Help Your Pooch Relieve Arthritis Pain

If your dog looks stiff and achy when they walk or stand up, they’re not alone. Many older canines develop arthritis in their joints over time. Sometimes it’s the result of an old injury, while other times it’s joint inflammation from their diet or an allergic reaction. Luckily, if your dog does have arthritis, there are plenty of treatment options, like carprofen or Metacam.

Diagnosing your dog 

Of course, your veterinarian is the only person who can truly diagnose your dog with a condition like arthritis. But before you take your furry friend in to be looked at, you should learn to spot the signs yourself. 


Massage + Rimadyl = Ultimate Dog Arthritis Relief

When your trusted companion is diagnosed with canine arthritis, it can be scary at first. When you hear there’s no cure for this chronic condition, it can feel like you’re losing your hiking partner, your fetch buddy, and your playful pal. The truth is there are treatments that can help your old dog feel as young and active as when you first took them home.

Medications like Rimadyl can help relieve arthritic pain so that dogs can move without fear. Pair that with a massage routine and your dog will be feeling tip top despite the condition.

How do you massage a dog? 

When your dog’s body is achy, nothing feels better than a simple massage. There are a variety of massage types, each with a specific purposes: alleviating anxiety, exercise warm-up, and even joint pain.