Woman Rescues Barely Living Dog from Mass Dog Grave

For every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.

In this case, the dark cloud is a shockingly large dumping ground outside Dallas, Texas, where certain residents unceremoniously discard their deceased or unwanted canines. In the woods off Interstate 20, there is a plot of unkempt land that is now the final resting place for many of Dallas’ dogs.

The silver lining, however, is Marina Tarashevska.


Source: Dallas News

Marina routinely ventures off into these woods in search of any way to identify the monsters that so heartlessly threw away a loyal companion as if it were yesterday’s trash. ID tags, distinguishable markings – anything to help local police build cases against these animal abusers.

She frequently wallows through a sea of rot and maggot infested corpses, just to bring these sadists to justice.

What’s more, occasionally she will find a dog that is still alive!


Source: Dallas News

A film crew heard about Marina’s harrowing exploits and decided to document one of her trips to the mass grave. As chance would have it, on this venture, Maria happened to find a pup that was still clinging to life.

Watch the Video Here [Warning Graphic Content]

Now appropriately named ‘Hope,’ the dog that was pulled from the bramble that day is now on the mend. After a trip to the vet, she seems to be improving. Clearly, there is still a long road ahead, but all signs point to a full recovery and a happy hereafter for Hope.


Source: Dallas News

If you want to stay tuned in to the wonderful work that Marina is doing, check out Dallas Dogrrr – Rehab.Rescue.Reform on Facebook.

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Hero Dog Rescues Father From Drowning In Front of Kids

“Oh my God, I could drown, and my kids are standing here watching and they would be stranded on the island.”

That was the thought running through Patrick Mulligan’s head as he felt his body begin to give out on him, struggling to swim against the  powerful current. Roughly 30 yards from the shore, Patrick couldn’t help but to think of the worst case scenario. That is, until Vader – the Mulligan family’s Black Lab – bounded out into the surf and towed him back to dry land.

The day began just like any other Mulligan family outing – Patrick, Vader, and his sons, Ryan (12) and Lucas (9), all climbed aboard their sailboat and set off for a day on the high seas. The kids love to take the boat out to explore the surrounding islands, so that is exactly what they did. At one of the stops along their 3-hour tour, Patrick felt that their boat was listing a tad too far asea, so he swam out to move the boat closer to shore.


Ryan (left), Lucas (right), and Vader on the family boat

“I got caught in the current, so I decided to swim back to the beach, but on my way, I started cramping up.” Terrified and quickly losing the strength to stay afloat, Patrick had all but resigned his fate to the sea. He could see his two sons and his dog back on the shore, watching as he clung to life by the skin of his teeth. Then suddenly, as if snapping out of some fear-induced stupor, Ryan let go of Vader’s leash and instructed the dog to swim out and save his father.


Patrick and Vader

A point should be made that, while Vader is a good dog and a loyal companion, he is in no way a trained service or rescue dog. That said, it is often in times of great adversity that we rise to our highest potential. This is true for dogs as well, evidently.

Vader quickly swam out to Patrick, who at this point wasn’t sure whether the dog was going to end up being his lifesaver or the final nail in his coffin. “My first thought was that if he climbs on top of me and starts playing, I can’t defend myself.”

Those fears were quickly alleviated when, in an amazing display of canine rescue intuition, Vader swam right out in front of Patrick, turned around, and waited for him to grab a hold of his vest before swimming back to shore. “I was blown away by it. It was like Vader did it every day.”

Once they reached shallow water, Patrick let go of the dog, stood in the wake and thanked God that he was safe. Ryan and Lucas then ran out and gave their now safe father a big hug.

Patrick is well aware of how lucky he is that Vader was able to rescue him, and you can bet that there will be no shortage of treats and belly rubs coming Vader’s way. But more so than his serendipitous savior, Patrick is aware that the whole event could have been prevented if he had just worn a lifejacket. “I had lifejackets on board and there’s an offshore harness I wear, but I didn’t have the kind of lifejacket for myself that a kayaker would wear, which is what I needed.”

You can bet that Patrick vests up next time he hits the high seas, and that Vader will be there for backup.

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Amazing Rescue Video of Dog Saving Baby Dolphin

Off the coast of Wales earlier this month, a tiny pooch named Leia rushed to the aid of a baby dolphin that had beached himself on the rocky shore.

Barking frantically while her handler was taking pictures of the beach, Leia alerted him to the porpoise in need – an act that likely saved his life. “I was taking photos of the fantastic scenery when I heard my dog barking at me from further down the beach…clearly she had found something!”

Once he realized that the grey lump Leia was barking over was not a rock, but instead a baby dolphin, he leapt into action. With the camera still rolling in his one hand, he coaxed the little guy back into the water and sent him on his merry way. You can watch the entire miraculous rescue here.

Dog Saves Baby Dolphin on Criccieth Beach

“[I] stayed at the site for [a] while after to make sure he didn’t come back. [I] spoke to the coastguard once I had signal and they reported it to the science team…The little guy was lucky as there was nobody around for miles,” said the anonymous cameraman/rescuer in a post on YouTube.

The pair waited a while to make sure the newly rescued baby dolphin, now nicknamed “Buddy,” didn’t return for another round of catch and release. Once it was clear that Buddy was gone, they left the beach with a great sense of accomplishment – and one heck of a rescue video!

And while it was his hands that actually guided the tiny dolphin back into the sea, if it weren’t for Leia’s keen nose and piercing bark, the odds that he would have noticed the grey dolphin against all the similarly grey rocks is highly unlikely. Or, as he puts it “if it wasn’t for my dog barking at me I would have missed him too.”

Let’s all hope that Leia got a heaping handful of treats for being such a hero!

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Source: https://www.thedodo.com/dog-and-fisherman-save-baby-dolphin-1247005544.htm


Dog Fights Off Coyotes to Protect Kid After Deadly Car Crash

Most dogs make for good companions, but Sako takes it to a whole new level.

Last June on a family fishing trip, tragedy struck. While driving home, Joseph Phillips-Garcia, his aunt, cousin, friend, and dog Sako, ran their car off the road. Their car ended up careening the length of a football field down a steep hill and was destroyed upon impact.


By chance, Joseph and Sako were thrown from the vehicle and clear of the wreckage. Unfortunately, nobody else was that lucky. Joseph’s aunt, cousin, and friend all perished in the crash.

Once he came to, Joseph noticed that a portion of his leg bone was sticking out of his leg and causing him to bleed profusely.

All the while, Sako remained by Josephs side. In a situation that could have easily caused the frightened dog to turn tail and run off into the woods, Sako proved that he would do anything to keep his family safe.

While Joseph was lost in the woods, Sako laid along side him to help comfort and calm him. What’s more, authorities believe that this snuggling likely helped save Josephs life. The warmth of Sako’s body acted like an insulator,  regulating Joseph’s body temperature, thereby preventing him from going into shock.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sako also helped Joseph wend his way over to a creek so he could stay hydrated, and also chased away coyotes.


“We were just falling asleep, and that’s when you hear the first couple of howls,” said Joseph. “He got up as soon as he realized their scent was coming closer and closer, and then he just went in. You could hear them just fighting and the bushes rumbling around.”

After 40 hours out in the wilderness, a search team finally found Joseph and Sako. And thanks to Sako, Joseph made it out alright. If it were not for Sako’s care, Joseph would have likely succumbed to shock and passed away before anyone came to find him.


Because of his valor, Sako was recently entered into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.


See the whole story here.


Dog Rescued After Being Frozen in Hot Tar

Earlier this summer, an amazing dog rescue took place in Udaipur, India after one unlucky dog fell into a pool of hot tar. The 5-month-old pup was quickly coated with the sticky stuff , making it impossible for the him to move.

Luckily, the dog caught the attention of passers by and before long people with Animal Aid Unlimited (an animal welfare group) were on the scene. And with leaves and twigs stuck all over the immobile mutt, it is a blessing that anyone spotted the camouflaged dog at all.

What the volunteers saw when they arrived on the scene they will not soon forget — a whimpering dog covered from head to tail in a rapidly hardening black ooze.

“There is no way he could have come out on his own, without any intervention,” said Claire Abrams of the AAU. “The Tar…became hard like a rock and he couldn’t move.”

To get a better idea of what this dog went through, see the CNN interview with Neha Singh Banyal from Animal Aid Unlimited.

The dedication from the people at AAU cannot be understated — spending upwards of 8 hours to just cleaning away the grime, and even more time with rehabilitation.

Now that all the tar is gone and his tail is wagging again, members of the shelter felt comfortable going public with the story. The dog is on track for a full recovery and is in higher spirits every day.

BBC – India dog stuck in tar pit rescued
CNN – Dog rescued after being stuck in hot tar


Meet Naki’o the Bionic Dog; 4 Prosthetic Legs and 1 Winning Personality

Meet Naki’o

Naki’o is a mixed breed dog from Colorado Springs, CO. that loves to run, jump, and play fetch.

He is also the first dog to have a prosthetic on all four of his legs.

Found frozen in a puddle, Naki’o suffered from severe frostbite, causing him to lose parts on his legs, tail, nose, and ear. On top of the frostbite, Naki’o was also suffering from mange.  And while he somehow managed to survive this tremendous ordeal, the cold did take his mother’s life.

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After he was rescued, Naki’o was adopted by a veterinarian assistant, Christie Pace, who promised to provide this special dog with all the care he could need.

For the first few weeks, Naki’o was able to walk around on his stumps, but as he grew up, his damaged legs were no longer sufficient for holding up his weight. At this point, it was time to consider prosthetic limbs. And while prosthetic limbs can be incredibly expensive, the good people at OrthoPets, moved by Naki’o’s story, simply gave him all the equipment he could need, free of charge.

Naki’o took to his new legs with remarkable determination, astonishing Christie and OrthoPets. He was quickly able to do anything any other dog could do, restoring to him much of what was taken away as a puppy.

And it doesn’t end there. Acting as a source of inspirations to pet parents all over, Naki’o sparked the idea for a rescue group dedicated to finding homes for dogs with disabilities, and is now the mascot and spokesdog. Beyond that, Naki’o has been traveling all over, showing people exactly what dogs with disabilities are capable of — a lot.

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