Our memberships make the difference

PetPlus Membership allows access to wholesale pricing on pet medications, prescription foods, discounts at the vet, and much more. Here are some of the awesome shelters we’ve partnered with. Folks who adopt from these shelters get a free year of PetPlus and save on everything they’d normally buy at full price.

We partner with rescue organizations and shelters, and give them unique codes to access the Free One-Year PetPlus Membership. Once a shelter has been partnered, they are able to give these codes to everyone who adopts or fosters pets!

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Lets help more pets. Send us a message and lets get PetPlus into your shelter today.

Whether you’re directly involved in your local shelter, or are a passionate animal lover like us, we want to connect with you, hear your input, and get this program to spread nationwide!

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Our Goal

  • Increase pet adoptions by easing financial liabilities that hinder the ability to adopt.
  • Ensuring pets have access to medical care and the treatment that they may need and deserve.