List of Dogs that Love the Seashore

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Having a dog makes life so much better. Not only do they make the most mundane activities fun, but they also make fun activities all the more fun. Take a trip to the beach, for example, it is a fun experience on its own. Now imagine having your best furry bud with you at the beach, it just couldn’t get better! While some dogs like the beach and some don’t, there are a few breeds that are known to love the seashore. Here is a quick look at these breeds.

Labrador retriever – Labs are always out to have some fun. Their docile and friendly nature makes them one of the most popular breeds across the world. In fact, the Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog breed in the United States for 25 years in a row! Labs love to splash around the water and just cannot seem to get enough of the beach. Plus, they are super friendly, which makes it a lot easier for you to handle them at crowded beaches. The only thing you will need to worry about is getting them out of the water and into your car to head home.

Golden retriever – These dogs are calm, docile, and friendly and are great pets for families with kids. Their easy-going and gentle nature makes them good companions on a beach trip. Add to that the fact that Golden retrievers love the water, and you have amazing company at the beach. Golden retrievers have a powerful physique, and they can glide through the seawater quite easily. Besides, their love for swimming will leave you with one happy little furball once the beach visit is done.

American water spaniel – This one is evident from the name itself. American water spaniels absolutely love the water and are crazy about swimming. The added advantage with this breed is that their curly fur coat is water-resistant. This means they can easily dry off before you head home. You won’t have a wet car to deal with after the beach trip.

Great dane – Given the size of the Great dane, one would not expect them to be one of the first choices on a beach trip. However, Great Danes are gentle giants and are extremely easy to handle. While they won’t jump around the water with you, they are the best company when it comes to basking in the sun, getting a tan, and some vitamin D. Great Danes can handle high temperatures with ease, which makes them perfect for the beach. Even if you do not have a dog of these breeds, there is nothing to stop you from taking your pet to the beach. Try it out once to see if they like it or not. If they do, you just got yourself the best companion for all your beach outings.

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