5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

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Dogs are a bundle of joy. They are always happy to see you, even if the last time they saw you was 5 minutes ago. They are a man’s best friend. True to the saying, dogs are the best companion a human can have as they show unconditional love to their owners. At times, you wish you could have a better relationship with your dog. You want to understand them better. Bonding with dogs is about spending time with them and showing them you love them as much as they love you. Here are 5 ways to improve your relationship with your dog

  • Pay attention to what your dog likes and dislikes
    Every dog has a unique personality, just like humans. Some dogs love playing fetch, some like lazing around the house, some like cuddling with their owners while others prefer their space. If you want to have a deeper connection with your dog, pay attention to its preferences. Find out kind of social situations it is comfortable with, games it enjoys, food it likes and become the source that only brings happiness to them. Your dog will begin to believe that it can trust you completely.
  • Play with your dog
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! You wouldn’t want that happening to your dog, right? Set aside some time to play with your dog. It will stimulate their mind and body, strengthening the bond between you guys. It is also been observed that dogs are closer to those who play with them regularly. Go out with your dog and play a game of fetch or anything they like playing.
  • Spend time with your dog
    Spend time with your dog every day. This means giving them your undivided attention for at least 30 minutes. A relationship will work only if you spend quality time. The same applies to your dog. Groom them, go on long walks, or just sit outside and hang out with your dog. It may not seem like much to you, but to them, it means the world.
  • Train your dog
    Dogs with their almost limitless energy love having things to do. Train with them every day and provide positive feedback when they finish a task. Dogs learn from you even when you aren’t trying to teach them anything. Make the most out of this by making a conscious effort. A trained dog will have more freedom. If they are obedient, they have more time off the leash, if they don’t steal food from the table, they are welcome to stay nearby when the family is eating.
  • Keep it cool
    Dogs can understand body language and they can pick up your feelings. When you get angry and start yelling, even when it isn’t directed towards them can make them feel uneasy. Stay calm so that your dog can count on you.

Giving importance to the relationship between you and your dog is a healthy aspect. Your dog will be healthier as it will be happy all the time. We love keeping dogs around because they become a part of your family. Even if you have a wonderful relationship, working to improve it the life of your dog and yours subsequently.


Importance Of Socialization For Your Adult Dog

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Socializing is as important for dogs as it is important for us. Socializing for dogs involves exposing them to a variety of places, situation, objects and people. Dog trainers have long pointed out that exposing puppies from a young age to different things helps in the growth and development of the dog. When the dog becomes an adult, it becomes easier for him to accurately differentiate between people and situations.
A dog that has been exposed to people and situations is less dangerous as compared to a dog that has never been exposed to strangers.

Importance of socialization

It has often been observed that dogs that don’t socialize too much, show erratic behavior towards people whom they consider a stranger. That means that if your dog does not socialize and if he sees your aunt for the first time, it is likely that he will growl at your aunt.

The behavior of a dog that does not socialize and that of a person in the same situation is almost similar. People who do not socialize a lot find it hard to interact with strangers. On the other hand, dogs that socialize do not behave violently when they see a stranger for the first time. For them it’s common to have strangers around and they are used to the situation.
Socialization from a young age allows dogs to read situation and people well. They won’t do anything unless they are provoked or if they realize the life of one of their loved ones is in danger.

How to increase socialization

Take your puppy out for walks in the park every day and allow it to interact with people and other animals. You can also have friends at your place interact with the puppy. Take him to different places around the neighborhood and allow him to explore. Also, get different toys and train him to recognize different objects around the house. This will ensure that the puppy is comfortable around you, the objects and the neighborhood. Additionally, there are socializing clubs for dogs where dogs and their owners are taught tricks to improve socializing skills. You can attend a few sessions and see if it helps.


Socialization is important for both humans and animals in today’s world. It improves mental health and directs the individual towards growth. In dogs, socialization should start from an early age and should involve exposure to a variety of place, people and situation. The more a puppy explores, the more comfortable it becomes and the more comfortable it becomes, the less erratic behavior it shows. Socialization also helps the dog develop skills that distinguishes the right from the wrong, which is very important if you have a lot of people coming over to your house.


5 Tips To Host A Dog Party!

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Your dog’s birthday is around the corner and you want to show him how much his best friend loves him by throwing a party? Not a problem! There are many ways in which you could throw an awesome party and make your dog and his pals have the best time ever. Here are 5 awesome ways in which you can do host the best birthday party for your dog ever:

  1. Plan early

    Early planning is the key and making plans way before the birthday will not only ensure that the party is a success but will also allow you to avoid unnecessary complications. Mark the date on your calendar. If you have adopted a dog and don’t know the date, then make one up and every year celebrate your dog’s birthday on that day.

  2. Send Invitations in advance

    Invite guests in advance so that you have plenty of time to consider whom you need to invite and whom you don’t. Inviting people who don’t have dogs is pointless because it is your dog’s birthday bash after all.

  3. Create a list of fun activities

    No birthday party is complete without fun activities and for your dog’s birthday you need to do the same. It’s best to host it outside, either in your backyard or on your lawn. If you’re hosting the party during the summer, make sure you do it by the pool. If you don’t have access to a pool, keep some inflatable bath pools at hand.

  4. Make sure you have a cake

    Ah, yes! What is a birthday party without the cake cutting ceremony? Make sure you have enough cake for everyone and also make sure that the cake suits everyone’s diet. You can confirm this easily by talking with the owners.

  5. Have a theme

    Having a themed birthday party is fun and there are literally hundreds of themes to choose from for ex., it could be a Game of Thrones or a Star Wars themed party. You can additionally create games centered around the theme. Fill the place with toys and other fun stuff that the dogs can play around with.


Birthday parties are fun but if it is for your dog, then you must make plenty of preparations first. You have to start by creating a list of whom you would invite for the party. Then you need to create a list of the activities you want to have at the party and how it can be done. Make sure the party is themed and you have a cake ready. You need to start at least a month ahead of the actual date in order to ensure that the party is a success.


5 Things You Need To Know About Dog Grooming

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There was a time when dogs were taken care by only their owners. But not anymore. Professional dog grooming has become popular and many individuals are grooming dogs to earn their daily bread. The profession of dog grooming is interesting for people who love animals and want to take care of them.
Whether you’re picking dog grooming as a profession or you want to know how it’s done, the following 5 things about dog grooming are import and might come in handy if you’re handling dogs.

  1. Dogs tend to bite

    You might have seen videos of dog grooming where the dog looks relaxed while the groomer does his job. You might have also thought that every dog behaves the same way when it gets groomed. But it’s not! There are many cases where dogs try to bite or scratch the one handling them.

  2. Creativity works

    While handling dogs, you have to be creative. If you wish to be a dog groomer, then you should focus a lot on creativity. Creativity will help you develop handling skills and improvisation that are very important in grooming professions.

  3. Expect dogs to be fussy

    Handling animals is not an easy task and most of them can be fussy. It is the same with dogs and understand their needs should be one of your talents. Some dogs can be trained with treats while others need a different approach.

  4. Don’t lose your calm

    According to experts, dog grooming is one of the dirtiest jobs in the world. Remember to keep your calm and treat them as you would treat a child. It may not be fun dealing with dogs all the time. Sometimes you can even expect a bit of dog poop or vomit on your hands. But that should not keep you off from doing your job.

  5. Groom them from a young age

    One of the reasons why you need to start early at the grooming process is to train them. Puppies are easier to handle and train than older dogs. Grooming will also allow them to trust you when you are doing your job. If you want to be a professional groomer, then tell your clients to do the same so that it becomes easier for you to handle dogs.

Dog grooming is a fun profession if you understand the job requirements and the kind of temperament you require to do the job. Be creative at your dog and find out new and interesting ways to groom. Teach your clients simple grooming tricks that they can do at home. That way the dogs get adjusted to the grooming process and they won’t create a fuss. Keep calm and groom!


Canned food vs. fresh food: What to feed your pet?

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Being unsure about what to feed your pet can be quite a confusing choice to tackle. With numerous options available in the market, let alone the many options available with raw or cooked food, what makes the best meal for your pet? Read on to learn about nutritional facts about canned and cooked food, and which type would suit your pet better.

Canned Food
Canned foods can be a great source of water for those pets that aren’t in the habit of keeping hydrated during the day. A more palatable option, canned food works great for older pets and those with a diminished sense of smell, being both high in scent and rich in flavor. Always a good option for a sick pet, canned food gets their appetite going and helps boost healing being packed full of nutrients. Your pet is certain to receive a meal full of vitamins, essential proteins, minerals and oils needed for a healthy body and glossy coat.

Though canned food can have its downfalls too, its soft nature causes an easy build up of plaque and tartar. The shelf life of canned food once opened is quite short it should be consumed within the day to avoid spoiling. Canned food is expensive and can start to bore a hole through your pocket, if you begin to use it as a daily option for your pet.

Fresh Food
Fresh, either raw or cooked, food is a healthy option for your pet. The process takes a lot more planning and organization than just chopping up a chicken or some beef and chucking it into a bowl. You should first decide if you’d want your pet to eat raw or cooked food. Some pets might not be able to digest raw meats due to the poor gastrointestinal system or if suffering from intestinal problems.

Decide on the type of protein you would like for your pet, you could even alternate proteins and keep an eye out for the ones your pet prefers. Cut the meat up into bite sized pieces, use organs or spare parts too if you like. Avoid using chicken bones as far as possible, since they are sharp when they splinter and can cut or scrape your pet’s intestines. Beef or larger bones are okay for your pet to gnaw on after they’ve finished their meal. Add a bunch of nonstarchy vegetables like carrots, spinach, turnip, chard, etc. that add healthy nutrients and provide roughage and fiber.


How Much Exercise Do Senior Dogs Need?

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As an animal grows older, the enthusiasm to run and jump or have fun starts declining. Compared to a puppy or a 2 or 3year-old dog, an older dog will have less interest in doing fun activities. As an owner, it becomes your duty to understand your dog’s limit and create an exercise routine that will keep them active and healthy.

Indoor exercises

Exercise for dogs does not necessarily mean they have to go out of the house. There are plenty of ways in which they can stay indoors and still get the right amount of exercise. For ex., make your dog move around the house. The stairs are a great place to get some physical exercise and have your dog move up and down. Additionally, you can set up ramps and small roadblocks around the house that your dog must cross before they can move from one place to the other.

Outdoor exercises

Taking your dog for short walks is the best way to ensure that they get the right amount of exercise. However, don’t overdo it because your dog might end up having a strain in the muscles. Swimming is another great way to exercise the muscles and the chances of getting a cramp or joint pain is reduced. Other exercises include catching Frisbees, fetching balls and running.

Other measures

Weight management is also an important part of staying healthy and along with exercise you must make sure that your dog is fed the right amount of food. The diet should consist of vital nutrients that help with bone growth, immunity, stamina and reduces the chance of contracting diseases.

Apart from a healthy diet, adequate amount of sleep is also important for a healthy growth. Make sure your dog gets the required amount of sleep as it grows older. Proper sleep-wake cycles also ensure that your dog stays fit and is able to do at least the minimum amount of exercise that it should do for its age.


The exercise pattern for senior dogs is different than younger dogs because as dogs grow older their strength and stamina keeps decreasing and they get tired easily. There are many indoor and outdoor exercises available for your dog and most of them can be easily done. From brisk walking to catching Frisbees, exercises for senior dogs should include the maximum workout with the least amount of effort. Along with exercise, diet and sleep are also important.


Tips to Make A Feeding Schedule For Your Kitten

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Like all animals, the growth of a cat depends on its eating habits as a kitten. If you have a kitten, then feeding the right amount of food will ensure that it grows into a healthy cat. However, cats are fussy and moody creatures and will tend to eat whatever they feel like eating.

Creating a schedule for the first six months of growth should be your main aim. A good schedule that covers all the necessary nutrition requirements for your kitten is enough to ensure your cat eats well. Additionally, stick to the schedule and train your kitten to follow it no matter what.

What to feed your kitten?

The nutritional needs of kittens are different from adult cats. There are plenty of cat food available in the market but buy those that have the age group specified on their label. Feeding a kitten food that is meant for adults may have adverse effects.

Take extra care while feeding your kitten because only food that has been approved by a food trial should be given. This information too will be available on the label.

Feeding schedule

Morning meal

After your kitten wakes up, give some fresh water in a bowl. Follow that with half a can of cat food. You can refrigerate the rest of the food. Additionally, give some kitten kibble and observe its eating habits. You can also give some cat food that is high in protein content. It is expected that your kitten will play throughout the day so giving high protein will be beneficial.

Afternoon meal

Refill the water bowl with fresh water and follow it with about a quarter cup of kitten kibble. You can use either homemade or store bought treats to exercise your kitten. Train your cat to respond to its name through the use of treats. It will make it easier for you to give it treat.

Evening meals

For the evening meal change the water if required and give about half a can of kitten food from the morning meal. Also, keep about a quarter cup of kitten kibble for your kitten to eat whenever it feels hungry.

Make sure your kitten gets enough exercise after each meal so that the calories get burned.

Taking care of your kitten’s eating habit is the best you can help your kitten grow into a healthy cat. Prepare a schedule that contains the essential elements required for growth. Also, keep a tab on the amount of water and food consumed because quantity is very important for proper development. Follow the schedule for six months and soon you will see the difference in your kitten’s growth.


How To Keep Your Pets Away From Garbage

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Some pets have a keen affinity towards the garbage and are always curious to find out what’s kept inside the trash can. It’s a horrible sight when you come home and find out the mess your pet has made while you were away. As a pet owner, you obviously love your pet a lot but somewhere you know you need to draw the line. And you also know that if your pet eats something that they are not supposed to, they can fall sick. So, how do you go about making the changes?

Here are five changes you can make in and around your house to make sure your pet stays away from the trash.

  1. Buy a trash can with a tight lid

    Ditch your old trash can for one with a tight lid. It will keep your garbage secure and even if your pet drops the bin on the floor, it won’t come off easily. You can choose one with a lock function. Your pets may be smart but they’re not that smart to open the lock by themselves and take out the garbage.

  2. Limit the access to the trash can

    Change the position of your trash can and put it somewhere which is out of your pet’s reach. You can try by putting it in the closet, in the garage, in the bathroom or even under the kitchen sink when you leave the house. That way, your pet won’t find the trash can so easily. Additionally, keep changing the position from time to time.

  3. Keep your pets well-fed

    Your pet may be rummaging through your garbage because he is hungry. If it is so then it is clearly your fault. Make sure that they are well-fed and well taken care of. Feed them small meals throughout the day. It will ensure that they don’t ever stay hungry.

  4. Keep them engaged

    One of the reasons why your pet is so interested in the trash can is because he is bored. Your dog or cat might feel that there is something interesting that you keep inside the can and thus the curiosity. Keep chew toys and other games in the house to keep your pets engaged and away from the garbage.

  5. Train them

    Training your pets to keep away from the trash can is probably the best way to keep them away from it. Teach them that your trash can is off-limits and soon you won’t be needing any other precaution.


A messy floor with garbage scattered all over the house is every pet owner’s nightmare. If you wish to avoid such a sight, take care of your garbage and train your pets to keep away from it.


Dealing With Common Potty Training Problems With Dogs

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Dogs, especially puppies, sometimes don’t have control over their bladder. It is common for puppies to urinate in the wrong places. But that does not mean they are misbehaving or they are doing it on purpose. Often, they do it by “accident”. It is therefore your duty to train them from a young age so that they learn about proper potty habits.

Here are some of the common potty training problems and solutions which might be useful for you the next time you take your dog for potty.

  1. Inconsistent potty timings

    Inconsistent potty timings is a big problem dog owners face when they deal with puppies. The main reason for this is improper food timings. Don’t feed the puppy throughout the day. That way you will lose track of the time it takes for the puppy to digest the food. Usually, puppies feel a need to urinate as soon as their food gets digested.

  2. Lack of communication

    Another reason why your dog needs potty training is because it helps bridge the communication gap between you as an owner and your dog. You must learn to read your dog’s body language. It will help you understand what you’re trying to say and your dog too will learn to trust you more. Moreover, it creates a friendly environment which is very important.

  3. Doing it indoors

    Many puppies have the habit of doing it inside the house. Part of it may be because you can’t understand your dog when he’s trying to talk to you or he is suffering from a problem. For the first you can use training as a means of communicating more with your dog. For the latter, if you don’t see any other symptom then don’t worry because puppies have a small bladder and it is natural that they can’t hold it for too long.

  4. Lack of training

    Training is the best way to ensure that your dog develops proper potty timings and behavior. It increases communication and helps you both understand each other. Every morning take your dog out for a walk and adhere to the timing. Keep fixed timings for food and water. That way you’ll be able to understand when your dog goes for potty. Adhere to the routine and create a separate one for days when you’re not at home.


Giving dogs proper potty training is one of the toughest jobs for dog owners. There are common problems that every owner has to face but through proper training, the problems can be solved. Creating a routine that includes eating, drinking water and potty time and teaching dogs to follow that routine is one of the best ways to make things work.


5 Brain Games To Play With Your Dog

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It is important for dog owners to train their pets and stimulate their brains through new and challenging activities. A dog grows when he is exposed to different situations that makes him use his brain. Also, it helps develop a strong bond between the owner and the dog.
Usually, learning for any pet happens through games and play. Below is a list of 5 games that you can play with your dog for better brain development.

  1. Hide & Seek

    A dog uses his sense of smell to seek out different things in his vicinity. One of the simplest games to play is hide and seek and the best way to do it is with treats. Build obstacle courses and hide treats in boxes. Additionally, rub the scent from the treat in different places. It helps your dog become a natural problem solver and helps him get some exercise as well.

  2. Ring Stackers

    Ring stackers is a great game to teach dogs the eye-paw or eye-mouth combination. Don’t expect your dog to be perfect with it even as he grows because a dog’s brain development and a child’s brain development is not the same. It will take some time but it is a fun game and will keep your dog engaged.

  3. Shell Game

    The shell game is favorite among people who like to bet and it helps increase observation skills. You can do the same with your dog by putting a treat under an opaque plastic cup and exchanging its position continuously with one or two other similar looking empty cups. The game requires observation and thinking in tandem. Your dog is bound to love the game because treats are involved.

  4. The chase game

    The best way to teach a pet anything and help them grow is through play and what better than the classic chase game. Tie a string or a stuffed animal at the end of a stick and watch your dog jump and run around as it tries to catch it.

  5. Hot and Cold

    The hot and cold game is a great way to shape new behavior in your dog. Teach your dog to respond to “hot” or “cold” with a specific trick that you have taught him. If he does it correctly, he gets a treat. It’s a simple game but very effective when it comes to brain development. It will increase memory and help dogs learn discipline through a fun-filled activity.


    It’s important for dog owners to train their dogs and help them grow both mentally or physically. By engaging them in a variety of fun games, owners can help their dogs become more responsive and more disciplined.