7 Pets Who Are Too Shocked For Words [Funny Videos]

Many people still don’t know what PetPlus is, including pets! So it comes as no surprise that, when we explained how PetPlus could be saving them hundreds every year AND make their lives easier, they were shocked! See for yourself.

I can get Frontline Plus for $6.75 a MONTH?!


Say WHAT?!

I’ll save $200 or MORE on my arthritis medication?!


Come again??

I can get FREE professional pet care advice anytime I want? 24/7?!


The devil, you say?!

Everything I order comes with free shipping OR in store pick up at over 50,000 locations?!


Such tremendous convenience…

You guarantee that I’ll save more than the $50 annual fee OR MY MONEY BACK?!



EVERY pet is eligible to sign up, regardless of age or any preexisting condition?!


Me too?!

You mean I can SIGN UP HERE and get a special introductory price on everything I need?!


Are you fur real??

Are you as shocked as these pets? You should be. A program like PetPlus will revolutionize the way people take care of their pets. Don’t you want your pet’s care to be on the cutting edge? Sign up for a year of PetPlus here for just $50. And, if you don’t end up saving more than $50, we will happily refund the difference. So what are you waiting for?! Start saving right now!

All GIFs from Giphy.com

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