How to Get Your Dog Ready For a Pet Show?

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It is a big day for you and your dog when you finally go for your first pet show. Your dog has trained hard for this day, and it is finally time to show off those skills. While pet shows are fun and a good way for you and your dog to socialize with other dog parents and dogs, your dog might get antsy and nervous around so many new people. To make sure that your furry friend is at ease and does not get very anxious or hyper, here are a few tips on how you can handle them at a pet show.

Make sure your dog is not very hungry or too full

Dogs tend to get irritable when they are hungry. On the other hand, they get very lazy also if they have eaten more than they ideally should. You do not want any of these situations to happen at a pet show. So, make sure that your dog has had an appropriate amount of food before you go to the pet show.

Train your dog for the tolerate examination

At almost every pet show, the judges tend to examine the dogs before they can participate. This includes touching your dog’s mouth and body. Judges look for signs of any injury, etc. Your dogs can get antsy when a stranger tries to touch them. Thus, it is essential to train your dog to stay calm during such examinations.

Hydrate your dog every few hours

Dog shows can take a lot of time, and your dog might miss out on their next meal. They might also go for a long time before they have any water. Make sure that you carry a few dog snacks in your bag for them to snack on. Also, make sure that your dog has a little water to drink every once in a while to stay hydrated and active.

Show affection to your dog if they start to feel nervous

Dog shows are crowded places. With so many new faces and noise around, your dog can get very nervous and anxious. If you see that they are not gelling well in the environment, take them to a quieter place and pet them. Give your dog a few cuddles and pat-downs so that they start to feel better and safer.

Be mindful and respectful about your dog’s behavior

You might have trained for a long time and wanted to win the pet show, but if your dog is not feeling comfortable, it is always wise to be mindful of their behavior, respect their feelings, and take them back home where they feel safe. You can try and get them to calm down, but if they are feeling too anxious, go back home.

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