Dying Dog’s Last Day Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy (VIDEO)

One of the hardest things to deal with is the loss of a pet. Not only do you lose one of your closest friends, but you may even begin to feel regret for not doing more with them before they passed.

When Alyson Paige found out that six-year-old St. Bernard Sophia was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, she decided that she wanted to give Sophia the send off she deserves – a special last day full of her favorite things.

Being a St. Bernard, Sophia’s number one favorite thing was playing in the snow. However, with her final days coming in August, snow would be hard to come by in Manchester. But Alyson was not about to let a little thing like seasonality come between Sophia and her perfect last day.

Alyson got in touch with the people at the indoor ski center in Manchester, pleading with them to let Sophia have her last snow day romp in their snow making facility. They gladly approved Alyson’s request.


For Alyson, seeing Sophia roll around and play in the snow was a very cathartic experience, especially considering that the weeks prior a little difficult to watch. Sophia had not shown much interest in anything due to the cancer sapping all her strength. But when they got to the wintery oasis, watching Sophia’s mood shift afforded Alyson one final glimpse at the fun, vibrant dog she had come to love over the past six years.

“She’s been such a special dog. I went through IVF but we went through years of infertility. She’s been a big support for me. So I wanted something special for her,” Alyson told reporters at BBC.

Watch Sophia’s last snowy romp here

(you may want to get tissues first).


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