Can Cats Understand Our Moods

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Common cat behavior logic would tell us that cats are indifferent or unconcerned about human behavior, but this does not mean that they are unaware of our moods and feelings. Let’s uncover some things that you may not have known about your feline friend.

Cats ignore your calls because they are wired to be that way!

Cats are not as indifferent as they might seem; in fact they are quite perceptive of human gestures. You are probably shaking your head in disagreement wondering how cats, who plain ignore your calls and commands are perceptive. Researchers say that while cats do register the calls and commands from their owners, they choose to ignore it, as they are wired that way. Researchers from Japan found from a study that cats could tell the voices of their owners from others, even when it was just recordings and the person was not actually around.

Cats showed subtle responses such as dilated pupils or perked up ears when they identified the voices of their owners when the recording was played. So why do cats act aloof then? According to researchers, this is a basic survival instinct in cats. Cats in the wild try and hide their emotions when they are hurt or ill, as if they did show any reactions, it would make them vulnerable to predators. Cats may be showing the same aloofness in domestic scenarios as well.

Cats pick up on human mood cues

Researchers from Michigan carried out a study to see if cats recognized human behavioral changes. What they noticed was that cats reacted differently on seeing their owners frown than when they smiled. When the owners smiled, cats responded in a positive manner too by either purring or hopping onto their lap. Researchers also noticed that the cats were keen on spending time around the owner when they showed positive emotions like smiles as opposed to frowns. When the same test was repeated with strangers, cats seemed to be indifferent to their moods and emotions.

Researchers say that cats may be identifying such behavior in their owners, due to the actions that are associated with it. For instance, you probably have a better chance of pampering your cat with treats when you are in good spirits as opposed to otherwise. So it does not come as a surprise that the cats in the research were more keen on being around their owners when they were all smiles, as they probably associated it with rewards or other positive actions. It’s no selfish act; it’s similar to what happens in a society. When you’re put in the same social environment, we all depend on each other at some point of time. The fact that cats have a similar limbic system (associated with thought process and emotions) to humans only confirms this further.


Five Heart-melting Ways in Which Cats Display Their Love For You

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Most people are under the impression that cats are aloof creatures, but the truth is far from that. No doubt, your cat won’t come up to you and greet you with a wagging tail and sloppy kisses every time you get home, but cats have their moments of affection as well. It’s easy to overlook signs that cats show when they love you if you are not aware of them, as they are subtle and can be mistaken for something else. Here are five things that cats do to show that they love you.

Cat presents

Does your cat show up with random objects, toys or dead animals? Before you start suspecting some criminal activity there, you should know that cat’s use presents as a way to show their love and affection. If they are bringing home dead rats or frogs, then that’s their way of saying that they want to share the bounty with you. Little kitties may even expect some praise in return.

Tail wraps

Ever had a cat walk around you feet and curl up its tail around them? Cats have a tendency to curl their tails around the arms or legs of people they like. It’s their version of a warm handshake. You’ll even find little kittens curl up and sit close to the person they like, while their tail touches or rests on the person. Another tell-tale tail sign that your kitty loves you is if it has its tail upright only with a small curve on top.

Fuzzy belly

Cats, like many other animals, roll over their back and show you their fuzzy belly when they like you. In fact, cats only do this with people around whom they feel protected, as this is a defenseless position for them. Go on then, give their fuzzy belly a nice rub.

Cat kisses

Cats look into your eyes and blink slowly when they want to convey their affection, and this is often referred to as cat kisses. If you notice your cat stare at you and blink slowly, and widen its eyes and blink again, then it is a sure-shot sign that it trusts you. It’s a sign that it is relaxed and content in your company. Don’t forget to respond back with some cat kisses as well.


Does your cat rest on your lap and knead it while you pet him/her? That’s how cats return the affection when you pet them, by using a kneading motion on the soft skin with their paws. Of course, if their nails are sharp it can be sightly painful; place a cushion or pillow on your lap if that’s the case.


Five Times Cats Proved That They Don’t Care About Anything

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A place to sleep and food to eat are about the only things that cats care about, apart from which their furry lives are about where their curiosity takes them, and where their true box of calling seats them. Cats are independent creatures, and curious ones at that. You’ll find them in the most unexpected places doing the most unexpected things, and when you find them, they will give you that unrelenting stare that says, they could not care less. Here are five instances that show how cats don’t really care about anything!

  1. Your only job is to feed me, now go get me some catnip!Cats and keyboards have a long history together, and cats don’t give a damn! How else would you explain your cat’s consistent behavior where it decides to lodge itself on your laptop right when you need to use it? And the melt-your-heart eyes look, how can even say a no to that face? Maybe they do care, and they’re just trying to get you off the laptop so you would instead spend some time with them.
  2. If it fits, I sits.. if it doesn’t fit, I sits2Image credit: cat is a rebel among the already rebellious cat race, as we’ve come to know them. He’ll sit in a box regardless of whether it fits or not. Don’t ask me what happened to all those juice cartons in the box, he hisses. I though you’re the one who runs the house, he smugly purrs as an after-thought.
  3. Don’t you know it’s rude to stare? Besides, this’s how I watch TV3Image courtesy:

    Cats are nimble creatures, and this cat is all so proud of it. So, I was watching this thing while you were gone, and this is exactly what the guy on TV was doing. There! I think this was it. Yes, this was certainly it. Go on then, you can do the jaw-drop now. I said..drop your jaw, now.

  4. Don’t have no time for babies!4Image credit:, you silly creatures! You tiny humans can try all you want, but you’re never going to get as cute as us. Can’t even climb up a couch..pffft!
  5. That’s it! I give up on humans!5Image credit: cat pretty much gave up on humans after seeing how they spend all their time tailing cats, trying to scoop up some interesting shots. Seriously, you need a new hobby, he purrs. No, I said no posing or pictures, nada! Not unless you are going to be paying me in catnip. Are you gone? I don’t smell any catnip.