Hero Pit Bull Stays By Owner In House Fire, Gets Kicked Out Of Town

When a dog remains loyal in the face of great danger, their bravery should be repaid in kind. So earlier this week when a pit bull stayed by her injured owner’s side during a house fire, one could rightly expect that she would be given some award or commendation for her actions.

Instead, she was kicked out of her home and banned from returning.

From Hero to Heretic – One Pit Bull’s Journey

The story begins with a house fire breaking out in Landover Hills, Maryland, late Wednesday night. When the fire department arrived on the scene, the first thing they did was search the flaming building for survivors. Upon entering, they found a woman, April Newell, collapsed on the floor. However, the firemen were unable to reach her because her dog, Precious, was standing guard over her.

In order to get the protective pit bull to back away from her owner long enough for the firefighters to get her on a stretcher, they had to startle her with a fire extinguisher. Once they got the woman outside, however, Precious was back to her old tricks, refusing to leave her injured owner’s side.

And while everyone on the scene was greatly impressed with the depth of this dog’s loyalty, when the time came to April to the hospital, Precious fell victim to one of Prince George’s County’s more absurd laws – a ban on all “blocky headed dogs.”

Why Breed Specific Legislation Should Stop


Image via NBC Washington

So now Precious is in a shelter one county away and is not allowed to go back home because of this Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL).

“My heart broke, it melted when I saw that,” said Sandra Hamorsky of the Maryland Dog Federation. After hearing about Precious’ story, Sandra hopes to overturn this county’s outdated law. “When it comes right down to it, a dog is a dog is a dog. And when you look at the video, you have a dog doing what any dog would do, and that’s protect its owner,” said Hamorsky.

Until then, Precious will either need to stay with a family friend outside the county or in a shelter. As of now, Newell plans to pick up Precious and find a new place to live.

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Hooray! PetPlus Pups Gets First Shelter Dog Adopted

Whenever a dog is adopted from a shelter, it is cause for celebration. Every dog deserves a loving home and we appreciate every adopter opening their hearts to a rescue. But when that dog is also a PetPlus Pup, we tend to go a little nuts.


It’s always fun when we get to turn on the fog machines

So when we found out that Cooper, our first PetPlus Pup, was adopted last week, we just had to say something.

Cooper had been a resident at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society for longer than any other pet, waiting for his forever home for six long months – and for no good reason!

See how wonderful Cooper is in this video.


Cooper and Sharif

Cooper is a lovable, playful, funny pit mix, but for some reason he was having trouble finding that perfect somebody to take him home. So we decided to step in and make him our first PetPlus Pup.

And it worked! Cooper now has a wonderful person to call his own, named Sharif, and the two of them are sure to have a wonderful, play-filled life ahead of them.

Want your own PetPlus Pup? Check out Allan – the new PetPlus Pup!

What is PetPlus Pups?

Many shelters have that one dog that keeps getting overlooked for no good reason, so we here at PetPlus decided to help out by sweetening the pot. For selected dogs that are having difficulty finding their forever home, we are pairing these dogs with a free lifetime of PetPlus to reward the wonderful people who give these dogs a place to live.

PetPlus is a pet care subscription service that gives members wholesale pricing on everything from flea and tick medication to treats, supplements, and Rx meds.

It also gives discounts at select veterinarians, as well as access to a 24-7 hotline staffed by licensed pet care professionals. That way, if you are experiencing one of those “do we go to the vet?” type moments, you can call the hotline first to get professional advice for free!

And with free shipping on all orders, PetPlus is guaranteed to save every pet parent tons on the lifetime cost of owning a pet.

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Pit Bull Rescued with Chain Embedded in Neck (GRAPHIC)

Earlier this week, a stray dog was found walking the streets of Mason, Tennessee. Picked up by a local family, what they saw when they approached the calm, but apprehensive dog was enough to bring a tear to your eye. This poor, gentle, loving creature was in an immense amount of pain from a chain around his neck that was embedded so deep that vets said it was closing in on his spinal cord.

Knowing what resources were in the area, the family had the dog brought over to the Tipton County Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, shelters like Tipton cannot always give dogs with severe injuries the level of care they require. However, in a lucky turn of events, a representative from the Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis got wind of this dog in need and swooped in to save the day.

Due to this dog’s elevated need for immediate care, the good people at Hearts of Gold rushed him over to the Animal Emergency Center in Memphis where they took him straight into the operating room to have the embedded chain removed.

Here are some images of the damage done to this poor dog’s neck.

Warning! Graphic Content:


3 5 6 10 11 14

Though it took a lot of precision to carefully remove the collar without doing excessive damage to the dog’s already mangled neck, the operation was a success. Now recovering at a local veterinary hospital, Mason (named for the town he was picked up in) is undergoing daily hydrotherapy, as well as taking a slew of antibiotics to ward off infection and pain relievers (for obvious reasons).

And that is not all. What makes Mason’s story truly incredible is his unshakeable temperament. Clearly the victim of abuse at the hands of a terrible person, did Mason ever lose faith in people or show any sort of aggression towards his rescuers? No.


Just look at that face!

In fact, Mason was so happy to see people and interact with them that, despite the excruciating pain he must have been suffering, even on the operating table he was wagging his tail.

Just some more proof that all dogs are man’s best friend and that it is up to us to live up to their standard. A wise man once said “a perfect world is one where every person is actually as good as their dog thinks they are.” Well, Mason has certainly seen some of the worst of humanity and managed to come out untainted. It is our job to prove that we are worthy of such unconditional love and trust.

If you live in the greater Memphis area and are looking for an amazing dog to take home, contact the good people at the Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue and arrange a time to meet with Mason or any of the other special dogs in their care.

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PetSmart Bans Pit Bulls from Daycare

Sad though it may be, it seems PetSmart has bought into the negative stereotypes that surround Pit Bulls. The typically charitable organization seems to have taken an oddly uncharacteristic stance on allowing pit bulls, or any breed sharing a similar resemblance, to participate in their doggy daycares. Here is their list of exclusions:

“Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds.”

Why This Stinks for Pet Parents

The whole idea of segregating based on breed leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but what is most worrisome is the last part of that list – “breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds.” What does that even mean? Are attendants at the daycare centers allowed to turn away potential customers because they look too “pit bull-y?” It is this type of vague, appearance based discrimination that perpetuates the idea that these dogs are inherently dangerous, and that is simply not the case.

In a perfect world, every potential daycare dog would be judged individually, but concessions need to be made in order to efficiently provide a safe environment for all other dogs. But why Pit Bulls? Why not Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, or other large “aggressive” breeds? And what of the Pit Bulls that have proven, time and again, that they are docile and friendly? Should they be excluded simply because they fit somebody’s description of a “dangerous breed?”

Why PetSmart is Wrong

True, there are some fears surrounding pit bulls, and if you look at the numbers they can be construed as a dangerous breed. But that is what happens when you take statistics out of context. The fact of the matter is there are a lot more pit bulls running around than there are Rottweilers or German Shepherds. Also, pit bulls are one of the breeds least likely to be neutered, which greatly impacts the chances that the dog will become aggressive.

If PetSmart were to implement any policy, it should be that all dogs are spayed or neutered before enrolling in day care, as that is the one major thing that correlates with attacks. By singling out pit bulls and other bully-type breeds, they are simply showing their ignorance of the facts and their willingness to cow to a deleterious myth.

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Huffington Post – Why It Matters That PetSmart Discriminates Against Pit Bulls


The Badass Brooklyn Rescue Fall Festival: What A Blast!

Do you love dogs? Do you live in the New York area? Well, than you need to meet our good friends at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue!


On Sunday, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue hosted one heck of a festival, and we here at PetPlus are grateful to have been invited. This festival had everything you (and your dog!) could possibly want.


The fair was chock full of crafts and gourmet snacks – both for people and pups alike – as well as events like:

  • A pit bull kissing booth from Mr. Bones and Co.
  • An agility course to test your dog’s mettle with Sarah Westcott and the Doggie Academy
  • A trainer (Katie McCue) doling out handy pet care tips
  • A personalized dog dish with your pooch’s paw print courtesy of Baked in Brooklyn
  • A free caricature for every dog in attendance by comic book artist Andy Pratt
  • A raffle full of great prizes like a Gucci scarf or two tickets to see Kelly and Michael


And with booths from vendors all across NYC, there was something for everybody. Shake Shack was there handing out special doggy ice cream treats called “pooch-inis,” that the dogs were going bananas over.


For the people on the other end of the leash, Sunday Gravy was dishing out some delicious sandwiches just like momma used to make. And the Two Moon Art House & Cafe brought their delicious cookies, just in case the people were getting jealous seeing their pooches get all the goodies. Not to mention the $4 beers provided by Smuttynose Brewery ($3 of which went right back to the shelter).


There were also some fantastic musical guests pumping out the jams and getting people ready for a day of doggy fun. Everything from the folky tunes of Willy Gantrim and Yard Sale to the high energy beats of the Marafanyi Drum Dance and Song, there was something for everybody.


If you missed the fun festivities, there is always next year. And to help you get over having missed one of the most fun Sundays in recent memory, you can use the offer code “Badass” to get a free month of PetPlus – no strings attached.




3 Common Shelter Dog Breeds to Adopt

Common shelter dog breeds: Pitbull

Thinking about getting a dog? Think about adopting! When you adopt you not only save a life, you also save money. Dogs adopted from shelters or rescue groups are much less expensive than those bought from pet stores or through breeders, and because most shelters take care of spaying/neutering and vaccinations, the initial health care costs will be less, too.

Of course, when you adopt a dog from a shelter you won’t necessarily get the “ideal” dog that you have in your mind: a perfectly pudgy French Bulldog puppy? A soft and fluffy Labradoodle? You might see these dogs at the shelter, but it’s not as likely as seeing one of the breeds below. These are the breeds that end up in shelters most often, for a variety of reasons, and well, they just don’t deserve it. If you’re a dog lover, consider loving one of the common shelter dog breeds below.

1. Pit Bull

Common shelter dog breeds: Pit Bull

These widely misunderstood dogs are perhaps the biggest populators of shelters across America. According to the ASPCA, 35% of shelters take in at least one Pit Bull a day, and in one out of four shelters, Pit Bulls make up more than 20 percent of the dog population. Why are there so many? The main reason is irresponsible breeding by individuals who are only interested in Pit Bulls for one of two reasons: fighting or protection. But these common shelter dogs are not inherently dangerous; with the proper training applied from a young age (just as you should with any other dog), they can be incredibly gentle, obedient, and friendly — and they are even great with children.

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2. Chihuahua

Common shelter dog breeds: Chihuahua

It might be difficult to imagine someone kicking a tiny Chihuahua out of the house or dropping it off at the shelter, but in California alone, Chihuahuas make up about 30% of the shelter dog population. This is likely the result of unprepared owners who think that a small dog won’t be much work, and when they find out that taking care of a Chihuahua is not unlike taking care of a larger dog, they send it packing. Chihuahuas are strong-willed dogs who require a strong leader, but with the right training they can be fun, lively, and affectionate companions.

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3. German Shepherd


Like the Pit Bull, the German Shepherd is commonly purchased or adopted with a job in mind: protection. However, German Shepherds are intelligent, sociable dogs who crave companionship and require lots of stimulation. Many owners soon realize that they can’t just plunk their Shepherd down on the front porch and leave it to its own devices. Without proper training and exercise, these dogs can become destructive, and an undedicated owner may decide dropping them at the shelter is easier than putting in the work. This is especially unfortunate given that one of the German Shepherd’s greatest traits is loyalty.

What are the most common shelter dog breeds in your area? Leave a comment and let us know. And if you’re getting ready to adopt a pet, consider signing up for PetPlus! PetPlus is a benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, vet visits, boarding, and more. Learn more at PetPlus.com.


Cop Uses Love to Save a Dog — Twice!


What is better than a story about a cop willing to save a dog rather than fire on them?

How about a cop willing to save the same dog again!

Save a Dog Once

save a dog

Late last month, Sgt. Gary Carter was called to handle a purported “aggressive” dog that was terrorizing a neighborhood. When he and his partner showed up to the scene, they realized that the dog was just lost and scared — and also fairly thirsty.

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After luring the dog into their patrol car with a breakfast bar, it became clear that the dog was the farthest thing from aggressive. He just plopped down in the back seat, grateful that someone was willing to get him off the streets.

After returning the dog, named Jeffrey, to his rightful owner, everyone had thought that the story had come to a happy conclusion.

Original Story: Officer Uses Love to Subdue an Aggressive Dog

Save a Dog Twice

save a dog

Unfortunately, earlier this week, Sgt. Carter was heartbroken to discover that Jeffrey had, once again, ended up in the city animal shelter. And this time, his owner had declined to claim him. Given Jeffrey’s sordid past, and the fact that he had nobody to care for him, he was likely going to end up being put down.

And he would have, too, if it weren’t for Sgt. Carter. After seeing the delinquent dog staring up at him during a visit to the shelter, Carter decided that it was about time that this dog found a loving home, and he knew just the one.


save a dog

And while the little scamp previously had the ability to come and go as he pleased, at the Carter house, things are going to operate a little differently. “When he comes to my house, he’ll have to contend with four dogs, two cats and six grandchildren,” Carter said. “He needs to be well-trained.”

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To kick off the start to Jeffrey’s new life on the right side of the law, Sgt. Carter decided to start with a clean slate by renaming the renegade pooch. And what could be better name for this dog than ‘Chance’?

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Star Telegram – Arlington Police Officer Rescues Pit Bull Twice