Dogs Named After their Coat Color

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Getting a dog home is one of the best feelings. The next exciting thing you need to do is name your pet. While some people already know what they are going to name their dog before they even bring them home, some choose a name based on a characteristic of the dog. Most often, this characteristic is the dog’s appearance – the color of their coat or their size. A large number of people choose their dog’s names based on the color of their coat. Here are a few dog’s names based on their coat color. Check to see if your dog’s name is on this list.

Dogs with a brown fur coat – Naming brown dogs based on their fur coat is quite easy. While you can choose common names like Brownie, Bruno, and Chocolate, there are some unique names that are quite perfect for brown dogs. Here are a few of them.

Bailey – based on the brown creamy liqueur

Yogi Bear – based on the loved cartoon character

Cappuccino – based on the brown color of coffee

Hershey – based on the chocolate

Autumn – because of the brownish color that is characteristic of the season

Cadbury – again a reference to the brown of chocolate

Muffin – based on the color of a chocolate muffin

Reese – again with reference to the chocolate

You can also choose from names like Acorn, Bagel, Bronze, Chestnut, and Coco Puff, which are all great options.

Dogs with a black fur coat – Black dogs are cute and majestic at the same time. Since their jet black coat is one of their most unique features, it only makes sense that they are given a name based on the color of their coat. While the most common names for black dogs are Blackie, Panther, and Shadow, there are quite a few unique black dog names you can choose from.

Ace – based on the Ace of Spades

Ash – based on the color of ash

Batman – based on the superhero dressed in black

Cole – short for Charcoal which is black

Cinder – perfect for a girl, based on the remains of a fire

Cola – based on the favorite black beverage

Olive – based on the black Olive, this name is perfect for girls

Oreo-baseded on the favorite black cookie

You can also choose form other names like Angus, Black Bean, Blackberry, Jaguar and so on.

Dogs with a white fur coat – Dogs with a white fur coat and absolutely cute and deserve names that are equally cute. Here are some names you can choose for your white dog.

Snowy – one of the most common, based on the color of snow

Alpine – based on the snow on the Alps

Bolt – based on the white dog from the Disney movie

Blanc – the word white in French

Puffy – works best for white fluffy dogs

Cloud – because of white fluffy clouds

Peabody – based on the cartoon character

Milky Way – because of the chocolate and the color of milk. You can also choose from Alaska, Angel, Ghost, Ice, Lacy and Marble, which are quite unique.

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