Brave Woman Fights Gator to Save Her Dog

What lengths would you go to in order to keep your dog safe?

Would you fight a dinosaur?!



Okay, dinosaur may have been a bit of a stretch, but in many ways, when Lori Beiswenger fought off a 7-foot alligator did to save her 9-year-old pooch, it was much the same as going toe-to-toe with a velociraptor.


Easy now…

Earlier this month, Lori was out on the green at the Point O’ Woods Golf Course (which she and her husband own) taking care of some landscaping by a pond, with her dog Hope right by her side. All of a sudden, Lori heard Hope let out a blood-curdling yelp.

“It was the worst scream I have ever heard from her,” Lori said. “I just ran over and I saw them rolling around on the bank. All I could see was teeth. Gator teeth and her teeth.”


An alligator had come out of the pond, grabbed poor Hope,and  dragged her into the water. Before she even knew what was happening, Lori had leapt into the fray. Up to her neck in water, Lori summoned all of her strength, grasped the gator by its tail, and dragged it back onto the bank.


Like so

Once out of the water, the massive reptile released the dog and scuttled back into the murky water – anything to get away from Lori’s superhuman might.

And while both Lori and Hope are safe, the memory of that fateful day still haunts her. “I wasn’t going to lose her and I’m so thankful,” said Lori.

The problem is not over, however. Alligators still frequent the ponds along her golf course, and will always pose a threat to any creature that gets close enough. But after this recent incident, you can bet that Lori will make sure Hope gives all the ponds a wide berth.


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