Keep Fleas Out of Your Home This Winter

While many pet parents think that their furry friends are only in flea danger during warm weather, the truth is that fleas can pester a pet all year long.

Although these parasites typically thrive in warmer environments, heated homes can make for excellent alternatives to a hot summer yard. As the American Hospital of North Asheville in North Carolina explained, fleas, which lay up to 40 eggs each day, can plant eggs on your pet during the peak months between April and October. Then, these eggs can fall off your pet in your home and find their way into the carpet or flooring. The AHNA explained that pupa can form from these eggs and remain dormant for months before becoming fully grown in the warmth of your winter home. Without warning, you could have a flea infestation on your hands.

In other parts of the U.S., where it’s warmer all year long, flea protection is even more important. Make sure you keep your dog or cat up to date on all flea medication no matter what the calendar says so that nothing will catch you by surprise.

What flea treatments are the best?

There’s no one flea treatment that’s the best, but luckily there are a variety of brands and types so that your trusted companion won’t have to worry about the diseases and discomfort associated with these pests.

  • Frontline PlusFrontline Plus for Dogs and for Cats are two of the best-known treatments in the business. This once-monthly topical medication protects against ticks, mites, lice and fleas, and it doesn’t require a prescription.
  • Advantage II – With formulations for dogs or cats of all sizes, Advantage II also offers easy-to-use, over-the-counter medication to prevent these pests and clear up any infestations. Advantage II is waterproof and lasts all month.
  • K9 Advantix II K9 Advantix II is a dog-specific, waterproof topical treatment that protects against fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies and lice. It’s safe for any dogs older than 7 weeks and a great way to protect your dog each month.
  • Comfortis – This flea and tick medication has formulations for both cats and dogs. Comfortis is a tasty prescription chewable that starts working in 30 minutes!
  • Seresto – If you’re tired of monthly topical or oral treatments, consider the Seresto collar for eight months of uninterrupted protection against fleas and ticks. There are Seresto collars for dogs and cats.

Use your PetPlus membership for affordable year-round protection from fleas.

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