How to Keep Winter Dogs Comfortable in Summer?

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Being a pet parent takes a lot of effort and care. But if you are the proud owner of a winter dog, it becomes even more important to be extra careful, especially during the smoldering hot days. Winter dogs, as the name suggests, are meant for the colder climate. So, when the weather turns warm, it can be quite uncomfortable for them. On days when the mercury rises, you need to make your pooches comfortable and less hot.

Here are some great tips to help you make your winter dogs comfortable in summer.

  • Leaving your dog in the car on a hot day is a bad idea.

You may think leaving your pooch inside the car for only a few minutes will not hurt them. However, the temperature inside the car can soar high even when the windows are open and can cause discomfort. Leave them at home or go to places where you can take them.

  • Make sure the temperature inside your home is low.

You cannot change the temperature outside, but you have full control of your home’s temperature. Keep the AC on, and the drapes closed to lower the temperature. Let your pooch chill at home, in the literal sense. If you do not have an AC, open the windows and turn on the fan. You can also get a cooling mat or vest for additional help.

  • Know when to go for a walk.

If you have been going out during midday for walks and exercises, change the timing. Early morning or an evening routine, when the weather is cooler, is better for your furry friends during summers. Also, carry plenty of water both for you and your pooch when out for a walk.

  • Get booties for your little friend.

The pavement can get very hot during the summers. When going out for a walk, always check the pavement before letting your dog walk on it. They have delicate paws that can be damaged by the scorching asphalt. If possible, walk on the grass. You can also get your dog booties for extra protection.

  • Water is its best friend.

We know how important water is for us. The same is true for our pooches, especially our lovely winter dogs. Always ensure that your dog has plenty of cold water to drink. When you are going out, always carry a collapsible bottle of water for you. Keep feeding your pooch small amounts of water every 15 to 20 minutes to keep it hydrated. If you see your dog panting excessively during activities, take it to the shade and give it some water.

  • A tree is better than a doghouse.

Does your pooch have a doghouse? It is of no use during hot days. A doghouse does not allow proper ventilation and can be dangerous for your winter dog. On hot days, making it sit under the cool shade of a tree is a better idea. The above tips can ensure your winter babies can have a fun, relaxing, and comfortable summer.

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