What Are The Visible Signs Of Aging In Cats?

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The lifestyles of young and old people are completely different and the same happens across species. Pet owners know that when their pets become older, their needs change and so they adjust accordingly. But if you’re a new pet owner then you must be prepared for the subtle signs that indicate aging in a pet.

If you have a pet cat, then here are a few that you need to watch out for.

  1. Motility and activity
    One of the most prominent signs in aging cats is the decrease in motility and activity. Cats, amongst other pets, are the most curious ones, often poking their heads into unknown territories. But as they age, their curiosity dwindles sometimes even to the point where even a moving object in front of them does not raise their eyebrows.
  2. Appetite
    As your cat grows, your expenses towards cat food will also increase till the point where it becomes stagnant and starts decreasing. This is one of the best indications that your cat is aging. However, if such a thing happens when your cat is still young then it may be an indication of ill health.
  3. Nail, coat and skin characteristics
    In humans, wrinkling of skin and graying of hair is a clear sign of aging. The same holds true for cats and other animals. The hair almost always thins and the coat color changes in time. Plus, the luster disappears as the skin becomes brittle and thins down. Even the nails become soft and older cats lose the strength in their paws. Another sign is the weakening of teeth and gums. Which is why, aging cats have a hard time with food that are hard to chew.
  4. More sleep
    Older cats tend to sleep more than younger ones. However, it can be an extremely subtle change as pets, cats in general, love sleeping when they’re not snooping around. With age, the fatigu and tiredness automatically sets in and aging cats prefer spending most of their times resting and sleeping.
  5. Behavioral changes
    Behavior varies from person to person and it is therefore very hard to notice them especially in cats. But after you’ve spent a certain amount of time with your cat, you’ll know the small behaviors in your cat. Maybe he likes a particular toy but after a time is not attracted to it anymore. Or maybe he likes to go somewhere but now he doesn’t anymore. These are the small changes that you need to observe.


The signs of aging in cats are no different than what they are in humans. Changes in diet, physical appearance, sleep patterns, health, activity, behavior, are all indications of old age.

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