Foods That You Should Never Give Your Dog

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From table scraps to common fruits and vegetables, there are some foods that your dog is better off without. We know that you just melt and give in when he looks at you with those puppy eyes, but these foods that are seen to be healthy for humans are unhealthy, and some even toxic to canines. The effect of these foods, again, varies based on the breed and size of your pet. Even so, your dog can enjoy a longer and healthier life without these foods in its diet. Be sure to take special care to ensure that your dog does not get access to any of these foods.


A sweet and even comforting treat for humans, chocolates can be downright toxic to dogs. Chocolate contains methylxanthine compounds- theobromines and caffeine, which are known to cause dehydration, vomiting, seizure, irregular heart rate, abdominal pain, increased body temperature, and even death in some cases. Dark chocolate is believed to be the most toxic of all chocolates. Be sure to stock all those chocolates at home out of reach of your canine.

Raisins and grapes

Raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs, although scientists are yet to figure out which of the compounds in these foods are responsible for the toxic effects. These foods can initiate rapid kidney failure, and it takes just a couple of grapes or raisins to do the damage. Some symptoms that canines show when they are affected by grapes and raisins include loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration; not all dogs show these symptoms. A kidney failure can cause dogs to die within a couple of days.

Garlic and onions

Garlic and onions damage the red blood cells in dogs causing anemia. The symptoms of anemia show up as breathlessness, vomiting, weakness, dullness and loss of appetite. Your dog may develop a lethargic tendency and may not actively move around. Garlic has worse effects than onions for every ounce consumed. In case the condition is severe, a blood transfusion may be required. Bottom line, garlic or onions should not be given to dogs in any form, whether it is raw, cooked or powdered.


The next time you are feeding your dog scraps from under the table as you enjoy your breakfast, you want to make sure that bacon is not on the list. Bacon contains a large dose of fat which can cause pancreatitis in canines. The condition causes inflammation of the pancreas, ultimately impairing its ability to function. Dogs will have difficulties with absorbing nutrients and digestion problems due to which they become weak.

Keep these foods off your dogs’ diet and help them lead a healthy life.


Are You Feeding Your Dog Poison?

 Feed Your Dog Healthy FoodA new study on pet food shows that most pet foods on the market contain substances that are hazardous to your dog. Common problems like dry, itchy skin, gastrointestinal issues, or eye infections could all be linked back to the poor quality of the ingredients in your pet’s food.

In the study, hundreds of dogs were put on a diet of standard dog food containing industrially farmed meat. The study showed that, before long, many of the dogs were showing signs of skin irritation, conjunctivitis, weakness, and other pain. And it was only until the dogs were switched to a diet of organic grains and proteins (fresh-caught fish) that these issues subsided.

The problem with standard dog foods is they contain meats from animals treated with drugs and antibiotics, like oxytetracycline. The drug residue left in these animal’s bones and tissues, used in meat meal during dog food production, ends up being ingested by our pets, who have adverse reactions to the medicine. This is known as food residue syndrome.

How can I deal with food residue syndrome?

To undo the damage caused by food residue syndrome and maintain good health, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Eliminate the unwanted chemical residues (stop using contaminated food)
  • Add what is missing: Omega3 (anti-inflammatory nutrient that counteracts the inflammatory response of Omega6, prevalent in feed used in today’s farming )
  • Restore and maintain the correct function of the immune system (choose food with select natural ingredients that enhance immune system function)

Most common health problems require a very simple change – a change in diet. Many pet owners can benefit from this approach before they try a drug regimen. While a drug regimen can be successful, as soon as it is stopped, the problem can reoccur as the underlying cause – contaminated food – has not been eliminated.

“I love my dog and want them to be healthy, but does this mean I have to catch them a fish every day to eat?” you might be thinking. As it happens, acquiring fresh, organic protein that is free of chemical residue is actually much simpler – and cheaper – than it sounds.

Know (and Trust) The Source

Preparing a raw diet, or homemade meals, is a great way to ensure you know what your dog is eating – and it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. However, with this approach, it is your responsibility to make sure that they get all the nutrients their body requires.

For those who enjoy the simplicity of factory made dog food, but want to avoid the harmful drugs and by-products commonly found in them, don’t give up hope just yet! There are a few brands out there that hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to ingredient selection and food preparation. Our favorite is Forza 10.

Forza 10 was created after Sergio Canello, D.V.M., became disheartened with the poor quality of commercial dog food. All of the focus was on sleek marketing, with no concern for the contents of the food. People were feeding their dogs garbage and they didn’t even know. So Dr. Canello decided to fight back.

He developed a proprietary blend of key ingredients to be both the most nutritious and delicious dog food on the market. With nothing but ocean-fresh fish, organic meats, and whole vegetables, Forza 10 promises a well balanced, by-product free diet that is sure to cleanse your dog’s system and keep their engine burning clean.

Forza is the first European pet food ever approved by the USDA.

Forza is the most prescribed food in Italy by Vets over household names like Science Diet and Royal Canin

Forza has the optimal balance of Omega3 and Omega6 nutrients

There are multiple studies done that show Dr. Canello’s special food as helping dogs slim down and boost their immune system. They prove the link between contaminated food and health issues is real, as does the fact that Forza’s OTO product can effectively treat an ear infection without any assistance from prescription drugs.

Dr. Canello and his team at Forza are truly doing something amazing with pet food. That is why we are proud to feature their products on PetPlus.

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