DNA Testing Forces People to Clean Up After Their Dogs

Sick of seeing dog waste on the sidewalk and not knowing who to blame? Well, thanks to a unique way of implementing DNA testing, those days may soon be behind us.

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Due to the mounting problem in parks and fields around Boulder, CO, a councilwoman brought up the bright idea of taking DNA samples of every dog in the city, making it possible to track down every defecatory deviant and mail their handler a fine for failing to clean up after them. And while it has not yet been implemented, her idea has received no small amount of buzz.

However, this ingenious solution is not entirely original. In a number of private condominiums and apartment complexes around the world, the company known as PooPrints has been implementing their doggy DNA testing to help make these residencies a cleaner place to live. Barbra Kansky, the owner of a 398 unit condo, started using the the PooPrints system, and was floored by the results.

“We [used to] call or send a letter and that dog owner would say: ‘Prove it,’” said Kansky.

Well, now they can!

And while some people living in PooPrints communities are being caught for not cleaning up their dog’s messes, the system seems to work most effectively as a deterrent. Residents don’t want to be fingered as an inconsiderate pet parent, so almost everyone starts picking up after their dog.

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How It Works

Implementing the PooPrints system is as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Register the DNA of all the dogs in the community with a cheek swab
2. Match their cheek DNA with a fecal sample
3. Keep the data on record and you are all set

And then, the next time you see a forgotten mess, take a quick sample before chucking it in the bin and send it off to the lab. In a few days you will have a match. From there it is just a matter of putting a fine in the culprit’s mailbox, and you are done!

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