5 Ways To Take Care Of Easily Scared Cats

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The sense of fear is common in animals and everyone including us use it as a defense mechanism. Fear is a way of surviving in the wild and it is often used to keep one alive. It is especially common in stray cats and dogs who are daily exposed to many stress factors around them. If you’re the owner of a stray cat who gets scared easily, then you know how tough it can be to gain their trust. Here are 5 ways in which you can easily take care of your scared cat.

#1. Keep distance

More than often, you’ll find your cat running away from you. Even though you’re the one who might have given him a space to live and food to eat, she will still have trust issues. Months and years of psychological stress creates a deep sense of fear in such animals. Keep your distance and never get too close to the cat especially from behind. Never make sudden moves as it might scare your cat.

#2 Try games

It will be a while since your cat gets adjusted to the new routine. One of the best of doing it is through games. Hang a piece of cloth on a stick and try playing with your cat. She will show shyness and fear at first but in a few days, she is bound to get back to her playing mood.

#3 Give good food

Stray cats are expected to be malnourished and it is your duty to look after the proper nourishment of your cat. Provide food that is rich in vitamins and minerals and allow your cat to regain her strength. Often, weakness in animals leads to a sense of fear.

#4 Offer treats

Treats don’t work as well with cats as it does with dogs but it is a good shot. Use treats to congratulate your cat on good behavior or every time he she comes near you. It can be used to make initial contact with your cat. Keep a handful of treats ready and use it whenever you feel it is required.

#5 Visit a psychologist

You won’t always know the reason of psychological stress in your cat. Take her to an animal psychologist and have her checked.


Take care of scared cats takes time and patience. In the first few days after you adopt a cat, especially one that has been a stray, it will show signs of fear due to stress. Avoid contact and maintain a distance with the cat. Also, provide good food and give treats whenever necessary. Take her to an animal psychologist and have her checked for the cause of psychological stress.


Teach Your Dog To Behave Properly In Front Of Others

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Be it humans or animals, discipline is a must for everyone. Dogs, especially must be taught how to behave when they are in the presence of someone else. Remember that movie ‘Marley and Me’? It’s cute but you wouldn’t want your dog to jump over people and bother them all the time.
If you don’t want your dog to become another Marley, then here are some tips that should help you with the behavior training.

Be in charge

We know that you love your pet very much. But that does not mean you should let him decide what’s good and what’s bad. Make your dog understand that you’re the owner and you are in charge. Teach him do’s and don’ts when he meets someone who dislikes dogs. Sometimes, it is important for you to show who’s the boss in the house. Of course, that does not mean you should use extreme measures. It should be enough to let you have control of the situation.

Greeting visitors

Some dogs have an irritating habit of sniffing about an unknown person. From the dog’s point of view, it is the obvious thing to do. However, most people won’t enjoy having a big dog sniffing at them. The next time someone pays you a visit, teach your dog to sit at a distance from the door. Open the door only when your dog is sitting comfortably. Don’t allow your dog to come too close to the visitor unless they know each other.

Play safe

If you’re playing with your dog in the presence of a third person, then make sure you do it safely. Don’t throw the ball near the visitor so that your dog has to make contact with him/her. Maintain distance and teach your dog to do the same. Use treats and praises to teach your dog to behave nicely in front of others. Also, try playing games that don’t require running around too much. Some people are sacred of dogs running around them.


Training is an important part in a dog’s life and every owner must ensure that it gets the best training possible. People like dogs who know how to behave themselves, especially in front of others. It’s not difficult to train a dog to be on its best behavior. There are some simple rules that owners must follow. Owners can use treats to teach their dogs to stay away from the visitor. It can also be used to keep the dogs from barking unnecessarily whenever they see a new person. Teach your dog to sit down at a distance and let him take as much as time as he wants before he learns how to behave properly.


Qualities You Need To Become A Full-Time Pet Trainer

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A pet trainer’s job may sound easy especially if you love animals but it takes more than just interest to become a qualified pet trainer. It takes time, patience and skill to become a good pet trainer and even then, not everyone can become one. Also, pet trainers are required to work hard for very little pay for the first few years. It is a struggle but in about 5 years or so, you can reach a good position and make a substantial amount of money for yourself. Not to mention, the experience you gain will help you reach new heights in life.
If you’re planning on becoming a full-time pet trainer, then here are five qualities that you must possess.

#1 Patience

Often, you’ll have to handle pets who won’t listen to you no matter how hard you try. You may get frustrated but remember that hard work always pays off. On top of dealing with disobedient pets, you’ll have to deal with low wages as well. Things can get under your skin but you need to focus on the bigger picture and do your duty.

#2 Creativity

What your trainers will teach you will make you good at your job but how you apply the knowledge will set you apart from other trainers. In any profession, having a separate image always works. People tend to hire people who know to do the same job creatively. Pets will also enjoy your presence as much as their owners.

#3 Confidence

Do you make mistakes often? Don’t worry. Everyone does when they are new to a profession. What’s important is that no matter what you do, you do it with confidence. Of course, that does not mean you keep repeating your mistakes. Be confident and don’t be afraid to try new things.

#4 Personality

You may be tired and frustrated on the inside but never show it on the outside. Your personality matters a lot. Keep a smiling face and talk with humility. Present yourself as a genuine human being before you present yourself as a good trainer.

#5 Understanding

Be understanding. Some pets act abnormally because they may be suffering from some internal problem which hasn’t been detected. Try and understand the psyche of the pet you’re taking care of and adjust accordingly. Every pet is not going to behave in the same way.


For those who love animals, the job of a pet trainer is perfect for them. However, the job requires qualities like skill, patience, creativity along with a good personality. Pet trainers should also understand the psychology of the pet they are handling. The job may not be lucrative at first but hard work can take them a long way.


How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Sleeping Well Or Not?

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Sleep is an important part of an animal’s life. It is often regarded as a health indicator and a lifestyle factor as well. Sleep disorders are common and affects millions of people worldwide. If you are not sleeping well, then you can see how it impacts your life. However, how will you know if your dog is sleeping well or not? Puppies and older dogs will have mixed sleeping schedules but adult dogs should be able to follow your sleeping pattern. Here are some indicators which will indicate whether your dog is getting a good night’s rest or not.

  1. Tiredness
    Dogs sleep for about 14 hours a day and it is normal for them to lie around the house from time to time. But if your dog sleeps for long hours during day time without waking up, then it could be due to lack of sleep. Fatigue could also arise from other problems as well and you should consider taking him to a vet.
  2. Waking you up early
    Dogs are excellent alarm clocks but only if they function correctly. Some dogs have the habit of waking their owners very early in the morning which is a good thing. But then there are some dogs who wake up their owners even before sunrise. If your dog does that, then it could be due to lack of sleep. Sometimes dogs who don’t sleep well wake up in the middle of the night. This might happen to your dog too.
  3. Irregular potty hours
    Usually, the first thing that owners do after waking up in the morning is take their dog outside for the morning walk and potty of course. As an owner, you must be aware of the routine. However, if you find that your dog wants to go outside at odd hours during the night or in the day, then you should realize that something’s wrong. And that something might very well be lack of sleep.


Sleep is an important health indicator and must be taken seriously. Sleep acts as a rejuvenation factor and getting a good night’s rest is crucial for the proper functioning of the body. Sleep disorders are common and dogs too can experience it. The most common indicator of improper sleep is the irregular sleep patterns. Dogs who don’t sleep well at night will sleep at odd hours throughout the day. Also, they will show signs of tiredness and an unusual routine like potty and food timings. If you realize that your dog shows these type of signs, then take him to a vet because sleep disorders can indicate the presence of other problems as well.


Improve Your Pet’s Intelligence With These 5 Games

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A training session for pets should not only include physical activity but also brain activity as well. A pet’s development partly depends on its ability to think and handle situations on its own. It can be achieved through training and must include brain games. However, brain games can be boring and it is therefore the owners job to ensure that the activity is interesting. Here are 5 games through which owners can improve their pet’s intelligence.

  1. Memory games 

    One of the best ways to improve intelligence is through memory games. Take a muffin tin and cover it with balls. In some of the muffin tins, keep treats. Let your pet decide which tin contains the treat and which doesn’t. If you have a smaller pet like a bird, then use smaller trays or balls. You can even do it with cards.

  2. Shell GameThe shell game is a favorite game among people who like to bet for fun. You can use the same game to train your pet. Start by putting a treat under an opaque plastic cup and exchanging its position continuously with one or two other similar looking empty cups. You can also increase the number of cups and treats as the game proceeds. The game requires observation and thinking in tandem. Your pet is bound to love the game because treats are involved.
  3. Cagey cubeTake a cube of some kind and punch a few holes of different sizes in the cube. Insert a ball which can come out of only one of the holes. Watch your pet figure out which hole is the correct one by rotating it.
  4. Puzzle toysThere are literally hundreds of puzzle toys which you can create from your household items. You can take one cloth bag with treats and hide it inside another cloth bag. Have your pet figure out a way to reach the treats.
  5. The classic hiding gameHide and seek is a great game and almost every owner enjoys playing it with their pet. You can modify the game a bit by hiding treats in different parts of the house. Have your pet figure out where the treats are and how they can get them. Additionally, you can keep small obstacles in the way to make it more interesting.


Intelligence is important for growth and every animal requires certain amount of brain training. As an owner, it is your duty to make sure that the games are fun and interesting. Your house is littered with hundreds of games. You just need to figure out a way to use them and create the five types of games mentioned.


5 Tips To Make Your Dog’s Training Sessions More Engaging

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Training one’s dog should be the primary goal of every owner. Because, first, no one likes a dog that misbehaves and second, you won’t have to run behind your dog wondering if he’s up to any mischief or not. Training should start from an early age and should continue well until adulthood. However, owners often make training sessions boring due to which, dogs don’t enjoy learning new things the way they should. There are ways to make the training more engaging and here are 5 ways to do it.

#1 Treats, treats and more treats!

Using treats is the most common way to train a dog and every owner uses this strategy to successfully train their dog. You can improvise the technique by giving more treats for activities that are more important than the rest for ex., potty training, eating habits and behaving around other people.

#2 Use games

Don’t make your dog feel like he’s in military training or something although even that’s a good training method. Make the atmosphere more casual and make your dog feel that trainings are fun. Use different games to train your dog. He’ll get some physical exercise and some training as well.

#3 Don’t do it for too long

Long training sessions can be tiring for both you and your dog. And besides, who wants to spend the entire day on the training. Everyday keep a separate time for about 15-20 mins and no matter what make sure that the training time stays the same every day.

#4 Encourage them

It’s useless to expect your dog to do everything perfectly on the first day of training. It will take time and you need to be patient. But what’s more important is that you encourage him even if he performs badly. Just like a human child, discouraging them will not only lead to negative results but it will also effect their psyche.

#5 Train with other dogs

It is not always possible to get another dog during the training session but if you do manage to get one then don’t hesitate to do so. Especially, if it’s an adult dog with good training skills. Often, only a dog can teach other dogs what owners can’t.


Training should be a fun-filled activity and your dog should not feel bored during training sessions. Follow the five tips to make training sessions for your dog more engaging.


Worried About Your Pet’s Health and Safety? Consider These Five Gadgets

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More often than not, pets like to enjoy having their own space. You just have to let them be at times. But what if it runs out to the road and comes under a vehicle? The thought of it only jolts you from inside. Moreover, it is often difficult to balance work, home and pet care at the same time. All you need is some extra help to strike a balance.

The gadgets that can help you
If you are amongst the many concerned pet owners, you can relax a bit because there are amazing gadgets that can take care of your canine or feline chump. Here are a few of them:

Fit Bark: Similar to fitness-tracking wristbands used by humans, Fit Bark tracks your dog’s activity once it is strapped around your dog’s collar. Connect it with your smartphone or a Fit Bark station and view your dog’s vital information on your phone in real time. The gadget has daily health goals for your dog, and it charts its progress and keeps informing you about it.

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy: If you want your little kittens to exercise, this is perhaps the best thing to have. This laser toy comes with a rotating laser head from which the laser dot emanates. You simply have to place the gadget on a high plane to aim the laser dot at the cat. It comes with 16 different speed combinations and has automatic settings to switch off after 10, 15 and 20 minutes. It is extremely useful to keep your pampered and protected pet at home.

Whistle: Measuring up to its name, the gadget “whistles” when your pet leaves the zone demarcated as safe. Not only this, the gadget helps you to even track your pet when it gets lost. If you are visiting a crowded place, where there are chances of your pet getting lost, Whistle comes in as a handy device. Moreover, it has additional features which allow you to track your pet’s sleep pattern and exercise routine.

Pintoofeed: Pintoofeed is a unique pet food dispenser, which is supported by Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms. The gadget connects to your home’s internet and dispenses food wirelessly. If you won’t be able to make it home before your pet’s dinner time, you can use this gadget to dispense food your pet at scheduled feeding times and get notified about the same.

Tagg Pet Tracker: This GPS system works only in the United States. It is a collar working with a docking station, which acts as a safe, virtual fence for your pet. You get notified as soon as your pet crosses this fence. You can get a monthly subscription for this service and ensure your pet’s safety at all times.


5 Ways To Reduce Social Anxiety In Your Pet Dog

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Social anxiety not only affects humans but it also affects pets too. The fear of meeting new companions or animals of their kind can be a terrifying experience for some. Some of the symptoms of social anxiety that animals show is withdrawal, loss of appetite, desire to stay indoors all the time and restlessness in the presence of a fellow animal. The best treatment option is a visit to the vet or in this case having the vet visit your house.

It is not uncommon for dogs to show anxious behavior in social circles. Social anxiety may not always happen due to fear of social gatherings. It could even start from a clap of thunder or the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Fear is a feeling that spreads with time and experience and slowly it creeps into other lifestyle factors. If you feel that your dog is suffering from social anxiety, then here are 5 ways to reduce it.

  1. Avoid large crowdsDon’t bring too many people at once when your dog is around. It goes for humans and animals as well. Try introducing one animal at a time. If you have a close friend who has a dog or a cat, then ask him/her to come over frequently with his/her pet. That way you’ll be giving ample amount of time to your dog to cope with the new company.
  2. Find out what keeps your dog happyIt could be a toy or a particular game that he enjoys playing. Identify what your dog loves doing the most and use it to help him overcome social anxiety.
  3. Focus on dietIf your dog is stressed out, he/she will show a lack of appetite. Try making the meals more interesting and find out new recipes to ensure that your dog does not miss out on the essential nutrients. Additionally, take your dog to a vet for regular check-ups.
  4. Try short walksIt will be tough at first but try taking your dog out for short walks. You can start with the periphery of the house and then move on to the street once your dog gets comfortable going out in the open. By going out, your dog will see other animals and slowly, the social anxiety will decrease.
  5. Take it easyDon’t lose your temper around your dog. The last thing you would want is your dog to have additional stress. Relax and take it easy. In time, things will fall into place.


Social anxiety affects dogs in the same way it affects us. The tips listed above should come in handy if your dog is facing similar issues.


How To Re-Arrange Your Home’s Furniture For Your Special-Needs Pets

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The challenges that people with special needs face in their everyday lives are difficult for us to understand. What is easy for us like using stairs, wearing a shirt or even moving around becomes a challenge for people with special needs. There are separate arrangements for such people in public places and the place where they live. But what about animals? Is there any special arrangement for such pets? Maybe not so much as there are for people but owners who have pets with special needs can make arrangements inside the house to make their lives more comfortable. Here’s how:

  1. Build a special room

    The concept of dog rooms is not a new one and if are the owner of a dog that needs special care then you should definitely build one. Make it inside your house and ensure that its big enough for your dog or pet to sleep in it.

  2. Make things easily accessible

    Keep things around your house at a convenient place so that your pet might be able to reach it without much effort. Things like toys and other random stuff in the house that your pet loves fetching for you can be kept at low heights.

  3. Make the house accessible

    Even though your pet will feel the pains of disability, you should make him/her feel that the entire house is still accessible to her. Make staircases wheelchair accessible or make arrangements so that your pet won’t think twice before going from one part of the house to the other.

  4. Don’t change the position of furniture

    Pets who have vision problems often rely on the other sense to locate the position of furniture in the house. When you start changing the position of furniture in the house or start getting new ones, it confuses them. They might get stressed because of this and psychological problems like social anxiety might occur.

  5. Reduce the amount of furniture

    Pets with special needs will have trouble moving around the house if there are too many things in the way. Clear up the space and remove furniture and other items which you don’t require. Your pet will thank you for it.


Pets with special needs need special care too. As an owner, there’s not much you can do about the disability itself but you can help re-arranging things in the house. Make the space more accessible and remove furniture which you don’t need. By clearing up the space, you’ll be making enough room for your pet to move around without any hindrance. Also, build a separate space for your pet so that they won’t have to move about the house a lot.


5 Signs That Will Tell You If Your Cat Has A Heart Problem Or Not

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Animals are prone to different kinds of disease in the same way humans are. Similarly, they also show signs when they are faced with illness. As owners, it is your duty to read these signs before it becomes too serious. Heart disease presents itself in dogs and cats and the signs are similar. However, cats are expert when it comes to masking their feelings. It can be difficult to gauge what your cat is feeling. But there are some signs which even cats can’t hide and reading them should tell you a lot about their heart health.

  1. Vomiting

    Vomiting is a common sign for many diseases and while it is not alarming for cats to vomit, it can be a sign for a heart disease. If the vomiting persists and take your cat to the vet immediately.

  2. breathing difficulty

    Again, breathing difficulties is a sign of other diseases as well but it is a common sign in people who have heart attacks and therefore should be taken seriously. In conditions where the arteries get blocked, the oxygen is unable to reach the heart and causes the animal to gasp for breath.

  3. Depression

    Depression can present itself in various forms in animals. Sulking, loss of appetite and loss of activity are some of the major signs of depression. Depression can often arise due to psychological problems but it can also happen due to chest pains and other heart complications.

  4. Weight change

    Weight change is a sure-shot sign that your cat is going through certain health problems. Weight loss can arise due to chest complications and often leads to other problems in the body. It is easy for you to read this sign because if your cat misses his/her lunch, you’ll know. Take your cat to the vet or try changing the meal plan.

  5. Restlessness

    It’s normal for young cats to be restless because for most of the time, they will be in a playful mood. However, too much agitation or restlessness is not good and is a sign that something is not right. During chest complications, your cat will move around the house restlessly due to the pain. It is up to you to read the sign and take necessary action.


Heart disease in cats is a common thing and happens all the time. But cats don’t always show what they are feeling and this makes it difficult for you as an owner to know whether your cat is suffering from a heart problem or not. From restlessness to weight change, there are some common signs which will tell you that your cat is suffering from a heart complication.