How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog?

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Positive reinforcement is a proven technique used to teach good behavior to dogs. There are many things you can use to shape positive behavior, such as life rewards, treats, and praise. The key to succeeding with positive reinforcement is figuring out what motivates your dog. This will make reward-based training an interesting and fun experience for your dog.

Listed below, are rewards that you can use to encourage positive behavior in your dog:


Most people associate positive reinforcement with food rewards. Treats are a quick and easy item to dispense. They’re also a great item to offer as an immediate reward for good behavior. Treats are excellent rewards to use during training sessions, i.e., when you’re getting your dog to repeat certain actions in a quick session.

The drawback of using a treat as a reward is that you might not always remember to carry treats with you everywhere you go. Treats can also become an issue if you’re training a dog who has digestive concerns, food allergies, or weight issues.


Games are an entertaining way to reward your pooch. Each time our dog behaves in a manner that you like, initiate a game, he/she enjoys. Games are used in a similar manner as food. Request your dog to behave in a certain way. When he does do what you requested, initiate the game he likes. Fetch, and tug-of-war are excellent game ideas. It’s also easy to incorporate a training session into a game of fetch.


Most dogs crave attention. There’s nothing they love more than praise, snuggles, ear scratches, and similar forms of physical attention. Your undivided attention is a big reward for a dog who behaves well. One way to use your attention as a reward is by waiting until your puppy comes to you for a little ear scratching. Instead of scratching his ears right away, ask him to do something first like lie down, jump on hind legs, or sit down. When your dog does as he’s asked, provide him with your attention.

Playtime With Dogs

Most dogs love playing with other dogs. You can use playtime with other dogs as a method of rewarding positive behavior. For example, visit your local dog park. Request him to wait until you let him get out of the vehicle. Then ask him to sit and wait once more before you open the access to allow him to interact with other dogs. In case your dog doesn’t comply, return to the car or wait for him to respond. As soon as your pet learns that responding to your requests will get him playtime with other dogs, he will start complying with your commands. By using these rewards as reinforcement, you can help your dog learn a whole range of positive behaviors.

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