen light chasing as a pathology where they will just constantly chase around a light or shadow and pounce upon it. They spend their whole lives wishing and waiting,” says Dodman.


Instead of teasing your dog with a laser toy, if you want to work out your dog’s prey instinct, why not simply play a game of fetch? Rolling a ball across the floor gives them everything they need out of a game — the anticipation, the chase, and the reward.

However, if you simply cannot give up the laser, at least find a way to incorporate treats into the laser experience. Perhaps you leave a treat on the floor and lure them over to it with the dot. Get creative with it. Just don’t let your dog go unrewarded, or they may develop a complex.


Laser it up!

Cat’s, Dr. Dodman observed, are less likely to become obsessive and develop behavioral conditions as a consequence of not being rewarded. This is because they generally have a much shorter attention span than their canine counterparts, meaning that they are likely to lose interest in the beam rather than get all worked up over not being able to catch it.

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However, there are exceptions to the rule, and if you notice your cat starting to show signs of obsession, stop playing with the laser. But until then, feel free to shine on, you crazy diamond.

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Huffington Post – Why Laser Toys Can Be Bad News for Your Pet