How You Can Help Your Dog During Fireworks

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Now that we are nearing the end of the year and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, it means that dog owners everywhere need to be ready to comfort their anxious pooches. With people ringing in the new year with fireworks, it is likely that your dog will get anxious or frightened, so what can you do to comfort them?

The loud sounds, the smell and the flashes of light can be very frightening for most dogs, so on New Year’s Eve, try these steps below to help your dog during fireworks.

  • Create a safe and comfortable space for your dog

When the loud noises and the bright flashes of lights go off at night, your dog will likely want to retreat to a space where he feels safe and comfortable. So, create a safe haven for your pet in a corner or area of your house where the sounds of the fireworks are least audible. You can buy a crate and cover it with soft blankets and pillows so your dog can hide in there and feel a little safer.

Crates are great because dogs tend to seek out dens when they want to feel safe, and this comfortable crate bed is the perfect get-away space for them.

  • Have their favorite toys and treats ready

Make sure to have your dog’s favorite toys and treats ready. At such distressing times, when they get nervous and anxious, having something familiar close to them can be incredibly comforting and relaxing. So, if your dog has a favorite blanket, a toy that he always likes to play with or a treat that he can happily eat anytime, make sure that you have them ready.

You can even keep these in the crate bed that you have created for them, so that your furry friend can have a truly safe and cozy space where they are surrounded by their favorite things.

  • Use white noise to distract your dog

In order to tune out the loud fireworks sounds, have white noise running in the background in order to distract your dog. You can turn the TV on, play some calming music, or even leave the fan on, so that these sounds can mask the sounds of the fireworks. Classical music has been shown to be very calming for anxious dogs, so make sure to put some Bach on.

  • Exercise during the day

Make sure to take your dog for a walk or to the park to play during the day, before all the fireworks start. This will tire him out, making it easier for him to feel relaxed. Besides, your dog is more likely to fall asleep easily if he has gotten plenty of exercise during the day.


Here’s How to Celebrate the New Year with Your Dog

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If you want to ring in the new year with your best furry friend, there are a ton of fun ways to do so. After all, there is probably no one who loves you more than your dog does, so why not end the year and celebrate the new year with them?

Below, we outline the different ways you can have a fun New Year’s Eve with your pooch.

  • Invite all their friends and host a dog party

What’s better than one dog? That’s right – a bunch of dogs! Invite your friends and their dogs to your place and host a dog-friendly NYE party. The best part is that it doesn’t have to take too much time to prepare. You can put up some decorations, keep toys and treats out for the pooches, and your dog is likely to enjoy himself and have a great time with his friends. And don’t forget drinks and snacks for you and your friends too!

  • Go on a road trip

If you and your dog are adventurous, what better way to welcome the new year than go on a road trip? Your dog will surely enjoy getting out of town, especially considering all the loud party noises and fireworks that New Year’s Eve brings to the city. A great idea is to book a pet-friendly Airbnb somewhere that is close to town, drive there with your dog and spend a quiet, relaxing time together there.

  • Make a fun, themed calendar

If you want to get a little creative, then making a calendar is definitely the way to go. You can click a bunch of fun and adorable pictures with your pooch for each month of the year. You can even have a themed calendar, depending on what you and your dog like. Having a customized calendar such as this is a great way to celebrate the new year with your pooch, while making sure both of you have a ton of fun.

  • Teach them some new tricks

Once the new year comes, maybe it’s time for your dog to learn new tricks. When was the last time you taught your dog a new trick? Or maybe there is a specific trick that you have always wanted to teach them. For instance, you may want to teach your dog how to sit pretty and smile for a picture, and the new year is the perfect time for this.

  • Build a blanket fort with them

Dogs love cozy, comfortable spaces, even more so when they build it and share it with their favorite human – you! So why not bring in the new year by building a blanket fort with them where you can both just lie down and relax, while enjoying your favorite snacks?


Some of the Most Toxic Food for Cats

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We all love to indulge our fur babies. But that doesn’t mean we should feed them just about anything. Every animal has a list of foods and beverages that are poisonous for it, and pet owners should steer clear of including them in the menu.

Here are six foods that you absolutely Should Not feed your cat:

  • Green tomatoes

Unripe tomatoes contain a chemical called Glycoalkaloid Solanine, which is extremely toxic to cats. When consumed, it can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders, which may become fatal in extreme conditions. It’s best to avoid green tomatoes from your cat’s meals. Even potatoes have the same chemical, and it is advisable to skip them too.

Ripe, red tomatoes, properly cooked, are safe for your feline to munch on.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate, caffeine, and cocoa are fatal to dogs. That we know. But did you know that they’re just as deadly to cats?

Cocoa and all its by-products contain chemicals called methylxanthines, which lead to the onset of uncontrollable seizures, abdominal distress, tremors in the muscles, and the development of muscle tumors in cats.

So, keep the chocolates and caffeinated items away from your beloved pet and keep her safe.

  • Baked goods

Many over-enthusiastic pet owners reward their cats with baked treats. This is the worst thing you could do.

Many baked goods contain a popular sugar-substitute called Xylitol, which tastes like sugar but doesn’t have its weight-gain consequence. While Xylitol is okay for humans, its toxic for cats, when ingested, it can lead to acute liver failure, loss of limb-eye coordination, and extreme lethargy in your pet.

  • Garlic and onions

Raw shallots, garlic, onions, and any items cooked using these vegetables should not be fed to cats since they affect RBC production in the animal. Low levels of RBC can make your pet anemic and lead to extreme muscular weakness. If any food you’re giving your cat causes him to produce orange-to-red urine, they may contain garlic or onions.

Stop the food and take your cat to the vet pronto.

  • Grapes

Grapes and its dried cousins, raisins and sultanas, can cause kidney failure in felines, even when the slightest quantity is consumed.

The research behind this finding is still unclear, but scientists have found cats becoming very hyperactive and continuously vomiting after eating grapes, raisins, and sultanas. Abdominal pain and pain during urination are also symptoms of eating these foods.

  • Milk

This might be the biggest shocker on this list. But, the truth is, adult cats are insanely lactose intolerant. Their bodies lose the lactase enzyme as they grow, which makes it very difficult for them to digest the milk they drink. Diarrhea and stomach pain are symptoms of lactose poisoning. So, don’t give your adult cats any liquid or any dairy product. Ideally, eight weeks is the latest by which you should wean your kitten off milk.


Five Rare Cat Diseases that Can Affect Your Cat

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There are over 250 diseases that can affect cats. While some are as common as the sniffles, others are rare and have devastating consequences. Knowledge of these rare and fatal diseases can help you identify the worrying signs and seek timely treatment for your furry friend.

Here are five rare cat diseases every cat owner needs to know about:

  • Hyperesthesia

Is your cat biting herself or making weird vocalizations? There may even be seizures and skin problems. All of these are signs of feline Hyperesthesia.

This rare condition cannot be diagnosed at first glance. Since the symptoms represent so many other feline diseases, only a test of elimination can be used to diagnose the cat of this condition.

This condition is also called “rolling skin disease” because it leads to ripping of the skin when the cat is touched. The cat will be extremely sensitive to any stimulus and will be very irritable.

  • Cutaneous asthenia

Even a gentle rub, massage, or pat can leave the cat’s skin stretched out or wrinkled. In the best-case scenarios, the loss of shape in the skin lasts for a few days. But, in the worst cases, Cutaneous asthenia leads to permanent disfigurement of the cat’s skin.

This condition is believed to occur due to the low production of a collagen-producing enzyme called procollagen peptidase.

  • Infectious Peritonitis

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is one of the rarest feline diseases and also extremely fatal.

FIP occurs because of a viral infection – the feline coronavirus, to be exact. Newborn kittens and cats raised in dirty conditions are the most vulnerable to this virus. The coronavirus resides in exposed feces and, when eaten or touched by cats, is transmitted into the cat’s body.

This disease causes extremely weakened immunity, fluid build-up in the body, loss of appetite, lethargy, vision & breathing problems, seizures, and extreme behavioral changes.

  • Chediak-Higashi syndrome

The Chediak-Higashi syndrome is a rare feline disease that occurs due to the CHS1 recessive gene. Here, cats are afflicted with a condition called oculocutaneous albinism where their eyes, fur, and skin turn completely white or very light and become extremely sensitive to external stimuli. From sensitivity to light to immediate infections at the slightest exposure, this condition can really debilitate the cat and reduce its quality of life.

Chediak-Higashi syndrome has also been found to reduce platelet count in cats. This means bleeding injuries will be unable to clot naturally. This disease affects Persian cats the most.

  • Hypertrophic muscular dystrophy

Hypertrophic muscular dystrophy is a rare muscle condition which results in muscle weakening and leads to the development of bulging muscles in cats. But because the cat does not have the muscular and skeletal strength to carry its weight, the bulged muscles lead to very restrictive body movement, stiffness and a hopping-like gait. This disease is sporadic and occurs when the cat’s muscles have a deficiency in a protein called dystrophin. It mostly affects males of the domestic shorthair species.


Myth busted: Cats are selfish and don’t like being petted

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Cats are mysterious and often misunderstood creatures. It isn’t uncommon to hear of cat owners claiming that their cat does not like being pet, or that their cat does not really care for human affection. While it might seem that cats are less friendly and often selfish when compared to dogs, this might not always be true. The same hold true when it comes to petting. If you are wondering if cats like being petted, the answer is, they do; only if you do it right. Here we bust the age old myths that cats are selfish and not affectionate creatures.

The science says it all

While a dog will run to the door to greet you when you get home, cats don’t often do the same and come off as indifferent. However a study conducted by researchers at the Oregon State University claim that cats’ indifference is all an act! The research study in fact, concluded that cats, prefer humans to other cats, catnip and even food. The study was conducted to check if the common notion that cats were averse to affection was in fact true. The researchers studied 55 cats – 22 cats from shelters and 23 cats from people’s homes. The cats were kept in solitary confinement for about two and a half hours. The cats were then shown their favorite food, toy, scent, as well as a type of human interaction like baby talk all together. Most of the cats chose to move towards the human indicating that they prefer human interaction and affection over food and toys. Food was the second most preferred option among the cats.

This study shows that the theory that cats have not been domesticated long enough to show affection towards humans is false. Some cats do prefer human affection to solitude. However, some cats might prefer being on their own. But these exceptions are true for every species.

Learning how to pet your cat

While it is believed that cats do not like being pet, there are a number of cats who welcome and long for human affection. Holding your cat and petting it can in fact build a stinger relationship between you and your furry friend. The trick is to pet your cat as per his or her terms. Do not force yourself onto your cat. If you try to forcefully pet your cat when they are not expecting it, they will grow to dislike being pet. Wait for appropriate signals from your cat. Say for example your cat rolls on his or her back and exposes their tummy. This means that they trust you completely and are okay with you petting them. Give them a belly rub to show you are on the same page. When your cat starts to move away, let them go. Do not drag them back so that you can pet them. Cats have a mysterious personality, but if we understand them and let them make the first move when it comes to being pet, we can create a lasting and fruitful bond with these beautiful creatures.


The best hunting dog breeds you must look for!

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We love dogs for various reasons. While some of us like their playful nature, some might enjoy their company while hunting. While all dogs are good companions regardless of the activity, some dogs are exceptionally good at hunting. Here are the top choices in dog breeds when it comes to hunting. Is your furry friend on the list? Read on to find out.

American Foxhound – As the name suggests, these dogs are excellent partners while hunting foxes. Known for their speed, a large number of deer hunters also prefer using American Foxhounds on their hunting trips compared to most other breeds. These dogs are extremely energetic and are great at following commands.

Pointer – These dogs have a short and thin coat and as such, cannot be used to hunt in the cold. In more warm regions however, these dogs are great company while bird hunting. There are different types of Pointers, including the German wirehaired Pointer, the English Pointer and the German shorthaired Pointer. All these dogs are excellent at bird hunting.

Labrador Retriever – This one is obvious from the name itself! Although a large number of people have Labrador Retrievers due to their calm and docile nature, these dogs are actually amazing hunting dogs. Labrador Retrievers are often known to be the ultimate waterfowl dogs and are the preferred choice while hunting ducks. They have tons of energy and are willing to run miles to retrieve your kill.

Beagle – Not many would associate this little bundle with hunting. However, the Beagle is one of the most iconic hunting dogs. Beagels are persistent and full of energy and more than anything else, their love for the chase makes them excellent hunting companions. These dogs can’t be used for hunting big game due to their short legs, but for smaller game like rabbits, Beagels are surely a good choice.

Weimaraner – These dogs are one of most elegant-looking among hunting dogs. The Weimaraner have their origin in Germany where they were used for hunting small and large game, from birds to bears. They have long legs, that make them seem a bit awkward when you first look at them, but their legs help them in running fast to catch or corner the game. These dogs are perfect while hunting for quail or pheasants.Coonhound – These dogs are the best choice when it comes to hunting raccoons. With a Coonhound around, you can be sure never to have a raccoon problem on your property. These dogs have an extremely heightened sense of smell that helps them sniff out raccoons with ease. These dogs are great at hunting in all weather conditions and all sorts of terrains.


Ten of the rarest breeds of dogs!

These days, you will find almost everyone owning a dog and taking it for a walk. However, there are dozens of breeds of dogs that we will not see taking a stroll on the sidewalk. There are so many rare breeds of dogs that we have never heard of but are found in different locales from around the world. Let us look at the list of ten of the rarest breeds of dogs and see if you can identify any one of them.

  1. Fila Brasileiro
    The origin of Fila Brasileiro is said to have come from the breeds of Mastiff and bloodhound. These origins explain why Fila Brasileiro has large bones, loose skin, and a smooth coat. This breed of dog is extremely rare and is known for its tracking abilities. However, beware since they are also known for their aggression.
  2. Catalburun
    Do you know what is so rare about this breed? This is the only breed of dog in the world to have a split nose and suspended ears. They were bred in Turkey for hunting and are one of the rarest breeds found in the world.
  3. New Guinea Singing Dog
    Just as the name suggests, this breed of dog is known for its unique vocal abilities. However, the one reason why this breed of dog is so loved is that it is an excellent companion and is intelligent with admirable physical ability.
  4. Carolina Dog
    The Carolina Dog is also known as the American Dingo. It was once a wild and free-roaming dog until it was discovered in the swamps of Cypress. It is not bred in captivity and is quite rare to find.
  5. Karelian Bear Dog
    The Karelian Bear Dog is quite famous for its quick reflexes and fearless nature. It is a popular choice amongst the big-game hunters for this reason.
  6. Stabyhoun
    This breed of dog comes from the Netherlands. Today, there are less than 4,000 Stabyhouns in existence. This breed of dog is known for its excellent hunting and guarding skills. They are also great at catching moles and rats.
  7. Mudi
    Mudi is a Hungarian herding dog with so many qualities that you would want to keep it with you forever. However, they love being somebody’s pet and going out for long walks or jogs. They love to run around and play in large fields.
  8. Lagotto Romagnolo
    Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that comes from a sub-region of Italy. It was traditionally used as a gun dog. The best thing that this breed loves is truffle hunting.
  9. Azawakh
    Azawakh is a South African sighthound that is known to be a fierce companion and guardian. It looks very elegant with a short and beautiful coat.
  10. Thai Ridgeback
    Thie feature that makes the Thai Ridgeback unique is its ridge of hair that grows in the opposite direction of its coat. There are only two other breeds of dogs that have this unique feature. These were some of the rarest breeds of dogs in the world. Would you like to pet one or all of them?


Dogs that have broken the Guinness World Record!

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Every dog owner is proud of their little baby and takes pride in every single achievement of theirs. However, there are many dogs in the world who have exceeded their greatness and made their way into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.

  1. World’s tallest dog

The world’s tallest dog, a Great Dane, stood at a whopping height of more than three-and-a-half feet (44 inches in total). If he stood on his hind legs, imagine how tall would he stand compared to you.

2. The famous dog who has the highest number of votes for Best Actor

Ever wondered if awards are given to dogs for their exceptional performances in movies and shows? Yes, they are! We have Rin Tin Tin, who is probably one of the most famous dogs in Hollywood. He was rescued from the battlefield during World War I and after this, he went on to star in several movies in the 1920s. In 1929, he earned the most votes for Best Actor.

3. The dog with the longest tongue

Owners and lovers of dogs love receiving their sloppy licks as this is a sign that the dogs are happy to see you. But, how will you feel if the tongue that is licking you is 7.3 inches long? There is one such dog who makes its owner very happy using his super long tongue. Mochi “Mo” Rickert is the record-breaking dog who has the longest tongue in the world. Imagine how much ice cream can Mo slurp with that tongue!

4. The dog who can hold the maximum balls in his mouth

Have you ever played fetch with your dog? How many balls does your dog fetch? One? Maybe two? But we have a record-breaking dog who can hold five tennis balls in his mouth. Augie is a Golden Retriever who has this record in his name; he earned this record in 2003. Can you imagine how fun would it be to play fetch with Augie?

5. The dog with the longest tail

We love it when dogs welcome us with a wagging tail, don’t we? This is a sign that the dog is happy to see us. But imagine what would happen if a dog with a tail that is over two-feet wags it at you. You would most probably want to remove all breakable items from the vicinity. There is a dog in Belgium named Keon, the Irish wolfhound, who holds the record for having the longest tail. Keon’s tail measures a whopping 30.2 inches. Wouldn’t you like Keon to wag his tail with happiness when he sees you? These were some of the most amazing dogs with admirable world records in their names. Don’t you want to get the paw-tographs of these super dogs?


Myth busted: Cats and dogs are arch enemies!

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It has been believed since time immemorial that cats and dogs are arch enemies. This theory has become the backdrop of several movies and cartoons. We have always believed that dogs and cats hate each other and should not be kept in each other’s vicinity lest one of them gets hurt by the other.

However, how much of this theory is true? Are cats and dogs really enemies, or is this theory a myth that has been passed on over the years by a series of cartoons and movies?

We have the answer for you!

Believe it or not, cats and dogs are not mortal enemies. The issue between cats and dogs has more to do with their predatory instincts and communication problems than a mutual hatred for each other. Dogs have always been domesticated and taught to prey small animals. So, when a dog sees a cat, the first instinct of the dog is to chase the cat. Cats, on the other hand, flee with terror when it sees the dog chasing it.

It is only a myth

However, there have been many instances when the world has seen the wonderful friendship between dogs and cats. When a cat and a dog grow up together in the same house, they tend to get used to each other. The dog does not then have the instinct to chase the cat; the cat, too, has nothing to fear from the dog since they have both been raised together. Many families have both dogs and cats living together under the same roof. In many of these instances, cats and dogs also form a wonderful bond of friendship that is too beautiful and pure.

There is another reason why cats and dogs never get along with each other, but this reason, again, has nothing to do with any kind of hatred for each other. The basic reason for this is the difference in their behavior. Dogs might find something appropriate, but the same thing may be terrifying for cats. Dogs, for instance, greet each other by sniffing each other’s butts. Since this is in their nature, dogs may greet cats the same way, but since this is not typical cat behavior, they run away from dogs. So, here you have it. The myth that has been going around for years has finally been debunked for you. You can have both these lovely creatures as your pets and see them forming a bond that will last a lifetime. If you are planning to get them, do so today. You do not have to worry about them hating each other. After all, what matters, in the end, is love, communication, and understanding for a healthier and better relationship.


Dogs with the thickest fur in the world

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Dogs are such majestic creatures. Each breed has unique characteristics that make them different from other breeds. In this post, we take a look at some of the fluffiest dogs around the world. If you are planning on bringing one of these dogs home, remember that dogs with thick fur need a lot of care. If you are up for it, go ahead and take your pick. Here are the dogs with the thickest fur in the world.

Rough Collie – Also known as a long-haired Collie, this breed of dogs are well known for being shepherd dogs. These dogs are quite common in dog shows because of their beauty and docile character. Collies are generally affectionate, intelligent and quiet. But they do need their daily dose of exercise. Due to their thick fur, they prefer colder climates and need to be groomed quite often. The Rough Collie are originally from the Scotland Highlands where they were used as shepherd dogs. This breed of dogs became popular in the 40’s and 50’s thanks to the fame of Lassie – a main character in films and TV series of the time.

Bichon Frise – This breed of dogs is also known as the curly haired bichon. These are small white dogs with curly thick fur. They are generally lively, cheerful and quite friendly. Originally from Europe and Spain, these dogs are known for being one of the tiniest dog breeds in the world. The bichon family has four types of dogs. They are the Maltese dog, Havanese, Bolognese and Bichon Frise. The Bichon Frise is the one with the thickest fur. If you are looking for a furry friend that gets along well with kids, the Bichon Frise is the best choice.

Alaskan Malamute – This is a large breed domestic dog that was originally bred due to its endurance and strength to haul heavy objects. They later were used as sled dogs in snowy regions. This breed of dogs has become exceedingly popular in recent times due to the famous TV series Game of Thrones where dogs of this breed as used to portray the loyal and huge direwolves. Alaskan Malamutes have a double coat which helps them survive the extreme cold. The inner coat has a woolly and oily texture and can be as thick as two inches.Russian Black Terrier – Also known as the tchiorny terrier, dogs of this breed are big, furry and excellent at defense. Although, they are called terriers, dogs of this breed do not belong to the terrier group and actually belong to the pinscher breed. These dogs are very active and tend to be a bit aggressive. If you plan on getting a Russian Black Terrier home, make sure you have a lot of space for the dog to run around.