Dog Feels Grass For First Time After Rescue From Meat Farm

Warning: some of the content in this story may be disturbing.


This is Pocket. Before he was rescued, he spent his entire life inside a wire cage. He was born and raised for one purpose – to be eaten. And he is not alone.

Every year, 2 million dogs are raised in South Korea for the sole purpose of being meat. However, thanks to groups like the Humane Society International (HSI), more and more of these dog farms are being shut down and their dogs are placed in loving homes.

Pocket is one of these dogs. As you can see in the video, activists with the HSI were able to get this meat farm shut down and save these dogs from their morbid fate. When Pocket is first introduced to the outside world, his reaction can only be described as hesitant. And why wouldn’t it be?

This poor dog has known nothing but abuse and confinement for his entire life. What limited interactions he had with people were not likely to be the kind that would instill confidence in humanity.

Not only that, but Pocket had never known what it felt like to be in a wide open space, or what grass felt like on his paws. His nervousness is palpable, and the look on his face when he is first placed on the ground is almost heartbreaking. However, once he hears the lilting voice of his new mommy and he cautiously approaches her, that second his tail starts wagging is enough to brighten even the cloudiest day.


While this story presents a momentous victory over the vile practice of farming dog meat, for every Pocket there are thousands of dogs still stuck in cages awaiting their day on the chopping block. To help put an end to this horrible industry, visit the HSI website and see what you can do to lend a hand. With enough support, we could make this heinous practice a thing of the past.

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