Use a Dental Kit to Get Your Pooch’s Teeth Clean and Healthy

Brushing your dog’s teeth may not be the most fun activity, but it is important to stay on top of your dogs oral health. Taking a few minutes a day to brush your dog’s teeth and use other products can help ward of a number of serious conditions. Try one of these products to make teeth cleaning simple and quick.


Don’t Let Your Pet’s Food Poison Your Family

If you’re trying to save money and cut a few corners with the family budget, your pet’s food isn’t a great place to start. If you start purchasing inexpensive pet foods rather than quality brands like Forza 10 dog food, you may actually be putting your pet and your family at risk.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pet food and treats can be contaminated with salmonella, which can then be transferred to humans and other pets in the house.


Minnesota Domestic Violence Shelter Protects Dogs

Families don’t usually bring pets to a shelter, but in this case it’s the safest thing to do. Anna Marie’s Alliance, a shelter established to protect families from domestic violence in St. Cloud, Minnesota, opened a pet shelter in December 2014 that’s prepared to help family members who are fleeing from an abusive home worry about one less thing, the St. Cloud Times reported.

Creating a stress-free environment for families and pets

anna-maries-allianceAnna Marie’s Alliance advocate Margaret Bushlinger told the newspaper that the idea for a safe space for pets came when she heard a boy at the shelter worry that his father might kill the family dog after they left. She moved to design a foster system where a fleeing family could ensure that their pet was safe. However, this wasn’t ideal because families were still separated from their pets, which caused stress, the newspaper explained.


Golden Retrievers 2x More Likely to Get Cancer

Golden retrievers are beautiful, loyal dogs that can be a great friend or addition to the family. However, they’re also more likely to develop cancer. According to The Wall Street Journal, purebred golden retrievers have a 60 percent chance of developing canine cancer and dying from it, which is nearly twice as high as the average among canines.

Many breeds have specific health concerns tied to them, but one of the scariest things about cancer is how abruptly it can affect a golden retriever.

“A dog can be literally chasing a ball in the backyard, come in for a drink of water and collapse and be dead within minutes,” Rhonda Hovan, a research facilitator for the Golden Retriever Club of America, told the Journal.

Luckily, this isn’t the fate of every dog who develops this chronic disease. Although cancer is incurable, it can be treated to help your beloved dog live a fuller, longer life. The first thing you should do is look out for the warning signs of cancer in your golden retriever and act as quickly as possible.


What Hill’s Prescription Cat Food Can Do for Your Cat

Whether your cat spends most of their time outside stalking prey and protecting your home, or lounging about the house clawing at a scratching post, it’s important that they’re getting the optimal diet.

With Hill’s Prescription Cat Food, your furry feline is guaranteed a healthy diet, complete with all the minerals and nutrients they need. Yet, it doesn’t have the excess grains and ingredients of some commercial cat foods, which can lead to health problems in some cats.


Buprenex is the Pinnacle of Dog Pain Relief

While many dog problems can be fixed with a long walk, a little extra attention, or some challenging but rewarding training, surgery and chronic pain cannot. This is when many pet parents turn to Buprenex for help. If your pooch is in constant pain and nothing else is working,  Buprenex might be worth checking out.

What is Buprenex?

Buprenex is the brand name of buprenorphine, a synthetic parenteral opioid analgesic. In some ways, Buprenex is more potent than morphine. However​, Wendy Brooks, D.V.M. explained on the Veterinary Information Network that the drug works differently, and Buprenex is designed better for mild or moderate pain compared to morphine, which works with severe pain.


Massage + Rimadyl = Ultimate Dog Arthritis Relief

When your trusted companion is diagnosed with canine arthritis, it can be scary at first. When you hear there’s no cure for this chronic condition, it can feel like you’re losing your hiking partner, your fetch buddy, and your playful pal. The truth is there are treatments that can help your old dog feel as young and active as when you first took them home.

Medications like Rimadyl can help relieve arthritic pain so that dogs can move without fear. Pair that with a massage routine and your dog will be feeling tip top despite the condition.

How do you massage a dog? 

When your dog’s body is achy, nothing feels better than a simple massage. There are a variety of massage types, each with a specific purposes: alleviating anxiety, exercise warm-up, and even joint pain.


Does Your Dog Need Benazepril Hydrochloride?

As a loving pet parent, it’s important to protect your pooch from the many hazards the world presents them. But sometimes proper grooming and a healthy diet isn’t enough to protect your pup. Dangerous conditions like heart or kidney failure are a common occurrence, and they almost always require medication. Benazepril hydrochloride is a prescription medication that can help pets with heart and kidney disorders when other treatments fall short, and if you’re a dog lover, you should know how it works.


Got Tapeworm? Kill It With Cestex for Dogs and Cats

When your pet has tapeworms, it’s important to head to your veterinarian and get some Cestex for dogs or cats right away. This anthelmintic dewormer can help your beloved pooch or feline get back to normal quickly. But before you find yourself in a position where a prescription of Cestex for dogs or cats is imminent, it’s a good idea to know a little bit about the enemy you’re fighting and how to prevent it in the future.


Deal with Your Dog’s Incontinence

It may feel like your pooch is reverting back to when they were a puppy, having accidents on the floor, but when your dog’s indoor urination becomes a common occurrence on the carpet, it’s likely that they have a serious health issue and could really use your help to get medication like Proin.