Six Funniest Dog Shaming Moments!

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Dogs are among the most loved pets all over! However, it hasn’t stopped them from causing some trouble, whether digging up gardens or eating big bites out of their owner’s pizza. However, there is a fun solution to the trouble-causing habit of dogs: public embarrassment! This is what we call dog shaming. We present some of the funniest dog- shaming moments shared by amused owners.

  1. Delicate paw issues

    A couple shared the hilarious dog shaming moment of their dog, Velvet. She has delicate paws that prevent her from running alongside when the couple goes biking (which they incidentally love!). So the husband and wife decided to devise two sidecars for the bike that could carry Velvet and the other dog, called Bailey. So both the dogs can now easily accompany their owners on all bike trips! In a picture shared by the couple, Velvet appears cutely ashamed, thinking that it got trapped in a bag because of its delicate paws. However, she also secretly adores the utility bags on the sides of the bike, hopping in at every possible opportunity!

  2. Poop and eat

    Okay, this one is truly comical! An owner of two little dogs shared a picture of them wearing tags with funny messages written on them. The message on one of the collar tags read ‘I like pooping in dark rooms’ and the other one wore a tag that said ‘And I like eating the evidence’. This is definitely a pair made for each other! Talk about honest confessions.

  3. Toy thief

    Wondering where all your kid’s toys are disappearing? Well, we suspect its Daisy dearest having fun playing with all of them. Yes, this one is a toy thief! A picture of her wearing a tag that says ‘I love stealing my neighbors’ toys’ is simply side-splitting.

  4. Food coma

    The 8-year old, Boney, has no shame admitting that she reaches up to the tables and wolfs down the entire breakfast if her owners leave for 30 seconds! The owner shared a story of how Boney stole all of her son’s freshly prepared waffles on the weekend and sat there with absolutely no regrets. Burp.

  5. Flip-flop love

    Now Max is a pretty smart dog. His owner says that he loves chewing her flip flops and then puts them back into the closet, pretending nothing actually happened. Hmm..Max’s got his training right and knows how to clean up a mess. Wink! Wink!

  6. Happy birthday, mommy!

    Dear Nova had a great time surprising her owner by breaking her only pair of reading glasses on her birthday! He looked up at her with innocent eyes, as if saying ‘Happy Birthday and apologies for the damage’! Aww, those puppy eyes work every time, don’t they?


Five Heart-melting Ways in Which Cats Display Their Love For You

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Most people are under the impression that cats are aloof creatures, but the truth is far from that. No doubt, your cat won’t come up to you and greet you with a wagging tail and sloppy kisses every time you get home, but cats have their moments of affection as well. It’s easy to overlook signs that cats show when they love you if you are not aware of them, as they are subtle and can be mistaken for something else. Here are five things that cats do to show that they love you.

Cat presents

Does your cat show up with random objects, toys or dead animals? Before you start suspecting some criminal activity there, you should know that cat’s use presents as a way to show their love and affection. If they are bringing home dead rats or frogs, then that’s their way of saying that they want to share the bounty with you. Little kitties may even expect some praise in return.

Tail wraps

Ever had a cat walk around you feet and curl up its tail around them? Cats have a tendency to curl their tails around the arms or legs of people they like. It’s their version of a warm handshake. You’ll even find little kittens curl up and sit close to the person they like, while their tail touches or rests on the person. Another tell-tale tail sign that your kitty loves you is if it has its tail upright only with a small curve on top.

Fuzzy belly

Cats, like many other animals, roll over their back and show you their fuzzy belly when they like you. In fact, cats only do this with people around whom they feel protected, as this is a defenseless position for them. Go on then, give their fuzzy belly a nice rub.

Cat kisses

Cats look into your eyes and blink slowly when they want to convey their affection, and this is often referred to as cat kisses. If you notice your cat stare at you and blink slowly, and widen its eyes and blink again, then it is a sure-shot sign that it trusts you. It’s a sign that it is relaxed and content in your company. Don’t forget to respond back with some cat kisses as well.


Does your cat rest on your lap and knead it while you pet him/her? That’s how cats return the affection when you pet them, by using a kneading motion on the soft skin with their paws. Of course, if their nails are sharp it can be sightly painful; place a cushion or pillow on your lap if that’s the case.


Five Times Cats Proved That They Don’t Care About Anything

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A place to sleep and food to eat are about the only things that cats care about, apart from which their furry lives are about where their curiosity takes them, and where their true box of calling seats them. Cats are independent creatures, and curious ones at that. You’ll find them in the most unexpected places doing the most unexpected things, and when you find them, they will give you that unrelenting stare that says, they could not care less. Here are five instances that show how cats don’t really care about anything!

  1. Your only job is to feed me, now go get me some catnip!Cats and keyboards have a long history together, and cats don’t give a damn! How else would you explain your cat’s consistent behavior where it decides to lodge itself on your laptop right when you need to use it? And the melt-your-heart eyes look, how can even say a no to that face? Maybe they do care, and they’re just trying to get you off the laptop so you would instead spend some time with them.
  2. If it fits, I sits.. if it doesn’t fit, I sits2Image credit: cat is a rebel among the already rebellious cat race, as we’ve come to know them. He’ll sit in a box regardless of whether it fits or not. Don’t ask me what happened to all those juice cartons in the box, he hisses. I though you’re the one who runs the house, he smugly purrs as an after-thought.
  3. Don’t you know it’s rude to stare? Besides, this’s how I watch TV3Image courtesy:

    Cats are nimble creatures, and this cat is all so proud of it. So, I was watching this thing while you were gone, and this is exactly what the guy on TV was doing. There! I think this was it. Yes, this was certainly it. Go on then, you can do the jaw-drop now. I said..drop your jaw, now.

  4. Don’t have no time for babies!4Image credit:, you silly creatures! You tiny humans can try all you want, but you’re never going to get as cute as us. Can’t even climb up a couch..pffft!
  5. That’s it! I give up on humans!5Image credit: cat pretty much gave up on humans after seeing how they spend all their time tailing cats, trying to scoop up some interesting shots. Seriously, you need a new hobby, he purrs. No, I said no posing or pictures, nada! Not unless you are going to be paying me in catnip. Are you gone? I don’t smell any catnip.


5 Cats that Rule the Internet

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Move over Kim Kardashian, cats broke the internet a long time ago, and don’t have any intention of stopping! There are more than two million cat videos on YouTube, and they also happen to be the most searched for ‘things’ on the internet. Among the millions of cats that we’ve cooed over, there are some who have earned superstar status and who are making loads of moolah – we’re talking in the ballpark of a couple of million – for their owners. Here’s a look at five cats that have taken the internet by storm.

Grumpy Cat

Claim to fame : An inimitable, hard-to-ignore grumpy face caused by dwarfism and an underbite.

It’s the face that launched over a million ‘likes’ on Facebook. Grumpy Cat – whose real name is Tardar Sauce – has over 30 million views on her official Facebook channel, and is estimated to have made $100 million in a span of just two years after she was discovered! Besides landing endorsements with Nestlé Purina and Friskies, Grumpy has a long list of merchandise named after her, with her owners having trademarked ‘Grumpy Cat’ and her image. Back in 2012, she was named MSNBC’s most influential cat; has appeared in several documentaries and films; and also has a biography to her name titled Grumpy Cat : A Grumpy Book.

Lil Bub

Claim to fame : A unique appearance, which has helped raised awareness about rare feline disorders.

Born with a number of genetic mutations, the American celebrity kitty created a huge buzz online with her short legs, extra digits, a permanently hanging tongue, and no teeth. An osteoporosis sufferer, she waddles rather than walks. Lil Bub’s Facebook page has more than two million ‘likes’, and her owner sells a variety of merchandise named after her and featuring her image, including mugs, tote bags and toys. Her owner has been active in lending the famous kitty’s name for charitable causes, such as meet-and-greets at animal shelters, posing for PETA campaigns, and raising money for the Tree House Humane Society. Lil Bub has appeared on Good Morning America, The View and The Today Show.


Claim to fame : A quirky personality

A male Scottish fold from Japan, Maru has a whopping 289 million views on his YouTube channel and an impressive 500,000 subscribers. Chubby and lazy, Maru is the kind of cat you never get tired of watching. Despite his size, he sometimes displays the grace of a ballerina and the flexibility of an acrobat, squeezing into boxes and containers lying around his owner’s home. He is also human-like in some ways, lounging around like a slothful teen, sprinting around the house like a kid with a sugar rush, or ignoring his cat friend Hana, like (ahem!) some of the catty (no pun intended) people we know!

Honey Bee

Claim to fame : A blind cat who loves to hike

Honey Bee’s heart-warming story has resonated with cat lovers and any one with a shred of kindness. Rescued in Fiji by an animal shelter and adopted by Seattle natives, the blind feline’s online popularity has risen steadily, with over 500,000 video views since September 2014 and a Facebook page with fast-accumulating ‘likes’. Despite her blindness, Honey Bee loves the outdoors, particularly the trails outside Seattle which she explores with her owners. The well-behaved cat rides on her owner’s back when she is tired, and squirms a little when she wants to go down again.

Venus, the Two-Faced Cat

Claim to fame : A fascinating black-and-ginger appearance

So surprised were internet users with this feline’s striking appearance that they started casting doubts about a possible Photoshop ‘inspiration’ by her owner. But Venus is 100% legit, a product of two types of DNA resulting from a fusing of two embryos in the womb. It is responsible for her unique body and face, half of which is black and half ginger united right in the middle like a deliberate work of art. And yes, Venus has one green eye and one blue eye. Since her discovery, the tabby has netted over 900,000 ‘likes’ on her Facebook page.


Loyal Dog Guards Injured Friend After Hit and Run

If you had to choose one word to describe a dog, what would it be? There is a pretty good chance you said ‘loyal.’ But dogs are not only loyal to their handler or family. Oftentimes you will find a pair of dogs so bonded that nothing can cause their loyalty to waver.

Not even impending death.

And that is why this magnificent white dog spent hours waiting by the side of the road with his fatally injured compatriot, guarding him from the oncoming traffic. If it weren’t for Samuel Flores and this powerful photograph, this dog would likely still be waiting there.


Photo via CBS

However, thanks to Mr. Flores, thousands of people saw this picture and grew concerned. Julie Fennel, a local animal advocate, saw the message and made a plea to her network that someone go down there to rescue these two endangered dogs.

Another advocate, Jesse Faiferlick, was closer to the scene and rushed over. When she got there, the powerful white dog began to bark and posture. Once Jesse made it known that she was there to help, he quickly changed his tune, giving her his large paw and showing that he was grateful for the aid.


Via Julie Fennell

The injured dog was in incredibly bad shape, so they loaded her into the trunk of the car and led the white dog into the backseat. “You could tell from the blood in the road that he had dragged her body out of the road up onto the grass. When we drove away he got into the small back window of my car to look for his friend.” What’s more, for the duration of the trip to the shelter, the large white dog sat up with his paw on Julie’s shoulder as if to show his gratitude.

980x (1)

Via Julie Fennell

The injured dog is still in the care of the Dallas Animal Services where she is being treated for her innumerable wounds. As for her big, white guardian, he has been taken to SPIN Rescue, which is an organization that specializes in rehoming Great Pyrenees dogs.

While there are no guarantees, it is looking like both of these brave dogs are going to end up getting their happily ever after, and it is all thanks to one moving picture and the power of Facebook.

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Running Guide Dog Gives Blind Marathoner Second Wind

For the first time in America, an organization has trained a guide dog that is able to not only assist a blind person, but to lead them on runs!

When Richard Hunter started losing his eyesight in his twenties, he knew that it meant his career as a Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenant would come to an early close. He also knew that it would make his life vastly more challenging. But, being an ex-marine, Hunter was not about to let a challenge stand in his way.

Now 48 years old, Hunter is almost completely blind. That said, Hunter still manages to participate in triathlons and marathons. He used to run with the assistance of a human guide, but while training for the bicycle portion of an upcoming triathlon, Hunter and his guide were both struck by a car. Hunter was sent careening through the windshield and broke his neck.

After he healed up, Hunter was right back at it running in the Boston Marathon. It was there that he met Thomas Panek, the CEO of a nonprofit that trains seeing eye dogs called “Guiding Eyes For The Blind.” They got to talking and realized that nobody had ever trained a guide dog that could lead while running. Until now.

Panek went back to two of his best trainers, Ben Cawley and Jolene Hollister, and had them create a special training program that could teach a guide dog how to safely lead a blind person while running. And they did!

Meet Klinger.

“He took every challenge we threw at him, accepted it, exceeded it and gave us the ability to ask for more,” Hollister said to a reporter with CBS. “As rewarding as training Klinger was, being able to work with Klinger and Richard together and watch the relationship develop with the two of them was a truly inspirational time for me that I’ll never forget.”

In order to get Klinger ready for his very special role, his training was more rigorous than a traditional guide dog’s.  He was taught how to memorize and properly navigate any terrain, just like any other guide dog. However, Klinger was taught to do it much faster. After months of preparation, Klinger can now lead Hunter on up to six miles of run without stop. Not only that, but the high speed of Klinger’s training has also forced him to problem solve quicker.

Thanks to Klinger and the good work done at Guiding Eyes For The Blind, Richard Hunter is now able to go on extended runs at his leisure. Soon, there will be more dogs like Klinger improving the lives of the visually impaired by opening up to them a new world of activities.

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Dog “Too Ugly to Adopt” Makes Incredible Transformation

Every day, dogs in shelters get overlooked for any of a number of reasons, but the most heartbreaking complaint is when the dog doesn’t look pretty enough. Much of the time, these dogs have spent years on the streets, which is not an environment conducive to maintaining a presentable appearance.


Augustus out on the street

Such was the case with Augustus – a dog riddled with sarcoptic mange and afflicted with a visage so startling that, when a person saw him walk across his property, they threw things at him to scare him off.

While it is no surprise that a dog like Augustus – with exposed skin and fur so matted that it looked like scales – would attract negative attention, the good people at Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) saw the beautiful dog underneath. They saw a dog in need of some serious TLC.


Augustus getting some much needed love

As you can see, the rescuers had a hard time identifying Augustus’ breed, since all of his distinguishing features were hidden underneath years of neglect. But once his fur started to grow back in, they discovered that he is actually a gorgeous Border Collie mix.

To see the whole amazing transformation for yourself, watch the video here:

Is that not the most incredible transformation you’ve ever seen?


Augustus looking all better!

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Near-Dead Stray Found on Dirt Road, Saved by Hero Woman

Last month a California woman, Regina McKerrihan, discovered a St. Bernard in desperate need of help. Lying on the side of a dusty dirt road, the dog had a gaping wound on her backside that was infested with maggots down to the bone. She was clearly in a lot of pain and required immediate attention.


After calling a number of shelters – each of them unwilling to help – it became clear that Regina would have to care for the dog on her own. The dog, now named Maggie, was in visible distress. She had sustained severe injuries on her back and looked to be inches from death. She was so weak that she couldn’t even stand up. This presented a serious obstacle to Maggie’s would-be rescuer, since she was not quite strong enough to hoist the large dog into her car all by herself.


Luckily, Regina was able to flag down a truck with two helpful men in it. The men moved her onto a blanket then gently slid her into the car. From there, Maggie’s hero drove her straight to the emergency room where she was tested for a wide swath of diseases.


Aside from the visibly disturbing wound on her rear leg, Maggie’s blood test came back positive for Pyometra, a number of parasites (likely from a diet of road kill), and a rare form of low grade uterine cancer. Because of the extensive level of care that Maggie required, Regina’s credit card was quickly maxed out. However, just because she had paid as much as she could, didn’t mean that the bills stopped accumulating.


After a few days, Maggie’s cost of care was up to $7,500 – too much for Regina to fund alone. But thanks to the internet, there are a number of wonderful crowd funding platforms that let people ask for donations. She quickly made a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of Maggie’s hospital bills, which you can find here.

After just two weeks, Maggie’s bills are almost completely paid off, having raised over $6,500 with a goal of $7,500. That being said, there is still a good bit of donating that needs to happen.

On our end, we have already set up Maggie with a free lifetime of PetPlus. This way, no matter what obstacles may come down life’s road, Maggie will be covered.

So please, if you are feeling generous, go to Maggie’s GoFundMe page and make a donation.

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Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson Rescues Drowning Puppy

This past weekend, professional wrestler and star of the silver screen Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made good use of his action hero skills by saving a drowning puppy, proving that he is a hero in real life as well.


Having just adopted two French Bulldog puppies (Hobbs and Brutus), Johnson took them outside to get the lay of the land. Without missing a beat, both puppies made a beeline for the pool, jumping in for a refreshing dip. And while Hobbs was paddling around the pool like a natural water baby, Brutus quickly sank to the bottom of the pool.

Thankfully, Johnson had seen the whole ordeal and before he even had a chance to disrobe or even take his phone out of his pocket, he was diving headfirst into the pool after his new pooch. Within seconds he had baby Brutus in his arms and had gotten him out of the water.

“He was a little delirious.. took a moment, threw up all the water he swallowed and looked up at me as if to say, “Thank God you didn’t have to give me mouth to mouth!” and then ran off to play with his brother.” said Johnson.

While Johnson is totally a hero for rescuing Brutus, his story does pose as a good warning/reminder to new pet parents. When it comes to taking a new puppy into the pool for the first time, make sure you accompany them, as many dogs do not instinctively know how to swim.

On top of that, should a puppy begin to sink, the shock of drowning can cause them to freeze up and sink even quicker. So please, if you are going to take your new pooch into the pool, be nearby and stay vigilant.

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Hero Yorkie Saves Owner from Vicious Bear Attack

When Larry Yepez walked out the back of his house on Thursday, the last thing he expected to see was a 250-pound black bear. An ex-Marine, Yepez is no stranger to dealing with high pressure situations. So when the bear did not respond to Yepez’s yelling and noise making, he knew that he would have to call upon all of his training in order to survive.

That and his brave Yorkie, Benji.

After yelling at the bear to no avail, Yepez swung a pot filled with dirt at the now aggravated bear’s head. This too failed, with the bear now chomping down on his wrist and nearly severing his hand.

Now at the mercy of the massive beast, Yepez was also beaten about the face and torso, sustaining serious wounds on the side of his head and chest. Luckily for Yepez, his trusty companion Benji never left his side for a second. And because of his brave Yorkie’s protective nature, the dog was able to distract the bear long enough to give Yepez time to get on his feet and escape. Once Yepez was free from the bears murderous maw, Benji followed close behind and the two of them ran for safety.

“I jumped in my van and went to the hospital and when I walked in I was just covered in blood all over me and they go, ‘Oh my god, what happened to you?,’ and I said, ‘I just got attacked by a bear,” said Yepez.

Yepez cites two things as the reason he was able to survive this vicious attack – his military training and his faithful Yorkie. If not for these two things, he would likely have died right there in his backyard, the victim of a chance encounter with one of nature’s most versatile predators.

Luckily, Benji the hero terrier doesn’t take acts of aggression towards his daddy lying down. And that is why we are calling Benji “The 10-pound pooch with a 250-pound bark.” And you can be sure that he has a lot of treats and belly rubs coming his way.

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