How to Decide on What Diet Your Cat Should Follow?

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A cat is very opinionated about the food they eat. If you are a kitty-parent, you would know of this. You need to ensure that you give your kitty all the nutrients that she needs to stay healthy.

Choose a balanced diet!

The first thing to do is to choose a balanced diet for your kitty. You should know how to read the label on cat food. The nutrition required for a cat differ based on its life stages of kittenhood, adulthood, pregnancy, and lactation. You will find in the label if the food is suitable for your cat’s stage of life; it also tells you if the food has all the nutritional requirements.

What to look for in the label of cat food?

  • Check that the label has “complete and balanced” written on it.
  • Check for the protein source. Instead of a generic “meat”, look for terms such as “chicken”, “fish”, “turkey”, “lamb”, or “beef” written on the label.
  • If you are buying canned food, the first item to be listed should be a protein source.

Basic nutritional needs

The nutritional needs of your cat are –

  • Protein from fish, meat, or poultry
  • Taurine, an amino acid
  • Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids
  • Water

Carbohydrates are not essential for cats, but you will find carbohydrates in canned and dry cat food.

Canned food or dry food?

Nutritionists believe that the diet you follow for your cat should be a combination of canned and dry food. The reasons for giving both types of food are –

  • Dry food is suitable for feeding your cat anytime. Canned food, on the other hand, has water, which is not always welcomed by the cat.
  • The nutrients in your cat’s food should be just right. Avoid giving too little or too much of certain minerals and vitamins.
  • We will not be able to eat pizza every day, will we? So, how can we expect our cat to be comfortable with eating the same food every day? They tend to get bored quickly. Ensure that you have a variety of options available to make eating time fun for your kitty.
  • Cats can develop allergies, too, just like humans. It is a good idea to give your cat a variety of food items to rule out possibilities of allergies to certain ingredients. Even though allergies to food are rare, it is not uncommon.
  • Prevent addiction to food. If you do not provide a mixture of food items, the chances are that your cat will get used to a particular flavor of a particular brand. Prevent this by providing a wide choice.

Offer high-quality canned foods along with dry food for your kitty.

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