Five Mistakes Most Pet Owners Make

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I know how all pet-parents feel about their pooch – they want to cuddle with it all the time. However, being a parent of a dog is not all about hugs, kisses, and cuddles; there is an immense load of responsibility attached to it. As pet parents, we should know that not everything we do out of love for our dogs is acceptable. Here are the five most common mistakes most pet owners make. Are you guilty of doing any of them? Let us know!

  • Not giving them attention

Our pets need attention, just the way babies do. Spending time with your pet does not stay limited to feeding them and taking them out for walks. You must ensure to play games with them or spend time loving them. For them, you are their world. Cats and dogs both love to spend time with their humans. Never cease to believe that you are the most important for your pet.

  • Laying more food than necessary

Before you leave the house for the day, it may seem like a good idea to overload their food trays with extra amounts of food. Understandably, parents think their pooches will feel hungry and would want to eat. However, when pets see food, they tend to eat even if they are not hungry. Doing this could lead to obesity. Always keep portioned meals for your pets.

  • Sharing your food

We love sharing our food with our pets. Have you ever let your pooch take mouthfuls of your ice cream? We are all guilty of that. However, it is time we put a stop to this. Our food is not suitable for them. We should avoid giving them processed or fast food. We need proper meals to ensure our pet’s good health.

  • Not giving them exercise

Another mistake we make is by thinking that our pets get enough exercise when they run around or play with random objects. To stay healthy, we should give at least 30 minutes of exercise time for our pets. You could take them out for walks or use pet toys to keep them engaged. There are so many options. Lack of exercise can lead to unhealthy weight gain and obesity, which ultimately leads to medical concerns.

  • Not letting your pet sleep enough

How do you feel when somebody wakes you up when you are enjoying a peaceful and relaxing nap? You would want to throttle them. So, why do we become so inconsiderate when it is about our pet’s sleeping time? Just like humans, pets need their sleep too. Try not to wake them up when they are catching up on their sleep. It is wrong to wake them up as per your whims and fancies. It can be stressful for your pets.

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