“No More Military Dogs Left Overseas” Says New Law

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We have all seen the videos of military dogs being reunited with the soldiers they were partnered with during their tours. These videos exemplify the importance of the bond these pairs share. In case you forgot, here is a quick reminder.

However, for the longest time the military failed to recognize the importance of these relationships. In fact, the military dogs were largely forgotten all together. Up until very recently, once a foreign conflict ended, the dogs were just left in the country they served in.

The rule was, if their job was finished and they were retired overseas, the dogs were immediately switched from being military personnel to civilians. This meant that they were no longer eligible to be transported home via military vehicles, making it extremely difficult for them to return home.

Send Our Dogs Home

Thanks to a bill that recently made its way through Senate and Congress, dogs that serve in our armed forces will be ensured the right to return back to American soil after their career is over. What’s more, this bill also guarantees that the soldiers who handled these military dogs get first chance at adoption when they arrive back in the U.S.

And while this is a tremendous step forward for our dogs in the military, it is also incredibly important for the men and women who handled these dogs. Unlike the man in the video above, oftentimes soldiers would be deprived a life alongside the canine that kept them safe during their time at war. That can be heartbreaking for both the soldier and the dog.

Now, thanks to this legislation, these soldiers cannot be refused that right.

The bill still needs to be signed by President Obama, but after making it’s way through the Senate and the House with flying colors, this new law is all but assured.

Our thanks go out to Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Congressman Frank LoBiando (R-NJ) for introducing this bill and championing its cause. Soon, every dog that puts their life on the line to protect our soldiers will be guaranteed the ability to return home, and to return to a home full of people eternally grateful for their service.

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