This 5-Year-Old’s Reaction To Finding His Lost Cat Is Amazing

Photo via The Mirror

When Ronnie Cockroft woke up last May to discover that his beloved cat Phoenix was nowhere to be found, he was crushed. Ronnie and the ginger cat had shared a special bond, one his mother would describe as being best friends.

Like any family would, the Cockrofts searched high and low for their missing kitty. Slowly, days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and before long their cherished cat had been missing for over a year.

Photo via The Mirror

Photo via The Mirror

As happens with any fruitless search for a lost pet, once enough time had past the Cockrofts finally came to terms with the tragedy and tried to move on. After waiting a respectable 18 months before rushing out to get a new cat, they finally felt it time to get Ronnie a new feline companion.

The local Cats Protection charity paired the family with a terrific young cat named Orlando, and they were all but ready to adopt their new cat on the day they arrived to pick him up. However, it would appear that fate had other plans.

On his way through the facility, walking past rows of homeless cats awaiting their forever home, little Ronnie was taken aback when he saw a face he thought was out of his life forever. It was Phoenix.

Ronnie and Phoenix Reunion

“We went to the Cats Protection and saw Orlando and went back a week later to pick him up and that is when we spotted Phoenix in the next door enclosure,” said Michelle Humber, Ronnie’s mother. “It was amazing and the children were so pleased. Ronnie saw him straight away and was screaming and cheering with excitement.”

Photo via The Mirror

Photo via The Mirror


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    Something’s fishy here. The article states the family took both cats home. The video clip states they did not. The video clip also says their original lost cat was confirmed to be theirs via micro chip. So why didn’t the cat rescue organization reunite a micro chipped cat with its family?

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