73-Year-Old Man Punches Bear to Save His Dog

We all say we would do whatever it takes to keep our pets safe, but when push comes to shove, do you really think you have what it takes?

For Placer County’s 73-year-old Carl Moore, the answer is a definitive “Yes!”

Earlier in April, Moore had let his his precious Lacy, a tiny chihuahua, outside to play in the yard. A few moments later, Carl noticed that Lacy sounded distressed. And then he saw it – his little pooch was staring down the long muzzle of a bear.

But that is not the end of the story. Far from it. Being the all-points badass that Carl Moore is, rather than run off for help, Carl ran directly into the fray, screaming “RAHH! Get out of here you b****d!!”


However, his screaming and frantic waving did not phase the bear. Did Carl give up? Did he retreat back into the house to call for help? Nope! Instead, Carl Moore decided to kick it up a notch. How?

He punched the bear in the face!

“He come up like this, and turned, BOOM, I hit him hard,” said Moore.

This was not Moore’s first time to the rodeo, either. An ex-first recon Marine who has seen his fair share of bar fights and scraps, Moore is known as a man who never backs down from a fight. “I ain’t run from nothing; I never have in my whole life and I ain’t going to start now. And you’re not going to sacrifice my babies for some damn bear.”

What did the bear do? After one stiff bop to the muzzle from Carl, the bushwhacking bear turned tail and ran back off into the woods, never to be seen from again.

Should the bear return (although we doubt it will after the wallop it received) one thing is certain – that bear can expect more of the same. “This guy’s a jerk, but he ain’t been back since he’s been smacked by Carl,” said Carl.

See the full news story here:

Photos courtesy of CBS Sacramento

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