Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Dogs are great companions. They keep us happy and active, while also bringing out our maternal or paternal instincts. What makes having a dog even more enjoyable is the fact that you can teach them various tricks. Dogs are intelligent animals and can pick up quite a few tricks if they are trained well. Here are some tricks you can teach your furry companion.

Sit – Let’s start with one of the basics. The first thing most pet owners teach their dogs is how to sit on command. Stand in front of your dog and give him or her the command to sit. Push down their backside so that they move to a sitting position. Once they sit, give them a pat on the head and give them a treat. Repeat this a few times a day, and soon your dog will sit with just the command from you.

Down – The next trick that follows is, of course, making your dog sit on all fours. Once your dog is in the sitting position, please tap on the floor right below their face and say down. The first few times, you may have to give your dog a slight push so they know what you expect them to do.

Rollover – This one is fun. Once you have your dog in the ‘down’ position, teach him or her how to roll over. You can do the rolling action yourself to show your dog what he or she is expected to do. This will make it a lot more fun for you as well.

Fetch – This one is a classic, and dogs love it too. During playtime, throw a ball or a stick and ask your dog to fetch it. Some dogs may get a bit stubborn when it comes to giving the ball or stick back to you. Make sure you use a stern voice to make sure your dog drops the ball or stick when asked to.

Find – This one is a lot of fun too. Make your dog sniff one of his or her toys and then hide it. Ask your dog to find the toy. You may have to lead them a few times before they get the point of the full exercise. Soon your dog will understand what finds means. You can also play hide and seek with your dog this way.

Fetch the newspaper – This trick is fun and helpful at the same time. Once your dog learns some basic tricks, you can take it up a notch and try something more challenging. First, teach your dog what you mean when you say newspaper and then combine it with the fetch trick to make your dog pick up the newspaper from your doorstep every morning and bring it to you. Once your dog picks up a few tricks, he or she will start to understand you a lot better. This will help you try out some more challenging tricks.

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