Incredible Video of Sick Stray Nursed Back to Full Health

For many dogs, life is a bitter toil to stay alive. This is especially true in places like India where stray dogs roam in packs, vying for precious resources like food, water, and shelter. It is a brutal competition that, for many, is all they ever know.

But that is not the case for all these dogs. Organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited work diligently to provide care for dogs in need, giving these helpless hounds a second chance at a life full of love and companionship.

One such story comes to us in the form of a dog, once mange-ridden and apprehensive of humans, who was able to recover from a lifetime of neglect thanks to the people at AAU.


Found on the streets, it was clear that this dog was soon going to succumb to the ravages of mange and likely die. Acting fast, they apprehended the dog, taking him back to their facility to administer care. Baths, ointment, medication, and tons of TLC were all on the docket for this scared little pup.


And while the transformation did not happen overnight, within six weeks, the once reclusive pooch was now brimming with life – playing with other rescued dogs and excitedly lapping up the affections of his caregivers.


Watch the unbelievable transformation for yourself. [WARNING:Contains graphic images]

Amazing Transformation of Rescued Street Dog Dying from Mange

Sadly, this is just one dog among thousands that require this kind of care. To lend your support, donate to the AAU here and help them continue their good work.


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