Tiny Dog Scares Two Bears Off Property – Amazing Video

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Never has that statement been more true then this past Friday when a 20-pound French bulldog chased off a family of brown bears that had gotten onto the property. Jules, the pint-sized protector, wasted no time once she noticed the family of bears making themselves comfortable on her family’s front yard. She bolted over towards the younger, more inquisitive bears, barking madly and doing everything in her power to scare the bears away.

And it worked!

As you can see in the video, Jules doesn’t let her diminutive stature stand in her way. She just took off, chasing these mortified bears all across the property until they’re over the fence and out of her jurisdiction.

“She blew me away. I couldn’t believe that. She turned into a wolverine,” said Jules’ owner, David Hernandez.

While the video is quite entertaining, it does touch upon something more serious. A wildfire in the area has left a lot of the indigenous wildlife without a home or food, leaving them to explore the neighboring homes for refuge. This means there has been an uptick in the amount woodland creatures making their way into towns and neighborhoods.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, some people in the neighborhood are reportedly feeding these wild animals, thereby encouraging them to see homes as a source of food and shelter. It can be difficult to be faced with animals that are down on their luck, but providing them with food is not helping them survive. It teaches them that, when in doubt, start sniffing around homes.

Not taking any chances, Hernandez has kitted his house out with security cameras to monitor his property, as well as board up his daughter’s bedroom window to prevent any bears from sliding it open.

That said, Hernandez probably wasn’t expecting to find his little bulldog as impressive a guardian as she turned out to be. Good thing he had those cameras!

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After 10 Years Chained to The Porch, Rusty’s Finally Free

The story of Rusty Diamond does not start out on the happiest note. When Jared Piper first encountered the chained up old pooch, Rusty was as stand-offish as one could be. He was snarling and barking, doing everything to shoo away anybody that passed by his yard.


That did not stop Jared from trying to make a connection. He plopped himself down and waited for Rusty’s temper to settle. After he was given a chance to calm down, the dog approached Jared with no small amount of caution. But once that first ear scratch came, the once aggressive Rusty quickly changed his tune.


And that was the birth of a great friendship.

A Man’s New Best Friend

After their first encounter, Jared began to drop by Rusty’s yard every day, doling out treats and head scratches to a dog that had likely not received any attention like this since Bush was in office.


Rusty and his previous “owner”

Not only was Rusty being neglected in terms of attention, but soon it became apparent to Jared that this dog had not been off his chain once since he was first put on. His fur was filthy, he was covered with flies, had open sores behind his ears, and had a number of visible tumors.

Rusty’s Redemption

It was then that Jared realized what he had to do. One day, Jared waited for the Rusty’s owner to come out of the house. He immediately approached her, saying that the way her dog was being kept was deplorable and that he refused to leave without the dog.

Showing the precise amount of attachment one would expect from someone who could leave a dog chained up to a porch for a decade, the woman quickly acquiesced and handed Jared the end of Rusty’s chain. She did first warn Jared that the dog might try to bite him, but he knew better. Sure, Rusty may have tried to bite her, but frankly, who wouldn’t?

rusty-5Chain in hand, Jared and Rusty said goodbye to his owner/captor and left that abysmal yard in their dust. From there, the world was Rusty’s oyster – he went on his first walk in ever, taking in every new smell and sound with pure glee. After his walk, it was time to visit the vet. There, his years old collar had to physically be cut off, seeing as it had rusted shut.


Then it was bath time.


Sadly, Jared was not able to adopt Rusty himself. Taking in a dog is a lot of work, as you are likely aware. He did, however, offer him a place to stay and headed up the charge for finding this dog a loving home.

Which he did.


Rusty (top right) playing with his new brother and sister.

Rusty now lives with a wonderful family that has two other dogs and a very large yard for him to romp around in chain-free.
And all this because Jared took the time one day to see past a barking dogs tough exterior.

Rusty Diamond from Jared Piper on Vimeo.



The GoPro Dog Harness Gives You a Dog’s Eye View

Ever wonder what the world looked like through your dog’s eyes? Well, now you can get one step closer to seeing what they see thanks to the Fetch mount dog harness for the GoPro camera.

GoPro is a video camera specifically designed to stand up to all you can dish out. Everything from skydiving to white water kayaking is being captured and cataloged thanks to this tiny, durable machine. You can mount it on your head, your skateboard, your car, your chest, and now your dog thanks to the Fetch mount dog harness.


If you are an outdoorsy person, or just curious about what kinds of trouble your dog gets into, the Fetch mount gives you a chance to pop a camera right on their back (or chest), hit record, and see the world from their point of view.


Check out this video to see the special dog harness in action.

Pretty neat, right? And because it is a GoPro, this camera will take whatever kind of beating your dog can give it (unless they get it into their mouth — then all hope is lost!)


So if you want to find a fun new way to share all the excitement of your hikes or games of Frisbee, check out the Fetch dog harness and start maximizing your outdoor enjoyment while saving the memories for years to come.

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GoPro – Fetch Dog Harness
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Win a Sweepstakes and Watch Some Videos to Celebrate National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day, everybody!

To celebrate, we present you with 4 hilarious/amazing dog videos that perfectly encapsulate everything we love about these fantastic creatures. It’s no wonder they get their own day.

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But now, without further ado — the videos!

Gettin’ Ready to Play

This Dog Doesn’t Want Kisses

Now That Dog LOVES Treats

Bulldog Knows How To Trampoline


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