How to Take Care of Large Dog Breeds

Image Credits: Pixabay Large dogs are excellent guard dogs and great companions for life. However, they do require a bit of extra care. Animals aren’t objects which you can discard if they prove difficult to take care of. This article will highlight the needs of dog breeds and how to meet them. Food – Large

How to Childproof a Dog

Image Credits: Pixabay There are many dogs who are naturally aware of how to behave around children, and there are a few dogs who aren’t. Regardless of which category your dog falls into, all dogs still need training and socializing so that they know their boundaries. If you have children or are expecting people with

Training Your Dog to Cope with Visitors

Image Credits: Pixabay Dogs can either be very excited or very aggressive when a guest comes home. If your dog is too hyper, he might jump around and bark loudly. On the other hand, if your pet is anxious, he can be withdrawn or even show aggression through barking and growling. Here are a few

How can you teach your child to train your dog?

Image Credits: Pixabay When you adopt a dog and have a kid in the family, you need to teach your kid how they, too, can help their new canine family member. You can’t be teaching your dog to obey your commands if your little one sabotages the process by giving it treats despite lousy behavior.

Teaching Your Dog to Bow

Image Credits: Pixabay Before you teach your dog to bow, the animal must be compliant with the “sit” and “lie down” commands. Once your dog learns to bow, the trick will get it (and you) a large number of admirers. This trick wows a lot of people! Basic commands first The first step is to

Communicating with a deaf dog

Image Credit: Pixabay If you have a deaf dog, then you have a hard time communicating with the animal. The dog watches your body movements and responds to that alone. If your dog does not respond to your auditory commands, take it to the veterinarian. Do note that if you abandon your deaf canine, it

How to Make Your Dog Listen to You

Image Credits: Pixabay It can be quite frustrating when your dog disregards your commands. This could turn out to dangerous too. To give an example, your dog can ignore your command and run out to a busy street. Accidents may happen under such conditions. A good communication link between you and your dog will keep

6 Things You Do That Your Dog Probably Hates

Image Source: As a pet owner, I’m sure you know that you do things that annoy your dog. Sometimes it could be without you knowing it’s irritating your dog and sometimes you know. Luckily, dogs often tolerate human behavior because they are loyal and easygoing. There are, however, some things that you do that

Simple tricks you can teach your dog

Image Source: Training your dog will keep its brain sharp. It will keep your best friend happy, mentally active, and obedient. The exercise is an excellent way to bond. Best of all? Both you and your pet could show some cool moves at the next party! It is assumed that your dog has already

Train your Small Dog with these 5 Tips

Image Source: Just like a large breed canine, training your small dog is extremely important. However, it is a challenging process, as you tend to forgive the canine for most of its errors, due to its small size. If you don’t train your small dog, it will suffer from behavioral problems in the future.