Police Sergeant Harbors Neighborhood “Cat Burglar”

In a story that seems almost too rich to be true, a Portland police sergeant has been knowingly harboring a master thief for years – a striped cat named Tigger.


The face of a criminal mastermind

Sgt. Dave Kempas first started to notice the cat burglary four years ago. He would wake up in the morning and what would be staring him in the face? A mystery hat or a stray glove sitting on the floor. But how did they get there?

Well, being the dedicated cop that he is, Sgt. Kempas decided to launch a full investigation into the mystery items that kept cropping up in his house night after night. He had a hunch that the thefts were committed by one of his four legged friends, but Kempas is a good cop and good cops don’t jump to conclusions over a hunch.

Sgt. Kempas set up some night vision cameras around his house in hopes of catching the culprit red pawed. And it worked!

Within a few nights, he had video evidence of his stripy little friend sneaking back into his yard with a mouthful of stolen items. All sorts of items were being lifted from neighboring homes, only to end up on Kempas’ floor.


Like underpants

Typically, if Sgt. Kempas were to discover a serial burglar, they would end up handcuffed in the back of a squad car. However, this situation is different. First of all,  they don’t make handcuffs small enough. Secondly, nobody affected by this cat’s crime spree is going to press charges. To most, the thought of a cat sneaking off into the dark with on of their gym socks is well worth the price.

However, occasionally Tigger will bring home something a little more befitting his criminal background.

“(Tigger) did bring back a bag of weed one time. It was small, a bud really all it was. I thought I could get him with a PCS (possession of a controlled substance) charge.” said Sgt. Kempas, showing that he is a truly good sport about his cats proclivity for crime.

Rather than bust his cat and have him perform community service, Kempas thought that it would make more sense to advertise his cat’s theft with a Facebook page. Now known as Kleptokitty, Tigger has taken the internet by swarm.

And, in case you were wondering what was happening with all the items that Tigger steals, Sgt. Kempas often washes the contraband clothing and donates it to Goodwill. That is, unless it is a lone sock or glove. Then it goes straight in the garbage – until Tigger fishes it back out and leaves it on the floor…

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12 New Jobs for Modern Working Dogs

Happy National Dog Day!!


Once a year, a day rolls around where we get to take stock in that special species that has stood by mankind’s side for over a millenia. Dogs are our friends, family, guardians, aides, teammates, and children all wrapped into one furry ball. That is why we love them so much – dogs do it all!

Dogs have been working alongside people for as long as anyone can remember. From guarding our homes to herding our livestock, dogs have played an integral role in human evolution. But evolution never stops, and as such, working dogs need to stay ahead of the curve if they want to stay employed.

Here are some of the new kinds of working dogs we can expect from the next generation.

App Developer


Office Assistant




Amateur Basketball Player




Undercover Agent




Professional Skateboarder


Personal Trainer


Jazz Musician






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7 Pets Who Are Too Shocked For Words [Funny Videos]

Many people still don’t know what PetPlus is, including pets! So it comes as no surprise that, when we explained how PetPlus could be saving them hundreds every year AND make their lives easier, they were shocked! See for yourself.

I can get Frontline Plus for $6.75 a MONTH?!


Say WHAT?!

I’ll save $200 or MORE on my arthritis medication?!


Come again??

I can get FREE professional pet care advice anytime I want? 24/7?!


The devil, you say?!

Everything I order comes with free shipping OR in store pick up at over 50,000 locations?!


Such tremendous convenience…

You guarantee that I’ll save more than the $50 annual fee OR MY MONEY BACK?!



EVERY pet is eligible to sign up, regardless of age or any preexisting condition?!


Me too?!

You mean I can SIGN UP HERE and get a special introductory price on everything I need?!


Are you fur real??

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Someone Made Jurassic World with Cats (and It’s Amazing!)

Well, it was just a matter of time before this happened.

With the amount of hype surrounding the latest summer blockbuster, Jurassic World, and the fact that the internet is positivly cuckoo for cats, a dino-come-kitten mashup was basically inevitable.

That being said, it would have never happened if it weren’t for Khan&Kittens, so make sure to check out their awesome blog. And, without further ado, here is what we are lovingly deeming…

Purr-assic World!

someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-15someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-13 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-14 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-16 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-17 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-18 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-19 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-20 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-21


And some from the original…

Purr-assic Park

someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-1 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-2 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-3 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-4 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-5 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-6 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-7 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-8 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-9 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-10 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-11 someone-replaced-all-of-the-dinosaurs-in-jurassic-park-with-cats-21-photos-12



Can Cat Videos Make You A Nicer, Healthier Person?

If you’ve had the internet longer than 5 minutes, you are aware that a large chunk of the content that gets uploaded and shared every day is comprised of adorable cat videos. In case you hadn’t heard, here is a prime example.

Now how did that make you feel? Maybe a little less stressed out? Odds are that watching this adorable kitty play around ended up lifting your spirits a bit, helping you forget about whatever else might be eating at you. In fact, scientists recently witnessed that watching cat videos can actually make people feel happier, less anxious, and even more energetic.

Not feeling it yet? Have another!

The study, conducted by Jessica Gall Myrick at Indiana University, took a poll of some 7,000 people, asking them where, when, and why they watch cat videos. And the responses were probably what you would have expected.

On the whole, participants reported watching 2-3 cat videos a week, most often after seeing them on Facebook, Buzzfeed, or some other viral content powerhouse. More often than not, the participants stated that they did not, in fact, seek out the video themselves, but simply clicked a link that popped up on their screen.

Like this!

The study also asked participants how they felt before and after viewing a cat video. Again, the results are likely what you would have already assumed: participants that were in a good mood (energetic and generally contented) tended to stay that way, while participants that were in a bad mood (depleted, anxious, annoyed, sad, or guilt-ridden) noted some relief from these negative feelings.

That got a little technical. Here, have another cat video.

To be fair, this could be viewed as science confirming something we had known for a long time, but having empirical evidence to support our long-felt beliefs never hurt.

It does make perfect sense – people tend to consume media that either helps them maintain a state of happiness or pull them out of a funk. And what better way to do that than watch a goofy furball mess around and do silly cat stuff?

So, with that being said, here is a solid hour of non-stop adorable cat antics. Enjoy!

Myrick, Jessica. “Emotion regulation, procrastination, and watching cat videos online: Who watches Internet cats, why, and to what effect?”  Elsevier. 52 (2015): 168-176. Print.


What Would You Do With $3,500,000?

We at PetPlus recently hit a milestone, saving our members 3.5 million dollars on things like their pet’s flea and tick, heartworm, and prescription medications. That is quite a hefty chunk of change, but it can be hard to understand exactly what three and a half million dollars looks like. So, to help give you a better idea of how much we’ve saved our members, we decided to put it in other terms.

Yes, we have saved our members $3,500,000


Dollar Dollar Bill, Y’all


70,000 trips to the groomer


I know that it’s wrong, but it feels so right!

35,000 hours of one-on-one dog training


With that much training, your dog too could do…ummm….this?

4,200,000 Tennis Balls


ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! TENNIS!

350,000 Frisbees


He’ll have to catch one eventually…

43,750 extra pairs of loafers


Egad! It’s a foot-eating monster! I’ll save you!!

1,250,000 gallons of gas


Nothing like that feeling of wind whipping through your….lips.

3,594 Caribbean Cruises


What, did you think we pulled sleds year round?

70,000 years of PetPlus


This is how I imagine dog’s in the future…

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5 Dopey Dogs Who Just Can’t Get It Right

Dogs are incredibly clever creatures that can learn complex operations. Many can be trained to assist the handicapped, detect hazardous materials, or keep trespassers at bay. Dogs can be taught any of a number of tricks, from sit and stay to crazy complicated tricks like any of these dogs.

That said, sometimes dogs just don’t get it. Whether it is trying to understand a foreign object, or they just can’t seem to figure out why they don’t fit through the pickets of a fence, there are a lot of instances of dogs having a hard time with seemingly simple activities.

These five dogs are for sure having a rough go of it. At least they’re funny.

5. Bulldog Puppy Can’t Right Himself

4. Boxer Can’t Figure out Board

3. Dog Can’t Get Stick Into House

2. Dog Escape Failure

1. Dog Gets Treat Stuck To Butt

Need a win after all that canine defeat? This lucky dog just hit the jackpot!

Bonus: Epic Dog Win

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