Hero Pit Bull Stays By Owner In House Fire, Gets Kicked Out Of Town

When a dog remains loyal in the face of great danger, their bravery should be repaid in kind. So earlier this week when a pit bull stayed by her injured owner’s side during a house fire, one could rightly expect that she would be given some award or commendation for her actions.

Instead, she was kicked out of her home and banned from returning.

From Hero to Heretic – One Pit Bull’s Journey

The story begins with a house fire breaking out in Landover Hills, Maryland, late Wednesday night. When the fire department arrived on the scene, the first thing they did was search the flaming building for survivors. Upon entering, they found a woman, April Newell, collapsed on the floor. However, the firemen were unable to reach her because her dog, Precious, was standing guard over her.

In order to get the protective pit bull to back away from her owner long enough for the firefighters to get her on a stretcher, they had to startle her with a fire extinguisher. Once they got the woman outside, however, Precious was back to her old tricks, refusing to leave her injured owner’s side.

And while everyone on the scene was greatly impressed with the depth of this dog’s loyalty, when the time came to April to the hospital, Precious fell victim to one of Prince George’s County’s more absurd laws – a ban on all “blocky headed dogs.”

Why Breed Specific Legislation Should Stop


Image via NBC Washington

So now Precious is in a shelter one county away and is not allowed to go back home because of this Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL).

“My heart broke, it melted when I saw that,” said Sandra Hamorsky of the Maryland Dog Federation. After hearing about Precious’ story, Sandra hopes to overturn this county’s outdated law. “When it comes right down to it, a dog is a dog is a dog. And when you look at the video, you have a dog doing what any dog would do, and that’s protect its owner,” said Hamorsky.

Until then, Precious will either need to stay with a family friend outside the county or in a shelter. As of now, Newell plans to pick up Precious and find a new place to live.

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Dog On The Mend After Owners Try To Treat Fleas With Gasoline

This story is a prime example of just how much bad pet advice is floating around on the internet. So next time you look up a home remedy for a pet ailment, before you try it, let this story be a reminder to always consult a licensed veterinarian before using any new kind of treatment.

Earlier this month a dog named Tina was brought into Vet Ranch for the treatment of some severe burns all down her back. The burns were sustained after Tina’s owners, in an attempt to rid her of fleas, poured gasoline on her to kill off the infestation. Needless to say, this was a terrible idea.

Watch Tina’s Transformation

For whatever reason, Tina’s owners were under the impression that gas and/or motor oil could be used to get rid of fleas. And while the fleas did go away, so did a lot of Tina’s fur, skin, and flesh. Thankfully, she was taken to the Vet Ranch in time and they were able to clean and treat the wound with topical salves to catalyze the healing process.

What’s more, Tina is now living with a foster family that is giving her plenty of TLC. Now that the treatment has proven to be successful, her burn is almost entirely healed. She will likely always have a scar down her back, but the burn has closed over and she is no longer at risk for infection.

Common Bad Pet Advice

As scary as it is to think about, this motor oil/gasoline treatment is not uncommon. People come up with tons of crazy homebrewed remedies that, more often than not, end up putting your pet in more danger than they would be without any treatment. To combat this flurry of terrible pet advice, VetStreet has put together a terrific video series that has actual vets read off some of this terrible pet advice. And their reactions are priceless. See for yourself.

Rather than take your pet’s life in your hands with some half baked home remedy, please check out PetPlus for the lowest prices on safe and legitimate treatments for fleas, ticks, heartworm, and more.

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Irish Setter Stays by Trapped Friend’s Side for a Week

Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on earth. That is why they make such wonderful therapy and service animals. Most of the time we think of a dog’s loyalty, however, it is in reference to a person. But what about dog’s loyalty to one another?

Well, last week on Vashon Island, a basset hound named Phoebe wound up getting stuck inside an old concrete cistern out in the woods for a week. Thankfully, she was not alone. Her friend Tillie, an irish setter, was by her side the entire time.


Remaining on the outside of the cistern, Tillie could have run home at any time, but elected to stay near her trapped pal and help her weather the storm. The only time she left her friend’s side was when she ran onto a neighboring property, attempting to get the attention of anybody that could help. The people reported seeing a “reddish” dog repeatedly run up to them, then back off into the woods.

Rather than follow the strange dog into the woods, they called the Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP), who then came over and investigated the area where the “reddish” dog was spotted. Suspecting that the dog was the same Tillie reported missing, they called out to her. Thankfully, she responded.

Following the sound of her bark, the search team came upon the old cistern, with Tillie resting her head against the concrete wall. The team knew that Tillie was just part one of a two-part missing dog report, and quickly became worried that this poor dog was simply marking Phoebe’s final resting place.

And then they looked in. And a sigh of relief came over the group. Both dogs were fine. Hungry, but fine.

What makes this story truly special is the fact that Tillie took it upon herself to make sure her pal Phoebe was not left alone. She also knew that, as a survival tactic, trapped animals tend to make themselves as difficult to notice as possible. This means Phoebe wouldn’t be making any noise, so if she was to be found, it was on Tillie to get someone’s attention. What a smart dog!

Moreover, this story should serve as a lesson to anyone who has a missing pet – don’t give up hope! Most of the time, the lost pet is stuck somewhere they cannot get out of and needs someone to keep looking for them. 

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Near-Dead Stray Found on Dirt Road, Saved by Hero Woman

Last month a California woman, Regina McKerrihan, discovered a St. Bernard in desperate need of help. Lying on the side of a dusty dirt road, the dog had a gaping wound on her backside that was infested with maggots down to the bone. She was clearly in a lot of pain and required immediate attention.


After calling a number of shelters – each of them unwilling to help – it became clear that Regina would have to care for the dog on her own. The dog, now named Maggie, was in visible distress. She had sustained severe injuries on her back and looked to be inches from death. She was so weak that she couldn’t even stand up. This presented a serious obstacle to Maggie’s would-be rescuer, since she was not quite strong enough to hoist the large dog into her car all by herself.


Luckily, Regina was able to flag down a truck with two helpful men in it. The men moved her onto a blanket then gently slid her into the car. From there, Maggie’s hero drove her straight to the emergency room where she was tested for a wide swath of diseases.


Aside from the visibly disturbing wound on her rear leg, Maggie’s blood test came back positive for Pyometra, a number of parasites (likely from a diet of road kill), and a rare form of low grade uterine cancer. Because of the extensive level of care that Maggie required, Regina’s credit card was quickly maxed out. However, just because she had paid as much as she could, didn’t mean that the bills stopped accumulating.


After a few days, Maggie’s cost of care was up to $7,500 – too much for Regina to fund alone. But thanks to the internet, there are a number of wonderful crowd funding platforms that let people ask for donations. She quickly made a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of Maggie’s hospital bills, which you can find here.

After just two weeks, Maggie’s bills are almost completely paid off, having raised over $6,500 with a goal of $7,500. That being said, there is still a good bit of donating that needs to happen.

On our end, we have already set up Maggie with a free lifetime of PetPlus. This way, no matter what obstacles may come down life’s road, Maggie will be covered.

So please, if you are feeling generous, go to Maggie’s GoFundMe page and make a donation.

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Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson Rescues Drowning Puppy

This past weekend, professional wrestler and star of the silver screen Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made good use of his action hero skills by saving a drowning puppy, proving that he is a hero in real life as well.


Having just adopted two French Bulldog puppies (Hobbs and Brutus), Johnson took them outside to get the lay of the land. Without missing a beat, both puppies made a beeline for the pool, jumping in for a refreshing dip. And while Hobbs was paddling around the pool like a natural water baby, Brutus quickly sank to the bottom of the pool.

Thankfully, Johnson had seen the whole ordeal and before he even had a chance to disrobe or even take his phone out of his pocket, he was diving headfirst into the pool after his new pooch. Within seconds he had baby Brutus in his arms and had gotten him out of the water.

“He was a little delirious.. took a moment, threw up all the water he swallowed and looked up at me as if to say, “Thank God you didn’t have to give me mouth to mouth!” and then ran off to play with his brother.” said Johnson.

While Johnson is totally a hero for rescuing Brutus, his story does pose as a good warning/reminder to new pet parents. When it comes to taking a new puppy into the pool for the first time, make sure you accompany them, as many dogs do not instinctively know how to swim.

On top of that, should a puppy begin to sink, the shock of drowning can cause them to freeze up and sink even quicker. So please, if you are going to take your new pooch into the pool, be nearby and stay vigilant.

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Woman Rescues Barely Living Dog from Mass Dog Grave

For every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.

In this case, the dark cloud is a shockingly large dumping ground outside Dallas, Texas, where certain residents unceremoniously discard their deceased or unwanted canines. In the woods off Interstate 20, there is a plot of unkempt land that is now the final resting place for many of Dallas’ dogs.

The silver lining, however, is Marina Tarashevska.


Source: Dallas News

Marina routinely ventures off into these woods in search of any way to identify the monsters that so heartlessly threw away a loyal companion as if it were yesterday’s trash. ID tags, distinguishable markings – anything to help local police build cases against these animal abusers.

She frequently wallows through a sea of rot and maggot infested corpses, just to bring these sadists to justice.

What’s more, occasionally she will find a dog that is still alive!


Source: Dallas News

A film crew heard about Marina’s harrowing exploits and decided to document one of her trips to the mass grave. As chance would have it, on this venture, Maria happened to find a pup that was still clinging to life.

Watch the Video Here [Warning Graphic Content]

Now appropriately named ‘Hope,’ the dog that was pulled from the bramble that day is now on the mend. After a trip to the vet, she seems to be improving. Clearly, there is still a long road ahead, but all signs point to a full recovery and a happy hereafter for Hope.


Source: Dallas News

If you want to stay tuned in to the wonderful work that Marina is doing, check out Dallas Dogrrr – Rehab.Rescue.Reform on Facebook.

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Hooray! PetPlus Pups Gets First Shelter Dog Adopted

Whenever a dog is adopted from a shelter, it is cause for celebration. Every dog deserves a loving home and we appreciate every adopter opening their hearts to a rescue. But when that dog is also a PetPlus Pup, we tend to go a little nuts.


It’s always fun when we get to turn on the fog machines

So when we found out that Cooper, our first PetPlus Pup, was adopted last week, we just had to say something.

Cooper had been a resident at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society for longer than any other pet, waiting for his forever home for six long months – and for no good reason!

See how wonderful Cooper is in this video.


Cooper and Sharif

Cooper is a lovable, playful, funny pit mix, but for some reason he was having trouble finding that perfect somebody to take him home. So we decided to step in and make him our first PetPlus Pup.

And it worked! Cooper now has a wonderful person to call his own, named Sharif, and the two of them are sure to have a wonderful, play-filled life ahead of them.

Want your own PetPlus Pup? Check out Allan – the new PetPlus Pup!

What is PetPlus Pups?

Many shelters have that one dog that keeps getting overlooked for no good reason, so we here at PetPlus decided to help out by sweetening the pot. For selected dogs that are having difficulty finding their forever home, we are pairing these dogs with a free lifetime of PetPlus to reward the wonderful people who give these dogs a place to live.

PetPlus is a pet care subscription service that gives members wholesale pricing on everything from flea and tick medication to treats, supplements, and Rx meds.

It also gives discounts at select veterinarians, as well as access to a 24-7 hotline staffed by licensed pet care professionals. That way, if you are experiencing one of those “do we go to the vet?” type moments, you can call the hotline first to get professional advice for free!

And with free shipping on all orders, PetPlus is guaranteed to save every pet parent tons on the lifetime cost of owning a pet.

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Dog Falls 14 Stories, Caught By Pedestrian on Sidewalk

In what can only be described as a miracle, earlier this week a Portland resident, Ted Nelson, managed to save a 5-year-old Bichon Frise named Mordy from plummeting to his death off a 14-story balcony – by catching him!


The building (KGW Portland)

The whole thing started when Ted, looking out his window, noticed that there was a small dog out on the balcony in the apartment building across the street. It appeared that the dog had slipped through the railing and was trapped on the outside ledge, with nothing between him and the sky.


The balcony (KGW Portland)

When Ted Nelson noticed the fluffy white dog stuck on the outside ledge of her balcony, he knew that he had no time to notify anyone. Odds were that nobody else had noticed the petrified pooch, meaning that any immediate rescue effort would fall to him. And he took up the mantel.

Ted ran out of his home and down onto the street. His plan was to get underneath the dog so that, in the event of him slipping, someone would be there to break his fall.

And it worked!

Before long, the dog had lost his footing and fell from the lofty balcony – right into Ted’s open arms.


Mordy (KGW Portland)

“I just looked up at it and it was looking at me and it landed right in my chest… caught it for a minute, kind of fell, it did hit the ground. It let out a yelp but it was a huge relief to hear it yelp,” Ted told reporters.


Ted Nelson (KGW Portland)

What’s more, this isn’t Ted’s first time at the “pet-on-a-balcony” rodeo either. A few years back, Ted and his girlfriend noticed a cat in a very similar situation. Thankfully, that time the owners were home and Ted was able to get their attention before their cat suffered the same near-death experience as Mordy.

As for Mordy, aside from a couple of bruises, he is going to be just fine. For Mordy’s family, however, they are all still pretty shaken up. This has been a traumatizing experience, and they are eternally grateful that Ted was able to save their precious pooch.

Watch the KGW News Report Here

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Hero Dog Rescues Father From Drowning In Front of Kids

“Oh my God, I could drown, and my kids are standing here watching and they would be stranded on the island.”

That was the thought running through Patrick Mulligan’s head as he felt his body begin to give out on him, struggling to swim against the  powerful current. Roughly 30 yards from the shore, Patrick couldn’t help but to think of the worst case scenario. That is, until Vader – the Mulligan family’s Black Lab – bounded out into the surf and towed him back to dry land.

The day began just like any other Mulligan family outing – Patrick, Vader, and his sons, Ryan (12) and Lucas (9), all climbed aboard their sailboat and set off for a day on the high seas. The kids love to take the boat out to explore the surrounding islands, so that is exactly what they did. At one of the stops along their 3-hour tour, Patrick felt that their boat was listing a tad too far asea, so he swam out to move the boat closer to shore.


Ryan (left), Lucas (right), and Vader on the family boat

“I got caught in the current, so I decided to swim back to the beach, but on my way, I started cramping up.” Terrified and quickly losing the strength to stay afloat, Patrick had all but resigned his fate to the sea. He could see his two sons and his dog back on the shore, watching as he clung to life by the skin of his teeth. Then suddenly, as if snapping out of some fear-induced stupor, Ryan let go of Vader’s leash and instructed the dog to swim out and save his father.


Patrick and Vader

A point should be made that, while Vader is a good dog and a loyal companion, he is in no way a trained service or rescue dog. That said, it is often in times of great adversity that we rise to our highest potential. This is true for dogs as well, evidently.

Vader quickly swam out to Patrick, who at this point wasn’t sure whether the dog was going to end up being his lifesaver or the final nail in his coffin. “My first thought was that if he climbs on top of me and starts playing, I can’t defend myself.”

Those fears were quickly alleviated when, in an amazing display of canine rescue intuition, Vader swam right out in front of Patrick, turned around, and waited for him to grab a hold of his vest before swimming back to shore. “I was blown away by it. It was like Vader did it every day.”

Once they reached shallow water, Patrick let go of the dog, stood in the wake and thanked God that he was safe. Ryan and Lucas then ran out and gave their now safe father a big hug.

Patrick is well aware of how lucky he is that Vader was able to rescue him, and you can bet that there will be no shortage of treats and belly rubs coming Vader’s way. But more so than his serendipitous savior, Patrick is aware that the whole event could have been prevented if he had just worn a lifejacket. “I had lifejackets on board and there’s an offshore harness I wear, but I didn’t have the kind of lifejacket for myself that a kayaker would wear, which is what I needed.”

You can bet that Patrick vests up next time he hits the high seas, and that Vader will be there for backup.

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After 10 Years Chained to The Porch, Rusty’s Finally Free

The story of Rusty Diamond does not start out on the happiest note. When Jared Piper first encountered the chained up old pooch, Rusty was as stand-offish as one could be. He was snarling and barking, doing everything to shoo away anybody that passed by his yard.


That did not stop Jared from trying to make a connection. He plopped himself down and waited for Rusty’s temper to settle. After he was given a chance to calm down, the dog approached Jared with no small amount of caution. But once that first ear scratch came, the once aggressive Rusty quickly changed his tune.


And that was the birth of a great friendship.

A Man’s New Best Friend

After their first encounter, Jared began to drop by Rusty’s yard every day, doling out treats and head scratches to a dog that had likely not received any attention like this since Bush was in office.


Rusty and his previous “owner”

Not only was Rusty being neglected in terms of attention, but soon it became apparent to Jared that this dog had not been off his chain once since he was first put on. His fur was filthy, he was covered with flies, had open sores behind his ears, and had a number of visible tumors.

Rusty’s Redemption

It was then that Jared realized what he had to do. One day, Jared waited for the Rusty’s owner to come out of the house. He immediately approached her, saying that the way her dog was being kept was deplorable and that he refused to leave without the dog.

Showing the precise amount of attachment one would expect from someone who could leave a dog chained up to a porch for a decade, the woman quickly acquiesced and handed Jared the end of Rusty’s chain. She did first warn Jared that the dog might try to bite him, but he knew better. Sure, Rusty may have tried to bite her, but frankly, who wouldn’t?

rusty-5Chain in hand, Jared and Rusty said goodbye to his owner/captor and left that abysmal yard in their dust. From there, the world was Rusty’s oyster – he went on his first walk in ever, taking in every new smell and sound with pure glee. After his walk, it was time to visit the vet. There, his years old collar had to physically be cut off, seeing as it had rusted shut.


Then it was bath time.


Sadly, Jared was not able to adopt Rusty himself. Taking in a dog is a lot of work, as you are likely aware. He did, however, offer him a place to stay and headed up the charge for finding this dog a loving home.

Which he did.


Rusty (top right) playing with his new brother and sister.

Rusty now lives with a wonderful family that has two other dogs and a very large yard for him to romp around in chain-free.
And all this because Jared took the time one day to see past a barking dogs tough exterior.

Rusty Diamond from Jared Piper on Vimeo.