Dog Buried Alive, Rescued Just In Time [Graphic Content]

Sometimes you hear something so horrifying that your brain literally refuses to process it. This is one of those times. The images you are going to see, and the story you are about to hear, are not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: Graphic Content

On August 2nd, Pedro Dinis was taking his dog out for a walk just like any other day. However, a chance discovery quickly made this walk one he will not soon forget. Off the side of the path, Pedro noticed something that made his heart sink – an old dog that was buried alive.

Getting to the burial site right in the nick of time, Pedro lept down to the would-be grave and started sweeping away the debris and rocks that were covering her. Even Pedro’s dog came down to help stir the languid canine.


It was then that they made part two of their disturbing discovery – the dog that was buried alive was also tied down.

dog-buried-alive-2This grotesque detail adds an extra layer to this unforgivable act. Not only was the person responsible ensuring that she couldn’t escape, but by tying her down it proves that this was not the act of a distressed pet parent who mistook their pet for dead. Whoever did this knew full well that they were interring a living creature.

After a lot of coaxing and patience, the near dead dog was finally removed from her early grave and taken to a veterinary

There she was treated for dehydration and shock, and appears now to be on the road to making a full recovery.


‘Athena’ looking much healthier

Knowing that the dog is going to be alright, the next question is obviously “what about the monster who did this?” And while this type of crime normally goes unsolved, there was a piece of evidence on the dog that lead the police back to the dog’s owner. The owner claimed that the dog had run away earlier, but considering her advanced age and arthritis, the police found this highly unlikely and charged the owner with animal cruelty.

If found guilty of the heinous crimes being leveled against him, the owner could end up doing two years in prison, as well as suffer over $30,000 in fines.

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  1. 1

    The key word is “if” found guilty. We all know our laws against animal abuse stink and the piece of scum who is the owner of this poor dog will probably walk away with a smack on the hand and a small fine which makes me totally sick. These monsters know they will basically get away with what they have done…they do NOT suffer the consequences of their actions!!!!! We need to squash the monsters(like this owner) who perpetrate atrocities against helpless animals. This poor dog deserves to live the rest of her life in peace and in a loving environment. I’m glad she was saved before it was too late.

  2. 2

    Lets say a million thank yous to Pedro Dinis for being compassionate and kind, you Pedro are a rare & wonderful human Being!!!

  3. 3
    Elizabeth Spence

    Old dogs and cats do go for random last walks. I am not sure I believe this person but it is not out of the question.

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