How to Care for a Munchkin Cat

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The name “Munchkin” is given as these cats have short and stubby legs. Do not be fooled by this breed’s short legs, these cats can run as quickly as any other feline breed. Since these cats find it hard to reach high places, you should keep your Munchkin cat away from outside predators. The best place for such cats is inside your home. The cat could be kept healthy with an excellent diet and fresh water. A clean litter box is a must. Ensure that your Munchkin enjoys plenty of attention. This breed is exceptionally social, and best of all, they are low maintenance animals.

Healthy food is a must

It is essential you keep your Munchkin cat healthy. There is no food specifically formulated for these cats. You can feed your Munchkin any veterinarian recommended cat food. Remember, cats need a specific food of their own. You cannot give your cat the food you want. Felines need a particular vitamin named taurine to maintain their health. The taurine compound is found only in cat targeted foods. If your Munchkin cat is a kitten, then it requires a particular food formula to maintain its proper health and growth. Feed your kitten the food kitten chow.

It is perfectly okay to give your Munchkin cat treats. These, however, should be limited to 10 percent of the cat’s diet. Ideally, it should not be more than five percent. Remember that Munchkin cats cannot reach high places. Make sure that the cat can access its food. It must also enjoy access to fresh, clean drinking water. The water bowl must be refilled as soon as the water level gets low. The bowl must be at a place where the Munchkin cat can easily access.

Bed and controlled walks Do provide a comfortable bed to your Munchkin cat. Your house must have many warm and comfortable places for the cat to snooze. To make a comfortable bed, buy one from the pet store and then line it with multiple warm blankets. It is possible to utilize an old object already existing in your home to make your cat’s bed. Numerous cats need multiple beds. Keep the Munchkin cat within the house. There is another benefit too: it is observed that indoor cats enjoy longer lifespans. Since these cats have short statures, predators can easily overpower them. Your Munchkin kitten is best raised indoors. If the cat wants to go out, allow it to leave the house confines under full supervision. It is a good idea to purchase a harness and take the furball out for short walks. Do remember to clean the litter box. Scoop out daily and empty the litter every week. Use a mild detergent to wash the box.


How to Buy a Puppy

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If you decided to buy a puppy, then it is vital you take time to think which breed suits you the most. It is important to choose a reputable breeder from whom you will buy your dog. It is vital that you do the necessary homework before taking the final purchase decision.

Dogs can be high maintenance

Before you go out and buy a dog, examine yourself as to whether you yourself are ready to have a dog. Puppies are cute and lovable yes, but they need substantial amounts of money, attention, and time. If you cannot spare all of these three essential needs, then it would be unfair to the puppy to bring it home. You must be fully committed to caring for the animal. This is the correct time to ask yourself a few questions and give honest answers. The first question in this context is whether you have the time to groom, exercise, and train the puppy. In case you have a fast life, buying a dog would be a mistake. You must be financially stable too. Remember that maintaining a dog is an expensive proposition. If you bring a puppy home, you have to pay for necessities like a collar, bedding, and toys. The money will also go for regular and unanticipated veterinary visits. It should also be kept in mind that a few people are allergic to dogs make sure your family member does not fall in this category.

Since you have established that you have the money for the dog’s upkeep, then it is time to select the breed of dog most suitable for you. Research which dog breed best suits your own temperament. Do note that dogs are available in all sizes, personalities, and shapes. There is a fair chance that you will suffer a heartbreak if you select the wrong breed. The factors to incorporate in this decision include whether you live in a flat or a house or follow a regular work schedule and travel a lot due to your job.


The energy of the dog must match your energy. If you do not like to go outside and play, then getting an energetic dog will not help matters. Some dogs need a minimum of a few hours of strenuous exercise. Other than the energy quotient, some landlords may not like a probable tenant with pets. If you have already bought the puppy, it is now time to create a budget for the animal-related expenses — factor in the money you can spend on veterinary care. When you have a budget in hand, more realistic expectations of recurring monthly expense can be done. The exact amounts are hard to find out as the quantity may vary from small amounts to a substantially larger one.


Keeping Your dogs’ Eyes Healthy

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You love to look at your dog’s eyes. You suddenly notice something not quite right with the canine. The problem is that the dog will not allow you to touch its eyes so that you can clean the yellow buildup which has appeared in the corner of the canine’s eyes. There could be chances that the dog may suffer from swollen red or yellow eyes. It is time to take your best friend to a veterinarian before its eyesight gets impaired due to an injury or infection. You will have to take a few precautions at home.

Plant and herbal remedies

You have a choice of eight herbs and plants when it comes to caring for your dog’s eyes. These remedies are applicable for human eyes too. Do not hesitate to try them on your eyes as well. Do remember to take the dog to the veterinarian before you offer a natural solution to your canine.

Calendula is an important plant in this regard. The plant is perennial and herbaceous. It belongs to the Daisy family and mostly found in the southwestern part of Asia. The Mediterranean and Western Europe. Use this plant to concoct washes, tinctures, and ointments as remedies for eye infections in your dog. Chamomile tea also makes an excellent eye cleaning solution. To use Chamomile, dip a cotton ball in a cool cup of tea. Press gently on the closed eyes of the dog. This will soothe the area and keep the eyes healthy too.

Teas and grape seed extracts Eyebright tea is also an excellent solution. Take a cotton ball and dip it in a cool eyebright teacup. Follow the same procedure as before by pressing the ball in the closed eyes of the dog. This remedy can be used like chamomile tea when it comes to refreshing the eyes of the dog. Another excellent plant is Goldenseal tea. It is to be used in the same manner as eyebright and chamomile tea. All these three teams are not only soothing but also safe for your dog. You can also use an extract from grape seeds, These are anti-oxidants and benefits the eyes of the dog as it is anti-fungal and non-toxic. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and have anti-bacterial properties. Grape seed extracts can be used to treat any eye infection if seen in the dog. Mix five grape seed extract drops or its oil in one cup filled with distilled water. Dip a cotton ball in mix and then squeeze out the liquid. Wipe the eyes of the dog in a gentle manner. Follow the identical procedure for your dog’s skin or ears. The infection will be cleaned. You can help your dog to see better by adding a minute amount of licorice root in its food.


Cooling Your Dog During Blazing Summer

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You like to sit in the cool shade away from the hot sun and sip a mocktail while your dog looks up pleadingly towards you. It is clearly feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather. As a dog owner, you should make your canine comfortable. Your dog is vulnerable to deadly heatstrokes in hot weather.

Shade and pool

The easiest way to protect your dog from the blazing sun is to find the animal some shade. To do this, get an outdoor thermometer. This will enable you to find the coolest area for your dog to lay in. This may be below a large tree or if one is not available under a canvas canopy. A patio is also an excellent option.

If you and your dog are lucky enough to live near a lake or a pool, then you in all probability be tempted to jump in with your dog. Do be cautious in such instances. In case your dog is near the threshold of a heat stroke, jumping in the water may actually trigger the event. The surface temperature of the dog’s skin and may abruptly get lowered, resulting in excessive heating of the dog’s internal organs. The core of the body will then be overheated. To negate such an outcome, allow your dog to enter the water slowly. Permit it to stand for some time in the water. Monitor the animal’s temperature with a thermometer. Stop the cooling when the dog’s rectal temperature reaches 103 degrees Fahrenheit. In case there is no swimming pool or lake nearby, the dog may cool itself by standing in the water. Foot pads of canines perform the function of dissipating heat.

Breeze and dam

You can also create an artificial breeze. This makes the summer heat much more tolerable. To do this, simply place a floor fan or table fan on the house patio. Your dog can then enjoy a cool breeze. The fan breeze works wonders on evaporation principles. The problem is that since dogs do not sweat much, you have to work harder to cool down the dog.  You can also use the mist to cool the dog down. Yes, you can use the garden hose, but it will lead to water wastage. Instead but a mist creating attachment which you can link to the water supply. You can also use them on yourself to cool down. A wet towel makes an excellent solution when it comes to cooling down. Wet the cloth and keep it in the refrigerator. Place a bag of frozen peas on the head of the dog. You can also place the frozen peas on the groin or neck of the canine where the blood vessels are.


Always Hungry Cat

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Your cat may hover beside you during its mealtimes. Kitties could be demanding when they are hungry. They expected to be served as fast as possible. Felines, however, are not motivated by food as much as dogs. This means if the cat always acts hungry and begs for food most of the time, then there could be a medical issue. If you know when and how cats get hungry, it will be easier for you to repeat your kitty troubles to the veterinarian.

Time and place

Your cat is much smarter than you think. If you give food to your cat at an exact time every day, then it will figure out its meal times. This is the reason your cat cries and meows at you until you put food in its bowl. Do not worry, the cat is not starving, but it is hungry. Like a human, the cat’s brain tells the body to eat, and since you are the one who provides it food, the cat will come to you. The reason your cat cries and meows is that it is afraid that you may forget to give it food.

Whatever you do, it is not a good idea to show your cat where you hide its treats. If the cat knows where the delicious treats are and observes you standing there, it could come to that place and begin to cry for a treat. Do note that cats memorize noise and associate noise with action. Even shaking the treat bag in a room will make the cat come running. This is specifically applicable for a happy sound like the possibility of a treat bag being held. The same holds true if your cat gets to eat it should not and likes it much better than cat food. For example, if they get to eat fried chicken, the animal will always want that piece of deliciousness. You will have a hard time breaking this habit. Cats are similar to humans and find it hard to resist any temptation. It means you should secure your food before you leave the table. Your cat will steal if you give it inadequate amounts of food for some reason. This stealing can be partially stopped by giving it more food during mealtimes.

Fast eating Some cats eat swiftly. This is particularly true for cats which are forced to fight or compete for food with other cats. Such cats growl while eating and even swallow what they are given without eating it. This behavior is common with cats who were previously feral or strays. It is also applicable for kitties coming from a big litter. In short, cats which grew up in a limited food environment eat quickly. This may make them hungry faster.


How to Make Your Dog Listen to You

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It can be quite frustrating when your dog disregards your commands. This could turn out to dangerous too. To give an example, your dog can ignore your command and run out to a busy street. Accidents may happen under such conditions. A good communication link between you and your dog will keep both of you away from trouble. The dog may also eat something it should not, thus jacking up your veterinary bills. You will also be happy with a well-behaved canine who listens to your every word. There are times when your dog would not intentionally obey your commands. It should be your aim to do something about it.

Shaving away excess energy

The easiest way to manage such a problem is to take away the dog’s excess energy. Too much of an active dog could be distracting, stopping you from doing your other activities as you are nearly always chasing after the animal. If your puppy is full of energy, it will do everything to expend that energy. The dog will then completely ignore your commands — the easiest way to tackle this extra energy is to go for a run with your dog. First is exercise, then discipline, then affection. Try to make sure the run or the walk depletes your dog’s energy by a significant amount.

Communication Effectiveness

Consistency is the key to communicate effectively with your dog. The canine will get confused if it gets a different response by giving the same behavior. The same can be had if different members of your family enforce different rules. Do a meeting with your family and thrash out the rules, boundaries, and limitations which you all will set for the dog. Write all that you have discussed and set it in a prominent place where everyone can see it frequently. It is important not to forget the rules.

You must be the dog’s master at all times. Dogs only listen to the pack leaders, and you should assume that role. You must be assertive and calm too. Your dog notices you keenly and could figure out if you are uncertain and does not have confidence in yourself. Dogs will not listen to people who are not confident of themselves. If you feel your dog does not listen to you, this could be the reason. Ask your friend about whether your body language is confident or not.

If your dog is unaware of the basics, then it will be hard to teach it new actions. Remember that you may have to repeat a procedure thousand times to get your dog do the trick effortlessly. Practice makes an action perfect. You should focus on training your dog and repeat the procedure multiple times.


Making Your Dog Howl

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There are times when you have howled, hoping that your dog will do likewise. To your surprise, your dog declined to do so. For dogs, howling is a kind of communication, and animals use different howls to communicate information. Most dog howls for pack communication. The sound helps the animals to come back together and assist those dogs who have failed to find their way home. This is the reason your dog howls when you leave home to go to work. Your dog regards you as a pack animal.

Territorial and distressed

Dogs use howls to protect territory. They warn others not to come closer or warn other dogs in the pack of an impending enemy. This is why your dog barks or howls when it sees strangers about to enter or near the house. Some sirens also make a dog howl. The instinct of the dog kicks in, and it howls. Dogs also howl to bond with other canines. Group howling is a popular thing going on when dogs are in a pack. This is similar to humans singing together.

Dogs also howl when they are in distressed. Canines are observed to howl when they are injured or sick. They express their pain through howling or cry for help. Hunting dogs howl to alert one another and their human companions when they have found out the hiding location of their prey. A dog may also howl if it is bored. Your dog howls to get your attention. Each dog has a distinctive howl. The sound gets carried over long distances so that in ancient times, the howling of a dog would reunite it with its pack.

Making the dog howl with you

You can make your dog howl. To do this sing or howl yourself in a high pitched tone while looking at your dog. Praise the animal and give it treats when it mimics you. When your dog catches on, make it a command like “howl.” You can use a harmonica or any other medical instrument to experiment with many different pitches to make the canine howl. The chances are that your dog will do a howl when it hears a siren. Give the animal a command when such an event happens. Give your dog a treat to reinforce its behavior. To figure out which sound makes your dog howl, play different kinds of music. You will find one piece of music or song leads to howling. Alternatively, download an app which plays siren songs on your phone. The dog will surely respond to such behavior. If your dog does not howl in front of you, the chances are that it will howl when you leave the house. Keep a hidden camera and a microphone on to record the howl.


Caring for a Russian Blue Cat

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Among cats, the Russian Blues breed has a stunning appearance. Their eyes are an entrancing green, and grey-blue coat covers their body. These cats are frequently linked to Russian royalty. This breed expanded all over Europe and then North America during the 19th and 20th centuries. These cats are timid and shy. They are incredibly loyal too. Russian Blue cats are sociable among new family members and friends after they get to know them. Do not adopt this breed if you cannot provide food, socialization, and grooming regularly.

Likes to eat

You must feed your Russian Blue kitty twice every day. The cat loves to eat and will try to trick you into overfeeding it. You must not allow this to happen to avoid obesity and other health problems. Follow a scheduled feeding pattern as it will assist you to monitor the cat’s food intake. You can easily know if the cat suddenly begins to eat less, a sure sign of an underlying health problem. Carefully go through the food package instructions to find the amount of food you should provide to your kitty. Try to give your Russian Blue premium grain-free cat food. Do not offer treats as this breed of cats is susceptible to weight gain.

Water and litter box cleaning

Do provide water to your Russian Blue cat. The liquid is a vital component of the diet of the cat, and a few felines do not enjoy sufficient quantities of water due to the animal’s low thirst drive. The cat must get water whenever it wants all through the day and night. An insufficient supply of drinking water may lead to the development of urinary tract and kidney problems. You can bar such a scenario from happening by supplementing the cat’s diet with premium canned food. Mix it with water before presenting the same to the cat. You can buy a pet fountain to make water more attractive to the cat. Felines like to drink running water compared to still water. You could also place a number of water bowls all over the house. Do not forget to change the water every day.

It is important that you change your cat’s litter box every day. Russian Blue cats are known to be nit-picky, and some may even decline to enter their litter box if the latter is not clean. It is your responsibility to scoop out the feces every day and change the box a minimum of two times every week. Russian Blues are incredibly particular when it comes to hygiene and be prepared to clean the litter box more than twice every week. One bonus of cleaning the litter box frequently is the reduction of odors.


Buying a Cat Water Fountain

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You have seen your cat drink from its water bowl, but something in its behavior makes you think she does not like it. This can be true if it makes a mess while drinking. It will put its paws inside the water and overturn the bowl, spilling water all over the floor. Your veterinarian may also have suggested that your cat must drink more quantities of water. A water fountain makes the best solution in such cases.

Moisture in foods

Water fountains are suitable for cats in more ways than one. One of them is that your cat in its normal health drink lesser quantities of water than it should. This is due to the cat’s feral, wild background. At one point of time, felines would quench their water intake from their food itself. A hunted animal has meat with a high concentration of moisture. This is why feral cats can survive by drinking lesser quantities of water. A domesticated, indoor cat, however, is incapable of any hunt and the lack of water could lead to many health problems, like kidney and even the urinary tract diseases.

Cats, due to their evolutionary past, prefers flowing water than a still and stagnant water source. This is the reason many felines tap the water bowl with their paws before drinking it. It does not help that cats are quite picky by nature when it comes to drinking and eating. You will see cats declining to drink tap water as it contains some odors which the kitty does not like. The cat may also refuse if the water tastes bad at first lick. The presence of any water fountain encourages the kitty to drink more water. To the cat, the water fountain tickles its primordial instincts making it think the flowing water comes from a wild river and thus safe to drink. To a cat, naturally flowing water always tastes better compared to one offered to it in a bowl.

Water fountain

Cat behavioral recommends buying your cat a water fountain. This will make both you and your cat happy. It is good to buy a ceramic one and not a plastic product. The ceramic cannot be scratched and will not hold on to smells like plastic. Nothing can stain it too. The drinking surface at the lower end is a wide one, permitting the cat to drink without an uncomfortable bending of the whiskers. The cat has the option of drinking from the second bowl located a little higher up. Many water fountains are also square. This permits the Pagoda, or it looks superb on any countertop. The constant flow of water prevents bacterial growth.


Treating a Cat’s tail Injury

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Cat injuries range from the superficial cut to the life-threatening severe wounds. The cat’s tail is a vulnerable part of the cat, and it is important for you the owner- to know how to treat a tail injury. The tail is made of multiple small vertebrae, tendons, nerve bundles, and ligaments. The tail’s first vertebra links to the sacrum. This is a special kind of backbone. The cat’s spinal cord finishes a few inches above the sacrum. The nerve endings extend down and then through the animal’s tail. The nerve endings transfer control and feeling in the feline’s hind legs. It also sends impulses to the bladder, anal muscles, and the large intestine.

The cat must be comfortable.

Your cat could be injured on its tail due to many reasons. The most common cause is a fight between two cats. Other reasons include the tail being caught and cut in any fence. The appendage could also suffer a burn due to proximity to a hot stove. Whatever the reason, it must be appropriately treated.

Take the cat to its familiar place to treat the injury. This will put the feline at ease. If the cat has a cut, the first step is to take a piece of sterile gauze and apply pressure on the wound. This will stop or slow any bleeding. The area should then be cleaned with a quality antibacterial soap. Use a bandage to cover it. Even though it is a simple cut, take the cat to the veterinarian. Only a medical professional could understand the severity of that specific injury. The veterinarian will decide whether pain medication or antibiotics should be given to the cat.

Bites and abscesses

Take the cat to the veterinarian right then if your cat’s tail has been bitten. Cat bites have bacteria present in feline saliva and could lead to serious medical issues. As noted above, take an antibacterial soap and clean the area. After the wound is clean, bandage the wound. Your veterinarian will do the rest. If the injury is caused by fire or heat, or in medical terms a thermal burn, apply a cold compress and keep it there when you take your cat to the veterinarian. In the case of a chemical burn, flush the area with water. Abscesses are quite a typical kind of tail injury. These occur due to a cat scratching or biting another cat. An abscess occurs when the bacteria from the other cat’s nail or the saliva festers below the skin at the wound site. It then bloats into a horrible looking pus-filled lump. The infection could become a life-threatening one if left untreated. Take the cat to the veterinarian immediately. There could be a need for antibiotics and even additional treatment.