INCREDIBLE: Mother Cat Adopts Orphaned Baby Rabbit

It’s a Disney movie come to life. When a baby rabbit lost both of his parents, this amazing mother cat sensed that he was in need and adopted him into her litter.

One might assume that a cat, being a predator, would see a baby rabbit as an easy meal. That’s what makes this video so special. This cat’s maternal instinct overtook her predatory one, which is not something you see every day in the animal kingdom. See the magic for yourself.

Mother Cat and Baby Rabbit

Is that not a miraculous sight? This mother cat shirked every one of her hunter instincts and cared for this baby rabbit just like any of her own kittens.

And let’s not understate the bravery of that rabbit. Most rabbits would be freaking out — and rightly so! But this little fuzzball is cool as a cucumber.

Perhaps the rabbit thinks he’s a cat (won’t THAT be an identity crisis later on). But so long as he has his mother cat around protecting him and keeping his fur clean, this little rabbit is going to be well looked after.

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