Win a Sweepstakes and Watch Some Videos to Celebrate National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day, everybody!

To celebrate, we present you with 4 hilarious/amazing dog videos that perfectly encapsulate everything we love about these fantastic creatures. It’s no wonder they get their own day.

Also, to celebrate the holiday, we are giving away some FREE DOG TOYS to people that Facebook Likes our page, ReTweet us, or comment on this post. So send us some love and we may just send you something back!

But now, without further ado — the videos!

Gettin’ Ready to Play

This Dog Doesn’t Want Kisses

Now That Dog LOVES Treats

Bulldog Knows How To Trampoline


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  1. 1

    Happy #NationalDogDay! My dog Tripp gives me so much happiness! 🙂

  2. 2

    My fav video has to be the bulldog on the trampoline!

  3. 4

    My pet thinks its #NationalDogDay everyday he is so spoiled…lol

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