Dog Rescued After Being Frozen in Hot Tar


Earlier this summer, an amazing dog rescue took place in Udaipur, India after one unlucky dog fell into a pool of hot tar. The 5-month-old pup was quickly coated with the sticky stuff , making it impossible for the him to move.

Luckily, the dog caught the attention of passers by and before long people with Animal Aid Unlimited (an animal welfare group) were on the scene. And with leaves and twigs stuck all over the immobile mutt, it is a blessing that anyone spotted the camouflaged dog at all.

What the volunteers saw when they arrived on the scene they will not soon forget — a whimpering dog covered from head to tail in a rapidly hardening black ooze.

“There is no way he could have come out on his own, without any intervention,” said Claire Abrams of the AAU. “The Tar…became hard like a rock and he couldn’t move.”

To get a better idea of what this dog went through, see the CNN interview with Neha Singh Banyal from Animal Aid Unlimited.

The dedication from the people at AAU cannot be understated — spending upwards of 8 hours to just cleaning away the grime, and even more time with rehabilitation.

Now that all the tar is gone and his tail is wagging again, members of the shelter felt comfortable going public with the story. The dog is on track for a full recovery and is in higher spirits every day.

BBC – India dog stuck in tar pit rescued
CNN – Dog rescued after being stuck in hot tar

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