Dogs Trimmed into Cubes? A New Japanese Trend

To a western sensibility, a lot of the trends that come from Japan can seem a little out there. Things like boyfriend pillows, skin whitening, cucumber flavored Pepsi and eyelash wigs are all everyday occurrences in Japan but would turn quite a lot of heads here. But that rarely stops them from making their way stateside – trends like tamagotchi, harajuku-style, and Pokemon are all Japanese trends that changed the American pop-culture landscape.

The newest Japanese/Taiwanese trend that is making a lot of westerners’ eyeballs pop is trimming a dog’s fur into cubes. See for yourself.

While it may look a little out there, in terms of the dog’s level of comfort, it is no different than any other style of haircut.

The rationale for the new trend is believed to be social media. People love sharing pictures of their pets, but they also love it when people like/share their pictures, and what better way to get other’s attention than by giving your pooch a new do – especially a wildly cube-y one.

Here are some more pics of dogs sporting this new style.


So what do you think? Are you a puppy purist or do you think these new styles could one day become haute couture?


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