How To Keep Your Pets Away From Garbage

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Some pets have a keen affinity towards the garbage and are always curious to find out what’s kept inside the trash can. It’s a horrible sight when you come home and find out the mess your pet has made while you were away. As a pet owner, you obviously love your pet a lot but somewhere you know you need to draw the line. And you also know that if your pet eats something that they are not supposed to, they can fall sick. So, how do you go about making the changes?

Here are five changes you can make in and around your house to make sure your pet stays away from the trash.

  1. Buy a trash can with a tight lid

    Ditch your old trash can for one with a tight lid. It will keep your garbage secure and even if your pet drops the bin on the floor, it won’t come off easily. You can choose one with a lock function. Your pets may be smart but they’re not that smart to open the lock by themselves and take out the garbage.

  2. Limit the access to the trash can

    Change the position of your trash can and put it somewhere which is out of your pet’s reach. You can try by putting it in the closet, in the garage, in the bathroom or even under the kitchen sink when you leave the house. That way, your pet won’t find the trash can so easily. Additionally, keep changing the position from time to time.

  3. Keep your pets well-fed

    Your pet may be rummaging through your garbage because he is hungry. If it is so then it is clearly your fault. Make sure that they are well-fed and well taken care of. Feed them small meals throughout the day. It will ensure that they don’t ever stay hungry.

  4. Keep them engaged

    One of the reasons why your pet is so interested in the trash can is because he is bored. Your dog or cat might feel that there is something interesting that you keep inside the can and thus the curiosity. Keep chew toys and other games in the house to keep your pets engaged and away from the garbage.

  5. Train them

    Training your pets to keep away from the trash can is probably the best way to keep them away from it. Teach them that your trash can is off-limits and soon you won’t be needing any other precaution.


A messy floor with garbage scattered all over the house is every pet owner’s nightmare. If you wish to avoid such a sight, take care of your garbage and train your pets to keep away from it.

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