Watch This Video to Help Find a Home for Stray Dogs

There are thousands of dogs in shelters across America waiting for their forever home. But only one of them is a PetPlus Pup. His name is Cooper and he wants to go home with you.

Cooper was picked up off the streets of Philadelphia when he was just a puppy. As such, he has never known what it is like to live with a loving family. But that doesn’t keep ol’ Cooper down! He loves playing with people and other dogs, and is always open to a nice snuggle session. Ask anyone at Philly PAWS (the shelter that picked him up) – he is the first to run over and shower people with kisses!

What’s more, being a PetPlus Pup means Cooper comes with a free lifetime membership to PetPlus – a premium pet care subscription service that gives members the guaranteed lowest prices on medication, preventatives, and more. And with premium services like Ask-A-Vet included, PetPlus makes it easy to provide your pet with the best care available.

Here is where you come in – share this post and help us find a family for Cooper. With enough help, someone is sure to

See more Cooper here:

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    I live too far away in Canada but I think Cooper is such a beautiful dog. There is a gentleness in his face. I do hope he finds a family who will love him forever, however until he does at least he is safe with you! Thank you.

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