Does Your Puppy Constantly Chew on Things? This is How You Can Make Him Stop

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Puppies are the cutest things in the world. Any video where a puppy does something adorable goes viral in a couple of days. However, your little canine friend has one quirky behavior that drives you insane. The moment you leave it alone, it would have pulled out your socks, shoes, slippers or anything that can fit in its mouth and start chewing on it. If you try to take it away, you have to play a game of catching the thief as the puppy will most likely run away with the object in its mouth. Although it is natural for your little canine friend to chew on things, it isn’t desirable when it chews on your personal objects and destroy your property every time you leave the house.

Your tiny four-legged friend will chew on things as they are going through teething which happens to be a painful process. The gums get irritated and in order to alleviate its discomfort, it chews on anything that will fit into its mouth. However, if this behavior is not corrected, it can become a major problem once your little canine becomes an adult.

Here are four tips on how you can make your puppy from constantly chewing on things.

  • Ensure that your little canine has chew toys
    You have to make sure that you have the correct chew toys so that your puppy doesn’t go around finding things to chew on. If you catch your little canine chewing on things it’s not supposed to, replace the item with its chew toy. By correcting the behavior rather than punishing your puppy will teach it what is out of bounds. If your little canine isn’t excited with its chew toy, get it a new one.
  • Puppy-proof your house
    Everything that you think your puppy may chew on should be kept away from its reach. For example, your little canine will love chewing on shoes, socks, and handkerchiefs to name a few. By keeping such items out of sight, they won’t get damaged and you won’t end up getting irritated with your puppy.
  • Give tiny four-legged friend attention
    At times, your tiny four-legged friend will chew on things as it wants your undivided attention. Ensure that your puppy gets all the attention it needs so that it won’t have to resort to destructive behavior to get some. Set aside some time every couple of hours to fulfill your puppy’s desire.
  • Exercise daily
    Another common reason why your tiny canine will resort to chewing is that it is bored of life in the house at the moment. To deal with boredom, you must exercise your puppy every day. This will keep his energy at a level that is considered normal. If your puppy has high levels of energy and it is bored at the same time, it will indulge in destructive behavior.

We hope these simple four tips will get you to stop your little canine from chewing things up. If you have any queries about the subject, leave a comment below.

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